"You shall not pass." — Cayenne

Cayenne Rough Draft
Species Robot Master
Homeworld Earth
Gender Androgynous-Programming
Affiliation Dr. Kojiro
Era 20XX

Dr. Kojiro's 58th robot master Cayenne was the seventh of Dr. Kojiro's many Scovillains, whom serve the mad doctor as his personal bodyguards. Cayenne is androgynous in nature, in a similar manner to Bell; however, unlike Bell Cayenne has a hidden gender that isn't officially revealed - it has a female-themed chassis underneath all that armor, which goes by the name Diane and serves the doctor as his lab assistant. Despite her feminine figure, she has a tomboyish personality.

Most often, Cayenne uses her Machine Shield to absorb Mega Man's shots and fire them full-blast back at him. The only way to defeat Cayenne Mega Man has at his disposal is a certain special weapon that causes the Machine Shield to lose its absorption abilities temporarily, making it vulnerable to attack and eventually allowing for its destruction. At that point, Cayenne herself can be more easily defeated, although she will shed her armor in lieu of faster attacking ability, making herself harder to hit in the process.

Statistics Edit

Cayenne (DPN-058), The Wall

  • Alias: Diane
  • Hit Points: Unspecified
  • Level: Unspecified
  • Status: Decommissioned (Mega Man K6)
  • Location: Dr. Kojiro's Lair

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Cayenne was designed androgynously due to the desire for a boxy mace canister combined with the acknowledgement that Cayenne sounds like the name Diane. Cayenne was the Scovillain originally intended to be female before the riot cop design was decided upon.
    • Below the armor, Cayenne is in fact female-based.
  • Her riot helmet was based on the idea of a spray can lid, although it was in actuality designed off of the shape of a tile in the men's bathroom at the creator's temporary place of work. The bulky armor is intended to represent androgyny, with a hint of possible breasts underneath the thick armor plating. The shin armor is also bulky to represent heaviness. Cayenne's buster arm is based off of a certain style of mace canister, while the Machine Shield is based upon a riot shield.