Cave Man
Cave Man
General Information
Species Robot Master
Inspiration Neanderthal
Gender Male-Programming
Location Deep Cavern
Occupation Peppa Number
Affiliation Dr. Kojiro Peppa
Relations Peppa Numbers (siblings)
Scovillains (cousins)
Weapon Information
Weapon Element Earthmover
Signature Weapon Heavy Roller
Other Abilities Block Buster, Shockwave
Game Information
Appearances Mega Man K2
Hit Points 28
Other Information
Status Online
Decommissioned by 21XX
Creator Somarinoa
Cave Man

Dr. Kojiro's 13th robot master, Cave Man was based on the themes of stone, wheels and dark cavernous locales. His weapon, the Heavy Roller, summons a stone slab wheel from the raised ring on his left forearm. He then directs it forward using opposing magnets—one in his gauntlet and the other in the wheel itself. This wheel shatters when it hits either a target or the wall, crumbling into nothingness. For Mega Man, this simply allows him to roll a stone wheel forward; it will crush any land based opponents, and it will fall at any drop off, yet keep moving if it comes into contact with a solid surface below. Other attacks he possesses include swinging his huge club-shaped buster (known as the Block Buster), firing shots from said buster and stomping the earth to cause a forward-traveling shockwave.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Cave Man was created on July 20th, 2011. He was first conceptualized around 4:10pm AST, then his initial concept image was sketched out at roughly 7:40pm AST after some hours of co-op Halo: Reach got in the way of doing it immediately. Upon arriving home Somarinoa finally drew an official image of him at 11:40pm AST.
  • Nunchaku Man was created as the first of a group of 8 Robot Masters whose themes were obtained from various friends of Somarinoa, in order to make the characters weapons as varied as possible. Somarinoa didn't actually ask this friend—Aaron "Duke" Waller—to come up with a theme, but when talking about his recent Robot Master creations, the friend stated, "You should make a Cave Man". So he did. Another RM in this group with a similar aspect of not being asked for would be Boogie Man.
  • His forearms are built quite differently—while his right arm is a massive buster shaped like a club that reaches to the ground when held in a relaxed position, his left forearm is built to resemble a large boulder, stress-cracked appearance and all (as are his legs and ear piece). The circular pattern on his boulder-arm is shaped like a typical rock wheel. His chest and pelvis armor resembles a hide tunic—specifically made of black fur. He has long (synthetic) hair down to just past his shoulders, red eyes, a brow ridge and an underbite.