(Marepheteuthis setaeus)
Creator Somarinoa
Homeworld Sagan IV
Average Length 75cm long
Diet Filterfeeder / Planktonivore (Microorganisms)
Reproduction Method Sexual (Spawns hundreds of eggs directly into the water)
Sapience Level Non-Sapient
Ichthy River Territory Map

The distribution of Bristlesquids on Glicker.

Those filtersquids who accidentally found their way into the Ichthys eventually spawned a new breed, known as the bristlesquids. Spending their entire lives in this freshwater river, the bristlesquids continue their ancestors' filter-feeding lifestyle, although they have also adapted many setae to cover their tentacles. These setae form filters, which they use to trap their prey on. The bristlesquids will constantly pull these filter tentacles into their mouths, close their mouth, and pull the tentacle back out, cleaned of microorganisms.

In spite of this, they continue to possess the filtersquid's feeding ability, which is to pull water into its siphon and through its filter-mouth into an internal chamber. Once this chamber is full, the collected food is swallowed, and the bristlesquid will then seal its throat and squeeze the water out though a small hole between its tentacles. The water jet is capable of slightly more directional pivoting, allowing more precise movements, and can produce quick bursts of speeds; this jet is their only form of movement.

The bristlesquid has gained small, weak eyespots as well; although these could be used to detect predators to some extent, bristlesquid are currently predatorless -- because of this, they use them instead to make sure they don't get beached alongside the shallow shorelines of their home.

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