Bob Orc Platform Sprite
Primary Information
Universe Main Universe
Creator Somarinoa
Status Deceased
Appearances Mordecai & Aleph
Inspiration Character intended from beginning to die
What About Bob? reference
Vital Statistics
Species Diakatanian Land Orc
Ethnicity Green
Gender Male
Era(s) The Dark Era of Diakatan
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Red
Height 7'5"
Homeplanet Diakatan
Hometown Myrjlon
Occupation Slave-Bodyguard
Affiliation Vordathco Mordecai (Slavemaster)
Allies Grum & Trul
Foes Vordathco Mordecai (eventual murderer)
Friends Grum, Trul
Abilities & Inventory
Abilities Superb physical strength
Transformations Physical Form
Gib Form
Weaponry Unarmed
Attire Leather and chain loincloth
Leather boots

Bob is a supporting character in the story Mordecai & Aleph. He was one of Mordecai's personal slave-guards—alongside Grum and Trul—during his travel to Illustria, which led to his masters' contact with the extraterrestrial being, Aleph. Unfortunately, Bob would never see that event come to pass, as he snickered upon seeing his master summon a block of ice, thereby exacting the old lich's wrath. Mordecai snapped his bony fingers, which caused a magical spell to take effect, making Bob explode in a fountain of gore.

Like all of his fellow slaves in his time, Bob wore a leather loincloth held up by a chain and leather boots. He also completely shaved his head.

Background historyEdit

Land Orc MS Sprite

Long Story appearance

A male Orc slave who serves under the dark lich, Lord Vordathco Mordecai, Bob lived an early life typical for his kind during that particular era: His life was full of hardships as his people tried to keep the wrath of their master away while simply managing to survive in the desolate environment. During his young adult life however he was randomly selected and was pulled from his home Orc settlement for his first mission—to aid Mordecai in a quiet and clandestine mission to collect organism samples for his hybridization project on an island off the coast of the continent of Illustria. Like other Orcs of his time, he did have at least some fear of his master, as rumors and lore abounded throughout their ranks; however, when he saw Mordecai spend a week to summon what seemingly turned out to be simply a chunk of ice, he couldn't help himself and could barely stifle his laughter—their great and all-powerful master wasn't infallible after all—he could make mistakes just like all beings!

His relief however would be his end, as Mordecai heard the stifled laughter and, using his great magical prowess, caused him to explode with a simple snap of his bony fingers. His corpse was left on the beach of that same unnamed island, where small scavengers picked at him as the rest of Mordecai's crew left the area alongside the inhabitant of the ice block that had led to Bob's death, Aleph.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Bob was named thusly specifically for the later use of the phrase "What about Bob?", a reference to 1991 comedy film What About Bob?.
  • Bob was purposefully given a "boring" design of bald with no facial hair because he was planned to be killed very quickly and the author decided he didn't want to waste a design on him that he could use for a later Orc.

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