Bimmy von Jimmy
Bimmy von Jimmy Portrait
Primary Information
Universe Mass Effect
Creator Somarinoa
Status MIA (presumed killed)
Appearances Mass Effect 3
Inspiration Name inspired by Jimmy Lee from Double Dragon combined with Engrish "Bimmy" in Double Dragon 2's ending
Vital Statistics
Species Human
Ethnicity Germanic
Gender Male
Date of Death MIA as of 2186
Era(s) 2186
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Height 5' 10"
Homeplanet Earth
Hometown Berlin, Germany
Occupation Sentinel
Affiliation Systems Alliance
Allies Lucrecia Shepard
Aela Shepard
Compilation (fleeting)
Gilogg Thrann (fleeting)
Lazarus Reithe (fleeting)
Leslie Harrison
Luuj Folyan
Mina Ch'Lara
Somarius Axemia
Tila'Gau vas Ln
Urdnot Duum
Urdnot Flawp
Urdnot Kolar
Yol'Gau vas Ln
Foes The Reapers
Brother(s) William von Jimmy
Abilities & Inventory
Abilities Overload
Weaponry Cryo Blast
Lift Grenade
Gear Tech Armor
Bimmy von Jimmy

Bimmy von Jimmy was a Human sentinel who fought alongside the Systems Alliance during the Reaper War. He was deployed to the front lines during Operation: Shieldwall alongside Somarius Axemia, Gavven and Urdnot Kolar.

He was known for his intense distaste for Cerberus, which led to an immediate and unrelenting distrust of former Cerberus operative Lazarus Reithe; however, he quelled these feelings as much as he could, especially during the final push to Earth. While he was eventually deployed onto Earth during the final push against Harbinger on Earth, he was separated from his unit when a nearby explosion damaged his comm unit and he was believed killed in action, leaving him to attempt to fight his way back to any nearby squadrons. When his weapon was damaged beyond repair by a charging Brute, he was left with little choice but to fight in hand-to-hand combat alone. It is currently unknown if he survived or not.