Berserk Mutate Concept
Primary Information
Universe Main Universe
Creator Somarinoa
Status Alive
Vital Statistics
Species Human Mutate
(Human / Beetle)
Ethnicity Caucasian
Gender Male
Era(s) Near-Future Era
Homeplanet Earth
Occupation Thug
Affiliation The Mutates
Allies The Mutates
Foes UN governments
The Raccoon
Friends The Raccoon (former)
Abilities & Inventory
Abilities Powered flight
Hardened Exoskeleton
Transformations Human (former)
Mutate (current)
Weaponry Saw-like arms

Berserk (formerly Dirk Howard) is a Human-Beetle hybrid Mutate who serves as a muscle for Dr. BadGuy. He was sent after Raccoon, along with Perch and Bruiser, to either recondition him to join the Mutates again or to have him put to rest. They failed, but continue to try and bring him in or kill him, deciding unanimously that they did not wish to return to the doctor empty-clawed. He was created in a bit of a rush out of one of the Raccoon's former high school biker friends, purposefully mutated as quick as possible, and the clothes he had on tore apart, giving him a ragged appearance. His limbs and antennae were also "custom built" for deadliness and do not appear particularly similar to any known beetle's physiology.





Background HistoryEdit

Plenty of Space for MonstersEdit

Surviving the Dangerous WildsEdit

A Long StoryEdit


Behind the ScenesEdit

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