Species Robot Master
Homeworld Earth
Gender Male-Programming
Affiliation Dr. Kojiro (Scovillains)
Era 20XX


Bell Sprite Left

Dr. Kojiro's 10th robot master Bell was the first of Dr. Kojiro's many Scovillains, whom serve the mad doctor as his personal bodyguards. He is completely inhuman in terms of personality, and was given a normal robotic brain with advanced guard parameters programmed in—this allowed Bell to enter service as Dr. Kojiro's first bodyguard earlier than would have otherwise occurred.

He attacks both by tolling his bell busters or by rolling around. The toll Bell produces can shatter human eardrums, but simply disorients other robots like Mega Man. Should Bell be defeated however, Kojiro has given him an extra special surprise for his opponent...

Statistics Edit

Bell (DPN-010)

  • Status: Decommissioned (Mega Man K)
  • Hit Points: Unspecified
  • Level: Unspecified
  • Location: Unspecified

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Bell is based on a bell pepper.
    • His torso is based off of the shape of a bell pepper, while his singular eye and arms and legs represent pepper stems. His three colors—red, gold and green—also represent the three colors bell peppers are known for being sold as.