Primary Information
Universe StarGazer
Creator Somarinoa
Status Alive
Appearances StarGazer
Inspiration None; simply a cricket
Vital Statistics
Species Japanese Sage Cricket (Senseinae nippon)
Gender Male
Era(s) Near Future
Eye Color Black
Homeplanet Earth
Occupation Owcelet's conscience
Affiliation Psininja
Allies Owcelet
Oki Tsukino
Shiike Tsukino
Romiko Tsukino
Foes The Gohd
Abilities & Inventory
Abilities Sage advice
Beezertl MS Sprite

Beezertl is a blue-hued cricket (specifically, a Japanese Sage Cricket) that is kept by the Psininja master Owcelet. It seems to be intelligent and seemingly responds to others' conversations and questions, however as is typical of crickets it simply chirps. Owcelet appears to be able to understand it and in fact Beezertl seems to be the "conscience" of Owcelet. Coincidentally, Beezertl often argues with Owcelet and his strange ideas.





Background HistoryEdit


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