The Avatars are the strongest Auraphages in Argent's service.  Their powers reflect the various dangers that humanity will always have to face.


The Avatars were founded seventy years prior to the events of Psyforce.  They were composed of Auraphages Argent himself created, using his own power to aid the transformation process.  They were selected largely on the basis of having worldviews that Argent found conducive to his goals.  All of them survived the first war and went into hiding, plotting to bring Argent back.


The Avatars are Argent's direct subordinates, effectively equivalent to generals.  Each one has their own island in the Silver Isles.  Seven Avatars exist, ranked from 6 to 0 in ascending order of power.  This number has no bearing on their rank within the group; Avatar 2, Kali, is effectively their leader because she is better at it than either Avatar 1 Belial or Avatar 0 Typhon.  Each Avatar has a force under their control, and all Auraphages fall within one of these seven groups.


Avatar 0 - Typhon

Avatar 1 - Belial

Avatar 2 - Kali

Avatar 3 - Medusa

Avatar 4 - TBD

Avatar 5 - Archon

Avatar 6 - Wormwood, later Fester

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