General Information
Creator Somarinoa
Alternate Names Thunderland
Planet Type Imaginary Realm
Universal Location
Universe Thunderland/Asunderland
Orbital Characteristics
Physical Characteristics
Terra-Score T3
Weather Class Class 3
Tectonics Class Class 3
Sapients Numerous
Wildlife Numerous
Vegetation Numerous
Political Information
Strategic Information
Thunderland should not be confused with the pristine and natural version of this realm, Somarinoa's personal vision of Wonderland, "Somaland" (Somarinoa's real life dream reality) or Undyrlundh (the homeworld of the Mohms).

Asunderland is the highly corrupted version of Thunderland, a realm that exists within Somarinoa's head, literally. Like its natural counterpart, it is an amalgamated world where a vast number of his creativity has come to life, though unlike Thunderland the beings here often exist together in severe chaos. Although there are some parallels to Wonderland (hence the name), it is mostly unique in its own geography, inhabitants and events. It is mostly malevolent in nature, having come into being through the mental corruption of Thor, existing as a sort of dark, "gritty" version of the original realm, now saturated with corruption and violence. It should be noted that the individuals living within Thunderland do notice the change upon its transmogrification and are many times very afraid, when they haven't been corrupted by the realm's new darkness and were not conceived within Asunderland itself.

Thor himself must occasionally travel to this world to sort things right, as the world is known to randomly and almost chaotically shift between its Thunderland and Asunderland variants. He must be careful however as despite being its initial creator he doesn't necessarily control its environments nor its inhabitants, and while he can be killed in Thunderland and return to typical reality afterwards, he must in fact "awaken" before he is completely dead or he will become trapped in the realm forever. Same goes for all "real life" individuals who are pulled into the realm.


Several games occur within the realm of Thunderland and/or Asunderland, not all of which follow its main protagonist, Thor; in a way the realm is essentially an excuse to combine various universes into one without needing an outside explanation to make it fit with regular canon, as Somarinoa does not "deal" with non-canon, and therefore does not allow its existence in his own personal mythos.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The name "Asunderland" stems from a portmanteau play on words, combining "Wonderland" with "Asunder", a reference to its corrupted nature, as in "a world torn asunder".
  • Despite the fact that the article is written as if this realm is meant to exist in our current, true reality, it takes place in its own universe, where "reality" just happens to be similar to real life.
  • "Thunderland" represents the innocent creative stylings of Somarinoa during his childhood, which were often lighthearted and adventurous, whereas "Asunderland" represents the more dark approach he began to take on in high school, where it is often frightening and violent.

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