Arthur Hordebane
Primary Information
Universe Warcraft Universe
Amalgam Universe
Creator Somarinoa
Status Alive
Appearances World of Warcraft (lore character only)
Amalgam Online
Vital Statistics
Aliases Starbelt's Wrath
Species Azothan Human
Ethnicity Caucasian
Gender Male
Age 36
Homeplanet Azeroth
Hometown Stromgarde
Occupation Warrior
Affiliation Stromgarde
Allies The Great Alliance
Starbelt Order
Foes The Horde and anyone who either sides with or is neutral towards them
Abilities & Inventory

Arthur Hordebane, Starbelt's Wrath is an Azothan Human warrior who serves as the lord enforcer of the Starbelt Order. He is stated as the right hand of the order, serving as its "wrath and vindication" whenever necessary. Philosophically-speaking, he is directly competing with his "rival", Ataladar Shimmderdawn.

Arthur was born to the nation of Stromgarde and he served as a member of its military for years, a position he leapt at the opportunity for as he has always been the kind to pick a fight. He fought the Horde for most of his life and had grown to detest their kind, believing that every race calling affiliation to the group to be a cowardly, backstabbing lot. He volunteered to help hold down the nation of Alterac under martial law after it was discovered that they had betrayed the Great Alliance, and eventually returned home to serve as a royal guard, until the assassination of his king, Thoras Trollbane. That same night Arthur believed he saw some mysterious figure leaving the city limits and he followed them, and followed it over the mountains into the Hinterlands; however, once on the other side he slipped and strained his ankle, nearly killing himself in his fall. He awoke hours later in a troll cage. He was tortured for several weeks before finally getting the opportunity to escape, leaving several troll corpses in his wake. Despite the fact that there was no direct evidence that it had been the Horde to assassinate his beloved king, and the fact that Arthur himself wasn't sure he actually had seen someone or not, he held trollkind responsible for his king's death. With the following decimation of his home kingdom, he packed up and left to join the Starbelt Order, although why he would choose to do so is not well known, as the affiliation is generally relatively peaceful.

With the assassination and subsequent conversion of their prince Galen Trollbane by the Forsaken, he now is seething with so much rage toward the Horde he has to be physically stopped from outright murder of their kind.

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