Primary Information
Creator ManraptorHurrr
Status Deceased
Appearances Angel: Heavenly Devils
Inspiration Biblical Archangel Barachiel
Vital Statistics
Species Angel
Gender Male
Era(s) N/A
Hair Color Blonde/Golden
Eye Color Blue
Homeplanet Heaven
Foes Amerigo Tranmer
Angel Tranmer
Abilities & Inventory
Abilities Power over lightning and electricity
Weaponry Sword (Lord's Rage)
Attire Golden chestplate
Purple robe
This sword, you see, is special. Only the unholiest of demons have seen it, which there were once many of, in Heaven. Many a time in recent weeks have I slain my own brethren angels, for they were corrupted by the darkness leaking into this place. Your name is ironic, for a demon.
Barachiel, to Angel

Barachiel was an Archangel driven mad by the power of Abaddon's darkness, which had filled Heaven. When he met Angel Tranmer, he was suspicious straight away, as was Angel of him. Shortly after meeting, Angel reveals to him that she is in fact partially demon, which prompted strange behavior in Barachiel. He later betrayed her by trying to murder her, shouting madly about "cleansing her of her sins". Barachiel was so corrupted and so insane that he had taken Abaddon for the "true" God, and that all others -- including other angels, as well as demons such as Angel -- were traitors to Abaddon's "holy" authority. He was eventually killed by Angel in Abaddon's fortress, but not without struggle.

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