Aparo Woman
Aparo Woman (Redesign)
General Information
Species Robot Master
Inspiration Surinam toad (Pipa pipa)
Gender Female-Programming
Location Surinam
Affiliation Anura Unit (primary)
Dr. Grenouille (secondary)
Relations Dr. Grenouille (creator)
Grenouille Numbers (siblings)
Anura Unit (allies)
Weapon Information
Weapon Element Bomb
Signature Weapon Tadpole Rocket
Game Information
Appearances Mega Man: Project ANURA
Mega Man: Project CROAK
Hit Points 28
Other Information
Status Online
Decommissioned by 21XX
Creator Somarinoa
Aparo Woman

Aparo Woman is a robot master built by Dr. Grenouille at the behest of the founding members of the Anura Unit. She was the final RM designed by the French scientist to fill the ranks of the Anura Unit to maximum during its first attempts at world domination. Aparo's theme animal is that of the Surinam toad.

Aparo Woman is unique, having been built blind. While she was given eyes on her palms, these are primarily used to guide her "young", which are also her signature weapon. Despite this blindness, slits in her helmet allow her to zero in on sounds, and should a foe so much as leap and then touch the arena floor again with a clank, she will know exactly where they are and attack.

Her signature move is the Tadpole Rocket, where she fires a multitude of small robots from a launcher on her back, built to resemble tadpoles. Aparo will then aim her palm eyes at her opponent and the rockets will swim towards him; should the opponent move during this period of time, Aparo will refocus on the target and any rockets still not detonated will alter course accordingly. Once they are all destroyed, she will close her palm eyes and return to her blindness.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Aparo Woman's quote is a reference to Marco Polo, a game played in a pool; this is due to her being blind as well as her being fought in an submerged arena. She calls out "Marco" as opposed to "Polo" because she is "it" due to her blindness.