General Information
Creator Somarinoa
Planet Type Telluric World
Universal Location
Universe Main Universe
Spore Universe
Amalgam Universe
Galaxy Kyklos Galaxy
System Tromin System
Position 1st
Orbital Characteristics
Satellites 1 (Haermi)
Physical Characteristics
Terra-Score T3
Terrain Hue Light green
Liquid Hue Blue
Atmosphere Hue Blue
Weather Class Class 2
Tectonics Class Class 2
Sapients Zavvaku
Wildlife Budfrog, Crystal King, Hayarris, Horned Lilisaur, Krugg, Pearadiavius, Shally
Vegetation Creshcends, Kalla, Lioxus, Mesqweets, Pinjoop, Shambusk, Shrubbits, Tussle, Unquist
Political Information
Affiliation Zavvaku Empire
Strategic Information
Valuable To Zavvaku Empire

Angion is the first planet within the Tromin system, the beautiful T3 homeworld of the local sapients, the Zavvaku. It is orbited by a solitary moon, Haermi. The most populous notable creature on the planet is the Krugg, an insectoid organism that appears in twice the numbers as any other notable species.

Angion possesses two large continents. The first of these continents, Zavvas, holds four of the planet's cities - Macus, Sanny, Shoeng and ZC. The other, larger continent is known as Trifo and holds the planet's other cities. A large island known as Losha exists, and still holds one of the last remaining tribes of Zavvaku - this tribe is known as the Lost Tribe.

Daikaiju were somewhat common on the planet and were known to live for thousands of years each. Religion started within the original Zavvaku tribe from watching a massive Artott view the Zavvaku's war against another local sapient race, yet it did not attack them as they left the battlefield; this religion would eventually split into both the religion of the Orontorezzers as well as that of the Portians, although it was of far more importance to the Orontos.

Local CitiesEdit

  • Djibon — off-world defense
  • Grevingvi — oceanic research & development
  • Kipei — weapon manufacturer
  • Macus — science-state
  • Orontorez — psychologists (religious society)
  • Phran — vehicle manufacturer
  • Porti — religious society
  • Sanny — biggest producer of crops (agricultural society)
  • Shoeng — on-world defense
  • Zavakku City (ZC) — capitol city

Local FloraEdit

  • Unquist (small flora)
  • Tussle (small flora)
  • Lioxus (small flora)
  • Shambusk (medium flora)
  • Mesqweets (medium flora)
  • Creshcends (medium flora)
  • Shrubbits (large flora)
  • Kalla (large flora)
  • Pinjoop (large flora)

Local FaunaEdit

Zavvaku Civilization

A Zavvaku, the local sapient race.

  • Zavvaku (herbivore)
  • Krugg (herbivore)
  • Pearadiavius (herbivore)
  • Shally (herbivore)
  • Hayarris (herbivore)
  • Horned Lilisaur (omnivore)
  • Crystal King (omnivore)
  • Budfrog (omnivore)


City GalleryEdit