Angel Tranmer
Primary Information
Creator ManraptorHurrr
Status Alive
Appearances Angel: Weeping Gun
Angel: Heavenly Devils
Inspiration A friend of ManraptorHurrr
Vital Statistics
Species Human
Ethnicity Caucasian
Gender Female
Age 16
Date of Birth August 22nd, 2014
Era(s) Future
Hair Color Dyed black (Natural: blonde)
Eye Color Blue
Homeplanet Earth
Hometown Nova Hejmo
Occupation Schoolgirl
Mother Stephanie "Kitty" Holmes
Father Amerigo Tranmer
Abilities & Inventory
Abilities Able to summon fireballs or ice orbs at will
Weaponry Pistols (Vita & Mors)
Scythe (Daemonis)
Naginata (Pride of the Daughter)
Attire Mini-skirt & khaki short-shorts
Brown tank top
Red slip-on shoes
Red scarf
Demonic necklace

Angel Tranmer is the daughter of Amerigo Tranmer. Born in Nova Hejmo, it is no surprise that she developed a fiery personality. At only 16 years of age, she experienced a vision in which she saw a man hanging by chains in a huge chamber. She immediately understood that it was her father, whom she had never met. After the vision was over, she was attacked by a group of demons, including a gigantic one that dragged her into the Hell version of Nova Hejmo after being defeated. She soon noticed a huge twisted building that she didn't recognize in the distance, which she assumed was where her father was. She set out towards the building and endured fierce combat with countless demons until she finally reached it. Her journey didn't end there, though, for she had to find her way through the confusing fortress that defied the laws of physics.

After reaching the highest tower of the fortress, she was met with a terrible sight. Her father did indeed hang from the ceiling in chains, and after she released him, a massive demon broke through the ceiling and attacked the two of them, transporting them to a floating hunk of rock in Limbo. With the help of her father, Angel managed to defeat the powerful demon. After the battle, though, Amerigo stated that, since he was barely human and in much pain, he could never return to "normal" life, and so he promptly fired a single bullet into his own head with one of his two pistols, Mors.

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