Chapter One: AbaddonEdit

A permanent thick fog hung in the air, concealing the brick walls of the ancient city. Occasionally footsteps could be heard, but more often than not they were nothing but hallucinations. The ground quivered now and then as the ancient city moved through the abyss. This was the lowest level of Limbo, the realm between Heaven and Hell. Where solid ground was not guaranteed to be permanent, and where the void was a more common sight than matter. There were thirteen levels of Limbo, and each grew darker as one descended into them. The uppermost levels were bathed in light, but the light did not reach farther down.

A powerful-looking humanoid creature walked the empty paths of the ruined city. This place was normal to him, after the two years he had been in this despicable place. A set of wings sat upon his back, folded up for convenience. Two horns were beginning to sprout from his forehead, and his face was barely recognizable as human anymore. Only his fierce blue eyes hinted at his humanity. At one point, he had worn a black vest and jeans, but this realm had warped them into a strange demonic armor. He carried in his hand a long, thin blade carved from the bones of a mighty demon. Embedded in the handle of the blade were three silver feathers, taken from a Harpy. Two letters were carved into the handle; A.T. There was nothing much to do in this place but fight the demons that would occasionally appear. Where the demons went after they were killed was of no importance to him. He cared only about the thrill of the hunt.

But there was something else on his mind now. There was a great evil - greater than the other evils of Limbo - that was beginning to break into the mortal world with the power of Heaven and Hell combined. Hell was blending with Limbo to form one lethal world, and Heaven's light was beginning to fade as the darkness crept in. This evil was Abaddon, the great fallen angel tormented so long by the powers of darkness that his mind was warped beyond help, and death was his only thought. It was only a matter of time before the barriers between Heaven, Hell, Limbo, and the real world would shatter completely and form a single chaotic realm.

There was only one hope to put an end to this threat, and this being who so proudly walked knew what it was. The barriers were already weakening, so perhaps he would be able to break through and enter the mortal world to send his message. He mournfully looked at his hand, which was once completely human many years ago.

"I can't fail..." he whispered, his powerful blue eyes sparking slightly.




Angel lie on her bed, arms crossed behind her head, beer bottle in hand, watching TV. But she paid no attention to the TV, and instead thought deeply about the last two years. So much had happened, and it all started with her father's suicide.

Since then she had dropped out of high school and lost most of her friends, but that didn't matter to her. It seemed that she was meant to be a loner, so she embraced the lifestyle. Just like the demon she defeated had mentioned before dying, she did indeed become like her father. She was an assassin, just like he was. Of course, she didn't start out with that right away. As a young woman in Nova Hejmo, she first turned to... other... careers, just to acquire enough money to move out and rent an apartment. She'd sold her scythe about six months ago, and she stole an ancient Japanese naginata sword from a museum to take the scythe's place. She kept her pistols, but she modified them so that they would be more lethal. Under the barrels of each of the pistols was a small bayonet.

She reached into her pocket and pulled out the cash she had earned from her last mission. Ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, sixty dollars. It was much less than what she was used to, but it would do for a short time. She took another sip from her beer and noticed that the TV screen had gone blank without warning. It flashed in and out for a moment before it finally blanked out completely.

"What the fuck?" Angel said, disgruntled. She stood up and pressed the power button to turn it back on, but nothing happened. She was in mid-sigh when the entire building started to shake violently. It lasted for only a few seconds before it stopped. That was the third quake this week. For the past few months, there had been seemingly random quakes all over the world, and no one could figure out where they were coming from. Not only that, but Angel had seen more than a few demons around Nova Hejmo, and there were even news reports of the "monsters" popping up all around the world. Something was up, that was for sure. But what it was and why, Angel couldn't tell.

Chapter Two: AmerigoEdit

Angel sat silently on the deck outside her window and watched the ominous grey sky. The clouds swirled and twisted, hinting at an approaching nasty storm... except the sky had been like this for around a month, worldwide. The whole world knew something was wrong, but most were under the false impression that it was because of climate change and global warming. Angel knew better than that. It was something else, something worse.

From the deck on the next floor came a cracking sound. There was something heavy on it, and the deck was beginning to give way. It finally collapsed, and down came a demon. This one was different from other demons that Angel had fought recently. Its skin was dark red and every inch was covered in scars and scratches. Its face was elongated, with its jaws coming together in a sharp point at the end of its twisted face, and it had only one eye. The demon lunged at Angel, but she moved out of the way in time and withdrew her pistols and started firing at it. The demon blocked the bullets with its bare arms, evidently feeling no pain. Angel reached to her naginata sword on her back and swung at the demon instead. It wasn't greatly harmed, but it did fall back a bit. The demon quickly recovered, and when it did, it grabbed hold of Angel and held her high into the air. Angel reacted swiftly and kicked the demon's face, forcing it to fall backwards over the railing of the deck and into the alley below. Unfortunately, it took Angel with it. Angel fought her way out of the demon's arms and landed hard on the concrete.

The demon stood back up painlessly and was about to attack Angel, who was now helpless, but was suddenly stopped when a long blade sliced it in two, killing it. Angel looked up confusedly and saw a tall man-demon with unforgiving blue eyes before her. Angel stood up and aimed her pistols at it threateningly.

"Who are you?" Angel demanded, still pointing her guns at the demon. The demon shook its head and motioned for her to lower her weapons.

"It's me, your father." said the demon. Angel didn't understand at first, but the words eventually sank in. It was her dad? But how?

"Why... how are you here? I thought you were trapped in Limbo for all eternity..." Angel muttered softly, now finally lowering her pistols. Her father sighed.

"I thought I would be there forever, but something has happened. I'm sure you've noticed the effects of it here in the real world, and it's pretty fucking serious." Amerigo explained. Angel thought it was funny that he still had the same careless tone that he had before. "There's a dangerous demon in Limbo... Abaddon... and he's destroyed the walls between Heaven, Hell, and Limbo... and the mortal world is next. If he succeeds, all four realms will be destroyed by demons." Angel nodded, although she didn't understand why she needed to be involved in this.

"How am I a part of this? I mean, what can I do about it, and why can't you just stop it?" Angel asked.

"We'll both be playing a part in stopping it. There's just one problem: Even though there are demons in heaven now, I won't be able to get in there to kill them. Technically, through some bullshit rule system, I'm a demon originating from Limbo, so I'm condemned to forever remaining there. Of course, I managed to break out and enter the real world, but that's only because the barrier between Limbo and the real world is weak now. Angel, you should be able to get into Heaven to stop the demons there while working your way into Limbo to stop Abaddon. The barrier between Limbo and Hell is the weakest out of all of them, so I'll go through there and work my way to Limbo, where we will meet again to take on Abaddon." Amerigo explained to Angel.

"Okay... but how will I get to Heaven?" questioned Angel. Amerigo paused for a moment. It seemed that he hadn't thought that through.

"In certain places where the barrier between the real world and Heaven are weakest, there should be an unusual blue glow. Look for one of those, and focus the energy from your necklace on the source of the glow, and you should end up in Heaven." her father said. Suddenly he started to phase in and out of visibility. "I'm starting to get pulled back into Limbo," he said, "Remember what I said, and hurry to Heaven!" Finally he disappeared completely, leaving Angel alone in the alley. She had seen a blue glow in some places around the city, so it wouldn't be hard for her to find one.

Chapter Three: White RoseEdit

Angel thought hard to try and remember where she had seen a blue glow. She had seen a faint glow in an alley near the Black Clam bar just a few days ago, so she decided to head towards there. As she walked, she observed the sky. The clouds were still as unnerving as before, but they somehow seemed worse now. There were less people on the streets today. It seemed that most had decided on staying inside their homes rather than entering the open air, where the nightmarish sky watched them. As Angel drew near the bar, she felt an uneasy feeling come over her. Instinctively, her hands went down to her pistols, which she simply kept in her belt.

She stopped in front of the ally and watched for a moment. Sure enough, the glow was still there. But it was more prominent this time. Angel breathed in hard and held it for a moment before letting the breath back out in a long sigh, and entered the alley. As she approached the glow, her uneasy feeling grew stronger. At the same time, the uneasiness was combined with a feeling of being in the presence of some sort of divine deity, almost a humbling feeling. Then she reached the glow, and she felt her necklace spontaneously heat up. For a short time, she hesitated, but she closed her eyes and focused her mind on passing through the barrier and entering Heaven. An electrifying force moved through her, and suddenly she felt a rush of cool air all around her. When she opened her eyes, she was standing in front of a large cathedral surrounded by clouds. When she turned around, she saw an entire kingdom of brick buildings, walkways, arches, castles, and statues, all suspended on enormous chunks of floating rock. She was awestruck at the sight of the grand realm, but then the darkness caught her eye. Many of the stone buildings were damaged or completely destroyed, and the clouds surrounding the city carried an essence of evil.

"This is Heaven?" Angel said to herself, shocked that this was the Holy Kingdom. From behind her came the sound of footsteps.

"Was Heaven." a soft voice responded. Angel turned around, and she saw a tall man with curly golden hair standing there. The man wore a golden chest plate with an imprint of a rose on it and a purple robe beneath that. The chest plate was damaged and had a large crack going down the center, and his robe was torn in more than one spot. Angel noticed that peeking out from under the man's chest plate was a single white rose, and that the wings on the man's back drooped miserably behind him.

"So, I guess you're an angel, right?" asked Angel sarcastically. The man chuckled and nodded.

"I'm Barachiel, angel of lightning. You don't look like an angel. Are you a mortal?" the angel asked.

"You could say that. My name, ironically enough, is Angel." she said. Barachiel just nodded.

"Why are you here? Well, I should ask how you got here first." asked Barachiel. Angel sighed.

"Long story short, I'm trying to stop... Erm, Abaddon." Angel replied, "I got here through a weakened barrier between Heaven and the real world. That's all I can tell ya." Before the conversation could continue, there was a cracking sound as the wall of a nearby building fell apart and a huge demon broke through. It had the same appearance as the demon that had attacked Angel earlier. Angel grabbed her pistols and was about to attack the demon, but Barachiel stopped her.

"No, I'll take care of it." he said as he approached the demon. In his hand appeared a pure white blade with small bolts of electricity escaping from it. Barachiel shouted and ran at the demon with his sword ready to attack. The demon lunged at him, but the angel swung his sword in time to send the demon careening back, all while Angel simply watched from afar. The demon leaped back into action with extreme speed and tackled Barachiel to the ground. The angel tried to fight off the demon, but failed. That was when Angel finally charged at the demon with her naginata. She sliced at the demon and forced it off of Barachiel, and the angel gave her a hateful look that shocked Angel. She never would have expected an angel to do that. The look faded, though, and Barachiel went back to fighting the demon, and Angel joined in by firing at it from a distance. The demon roared ferociously and rammed Barachiel against a wall and dazed him. Angel charged at the demon again and finished it off, stabbing her sword into its skull. The demon fell to the ground and turned to ashes, releasing Barachiel.

"I've never seen a demon like that before." said Barachiel, appearing dizzy. Angel said nothing and started to walk away. She had to reach Limbo and stop Abaddon as soon as she could. Suddenly a small wall of electricity appeared in front of her, halting her progress. She turned back and looked at Barachiel.

"Where do you think you're going? If you're going to go after Abaddon, you'll need help. You won't last one minute in this place without the help of an angel." Barachiel explained, gesturing to himself as though he were all-powerful.

"I think I can handle myself." Angel said sternly.

"I don't think so. I'm coming with you whether you like it or not." the angel argued. Angel finally gave in and allowed him to accompany her, but she knew something wasn't right with him.

Chapter Four: SuspicionEdit

Barachiel led Angel down a brick street running between severely damaged buildings. Neither of the two said anything. Every now and then the white rose in Barachiel's armor would appear to turn black, but when Angel looked at it directly it was white again.

"How did you know about Abaddon?" Barachiel asked abruptly. Angel waited a moment before speaking. How would the angel react if he knew that she was part demon, and that her father was entirely demon?

"My father... is a demon. He's been trapped in Limbo for the past two years, and when Abaddon started causing trouble, he was able to enter the real world and warn me." Angel explained nervously. Barachiel froze at the mention of the word demon.

"Your father is a demon? That would make you partially demon, yes?" the angel said sternly. Angel nodded.

"But I'm not bad... per se. I kill demons, but I've also killed a few people." Angel muttered. Barachiel laughed quietly for a moment, but said nothing. He started walking again as though nothing had happened. Something wasn't right with him, Angel thought. The two kept walking until they came across a collapsed building that blocked their path.

"We'll have to find a way around." Barachiel said immediately. Angel thought that was strange. Barachiel pointed to a small side street that ran alongside a nearby building and began walking, motioning for Angel to follow. After a few minutes of walking, they entered what appeared to have been a small round park sitting in the center of a group of buildings. The grass was brown, and there were many destroyed statues lining the edges of the park. In the very center was what used to be a large decorative fountain, but it was now in ruins, with a large black ring around it resembling a scorch mark from a powerful fire.

"I think we're about through." Barachiel assured. The air suddenly became hot, and the black ring around the fountain belched out a wall of flame, and when it fell there stood a huge humanoid demon with scorching red flesh, four eyes, two horns each filled with holes, and a scythe made from fire. The demon opened its gaping mouth and roared, spewing out hot cinders. Angel grabbed her pistols and immediately started firing at the demon, but it did little good. The demon leaped up into the air and spun around, creating a flaming cyclone that quickly began approaching Angel and Barachiel. Barachiel summoned his sword and sent out a blast of lightning at the cyclone, which only empowered it. Now the tornado of fire and lightning rushed at Angel, who had no way to stop it. She dodged out of the way and focused on shooting at the demon, which was suspended in the air above the broken fountain. Finally the demon fell back to the ground, landing on its feet, and roared in outrage. It charged at Angel and swung its flaming scythe, but Barachiel blocked the attack and slammed the hilt of his sword into the demon's face, sending it flying backwards and crashing into the wall of a building. The demon stood back up soon after and slammed its scythe into the ground, causing a fireball to leap out of the ground. The demon caught the ball of flame effortlessly and transformed it into a fiery shield within seconds. Angel charged at the demon with her naginata and sliced at the demon's shield, but was unable to break through. The demon bashed its shield into Angel and forced her back, and Barachiel summoned a small lightning storm above the demon. The bolts of electricity electrocuted the demon for a short time, but it recovered almost instantaneously. Angel fired a flurry of bullets at the demon, and its shield finally shattered. In response, the demon jumped back into the air and created another fiery vortex which raged through the area, slowly approaching Angel. Just before it reached her, she rolled out of the way and continued shooting at the demon, which seemed invincible. Barachiel leaped up into the air at the demon suddenly and forced it back to the ground with his sword. The demon crashed with tremendous force, creating a small crater in the ground. It stood back up dizzily, and Barachiel finished off the demon with a series of furious swipes of his sword. The demon screamed in agony before its body slowly cooled and became a statue, forever screaming.

"Damn..." Angel said in awe. The skill that Barachiel suddenly displayed was amazing, but why had he waited so long before using that skill? Barachiel breathed heavily and looked at Angel. She could have sworn she heard him mutter under his breath the words, "Demon girl."

"Alright. We should keep moving." he finally said before walking towards the exit of the devastated park. Angel squinted her eyes suspiciously.

Chapter Five: Convergence and BetrayalEdit

This part of Heaven looked... well, heavenly. It was much less damaged than the rest of the kingdom, it seemed. The clouds were still chaotic and grey, though. Finally the path came to an end and opened up into a rounded area suspended above open air. The stone railing appeared slightly weakened and cracked, but it was still in place. As Angel looked around, she noticed that there was no other path. It was a dead end.

"I thought we were trying to find a way around that wrecked building?" Angel asked suspiciously. Barachiel shook his head.

"You have the blood of a demon inside you, and for that you must be cleansed." the angel said darkly.

"What do you mean 'cleansed'?" she asked nervously. Barachiel's hand began to spark faintly, and a sword - much longer than his previous sword - appeared in his hand. This sword had clearly seen much more use than his previous sword, as it was covered in scratches and dents.

"This sword, you see, is special. Only the unholiest of demons have seen it, which there were once many of, in Heaven. Many a time in recent weeks have I slain my own brethren angels, for they were corrupted by the darkness leaking into this place. Your name is ironic, for a demon." Barachiel said insanely. Somehow Angel doubted that the angels he had murdered were, in fact, demons. Clearly Barachiel had lost his mind.

"Oh, you're going to fight me? Good luck with that, fucker!" Angel said furiously. Suddenly she was filled with rage. She readied her own sword and made eye contact with the evil angel, who was now grinning madly. Angel could hear him chanting some sort of prayer, before he raised his blade and shouted a war cry and charging at Angel. She dodged out of the way of his sword and retaliated with a quick slash of her naginata, which the angel brushed off as nothing.

"You shall be cleansed of your sins!" Barachiel screamed as he summoned a blast of lightning to electrocute Angel. She was able to move out of the way of the main blast, but a few bolts still ended up striking her. She was dazed for a moment, and Barachiel took advantage of the moment. In an instant, he had grabbed hold of her and began choking her. The angel carried her over to the edge of the platform, over the open air. Angel struggled to get out of his powerful hands, but she was unable. Without warning, the angel had released his grip and sent her falling to her inevitable death. Angel panicked and searched for any way to save herself, when she spotted a small ledge below her. She forced herself to move closer to the rock wall, and she just barely managed to catch herself on the ledge. Pulling herself up, she realized that what she now stood on was what remained of a sidewalk, and that not too far away from her was a doorway leading into the wall of rock. As she was about to begin moving, there was a powerful rumble in the rock, and a powerful wind swept by her. The sky, which was previously a shade of grey, had turned a sickening red color, with swirls of blackness mixed in here and there.

She knew what it meant. Finally the barriers between Heaven, Hell, Limbo, and the real world had given way completely, and all four dimensions had converged into one. Below her Angel noted what appeared to be a huge city, resembling Nova Hejmo. It took her longer to notice the hunks of land that appeared in the distance, in the air. They resembled floating buildings, much like Heaven, but they had a darker and more sinister tone to them. Angel snapped out of her trance-like state and focused on the task at hand - getting to safety. She scooted along the rock wall, taking care not to lose her footing. Finally she reached the doorway, and she threw herself into the room. The room was completely barren, but on the other side of it was a staircase leading up to the street. Angel stood up quickly and hurried on her way.

Chapter Six: The Ripper LivesEdit

As soon as Angel was above ground again, there was another tremor. Farther down the street, a dark hunk of rock had smashed into the city, unleashing tendrils of darkness. A thin fog began to accumulate in the air, and suddenly Angel's ears were filled with harsh demonic whispers. From the opposite end of the street, another huge chunk of rock came crashing down, and it was sliding down the street toward Angel, destroying the terrain around it. Angel panicked and went running down the street, away from the approaching rock. Around her appeared groups of demons, all with elongated faces and scarred purplish-red flesh.

She had no time to fight them off, but she was still slowed by their presence. The enormous boulder still scraped down the street, but it was just barely beginning to slow. Angel turned to the left and entered a side street, finally safe from the destructive chunk of rock. She watched as it passed by, destroying the buildings and blocking her exit from the side street.

The side street was a dead end, but there was a huge hole in the side of one of the buildings. Left with no other choice, she crawled through the hole and entered the ruins of a large cathedral. Pieces of ruined statues were strewn around the room, and the large stained glass window was badly faded. Angel looked around the devastated room and couldn't help feeling a little sad. This was what had happened to Heaven, huh? Her thoughts were interrupted when three white creatures emerged from the shadows around her. Their bodies were thin and resembled bleached wood, and symmetrical cracks lined their bodies. Their arms ended in three long fingers, and multiple hollow tubes jutted out from their back. Their mouths hung open, just below their huge yellow eyes. Angel sighed and withdrew her pistols.

"Looking for a fight? You got it." she said threateningly. One of the demons leaped at her, but she dodged out of the way and fired at it mercilessly. Before it could be finished off, the other two demons created a shield of air around the third demon, protecting it from bullets and sending them ricocheting back at Angel. She yelped slightly, but recovered quickly and devised a new plan. She would have to use her naginata for this fight. She placed her pistols back in her belt and readied her sword before charging at the weakened demon. She bashed at the shield of wind, but it refused to weaken or even break. Finally, she struck as hard as she could and the shield vanished. She finished off the demon with a single powerful strike and turned to the two remaining demons. Within seconds, the two were running in circles around her, so fast that Angel could see nothing but white and yellow blurs. Suddenly Angel was lifted up into the air by a whirlwind generated by the two demons. She remained suspended in the air, helpless, and the two demons ceased their running.

Angel did her best to fire at the demons, but it wasn't easy while stuck in the air. One of the demons leaped up from the ground and tackled Angel out of the air and slammed her against a wall before jumping away and waiting for the next chance to attack. She stood up painfully and charged at one of the demons and began slicing violently at it with her sword, eventually killing it. Before she could kill the last demon, a huge projectile smashed through the stained glass window and killed it for her. Angel looked to the window confusedly but nervously, wondering what was coming. The window exploded into pieces as a hulking monster smashed through and roared ferociously. Its body was a disgusting mess of undulating flesh and bones, with multiple mouths and horns sticking up from all over. Its left arm ended in a huge club made from some sort of organic substance. Its other arm resembled a spiked tentacle more than anything else, and its face look faintly human, but its mouth hung open, revealing three pointed tongues and two horrible tusks.

"Oh my god!" Angel screamed at seeing the hideous beast. The thing sniffed at the air and roared hatefully before it began attempting to speak.

"Finally, I see the glorious light of freedom! Freedom from the dark gloom of Limbo, freedom from that hellish realm! Finally, I am free!" the monster roared. It was clear to Angel that this thing used to be human, but had been trapped in Limbo for a very, very long time and had transformed into this monstrous creature. "137 years in that place, and I am finally free to continue my murderous rampage!"

"Who are you?!" Angel asked, her body trembling at the huge thing. The thing looked down at her and smiled maniacally, streams of blood dripping from its mouth.

"Who am I? Heheh, I am none other than 'Jack the Ripper', or at least I was a long time ago. Now, feel my wrath!" the murderous demon bellowed. The thing hurled its club-fist at Angel, but she reacted in time and escaped the huge thing. She grabbed her pistols and aimed them at the monster. It would be the only way to safely fight the thing. She fired a flurry of bullets at The Ripper, but it blocked most of them with its club. The demon laughed madly and charged at her, but missed and ended up smashing the wall, causing part of the roof to collapse on him. He lay there, dazed, so Angel readied her naginata and sprinted to the demon. She leaped up onto its back and stabbed her weapon into its back. The demon roared in pain and threw her off his back, sending her flying across the room and crashing through a bench.

Angel was dazed and unable to think clearly, and the huge demon approached her quickly.

"Bye-bye, kid." The Ripper said excitedly. Finally Angel came to her senses and escaped in time to avoid being crushed by the demon's club. In the process of trying to smash her, the demon had trapped its arm in the floor of the cathedral. Now enraged, the demon thrashed violently and caused another wall to collapse, this time destroying the entire roof. Huge blocks of stone and beams of wood fell from the ceiling, covering everything. Angel climbed her way out of the mess and saw that her huge foe was still alive.

"You're a real pain in the ass, girl! But not for long!" roared The Ripper as he charged at her.

Chapter Seven: Ripper's FateEdit

Angel leaped out of the way of the huge demon's charge and countered with another blast of bullets, which did nothing at all. The Ripper roared in rage and stomped the ground, sending a shock wave of debris flying at Angel. She was quickly overwhelmed by the rubble and became immobile immediately. While she was struggling to break free of the debris, she was suddenly pulled out by the demon's hulking tentacle arm. She was held high in the air above the demon, and it smiled eagerly.

"Say goodbye, girl." The Ripper growled. He opened his mouth wide and the tentacle arm released its grip on Angel. Just seconds before reaching the demon's gaping mouth, Angel grabbed her sword in time and held it below her, where it punctured the demon's hideous face. The Ripper frenzied and screamed, all while Angel clung to the sword stuck in its face. Finally the sword slid out from The Ripper's face and Angel fell back to the ground. She jumped up to her feet swiftly and dodged the demon's huge club-fist. The ground next to her exploded as the club made contact with it, and once again it became entrapped in the ground. Thinking quickly, Angel ran to the backside of The Ripper and leaped up onto his back. While the demon was immobilized, she began to climb its back using the bayonets on her pistols. She finally reached the top of The Ripper's back, where she grabbed her naginata again and jammed it into the back of his neck and pulled down as hard as she could. She slid down the demon's back, carving out a huge gash as she did so. The Ripper finally pulled his hand out of the ground, but it was too late. The demon screamed and roared in agony before falling to the ground and turning to ashes. Angel stood up and caught her breath. That was a tough fight.

"Jesus... There better not be anymore fucking demons like that around here." she said in exhaustion. Angel walked away from the ruins of the cathedral and looked up at the sky. It was a darker shade of red now, and the swirls of black and grey were now a strange white color. She ignored the change and started walking back down the empty street. This time she walked alongside the buildings in case she had to find a quick hiding spot. Above her moved a huge form; a chunk of land, she was sure. It moved extremely quickly over the city, and it seemed to be approaching a single gigantic floating landmass in the distance. On it was a huge castle that appeared to be falling apart, and a sinister violet glow surrounded it.

"That must be where Abaddon is." Angel sighed and started walking again. Before long, she heard a crackling of electricity and the sound of flapping wings. Angel scanned the area and saw behind her a familiar being with golden armor and dark white wings, surrounded by a yellowish aura. It was Barachiel. Angel ducked into the nearest open door and hid while the insane angel flew by. When she was sure it was safe, she headed back outside. In the distance, she saw Barachiel flying towards the castle. What would he want there? Would he try to stop Abaddon himself, or was he on his side? Angel picked up her pace and began running down the street, towards the floating island. She had a long way to go.

Chapter Eight: CaoxhalaEdit

Out of nowhere came a dead silence. It was an unholy silence, and Angel couldn't understand it. Eventually she made her big mistake and quit running to investigate the silence. From all around her came the sounds of cracking ice, and a heavy frost began to cover the ground. The frost and ice quickly approached her from all directions, trapping her. In self defense Angel grabbed her pistols, preparing for whatever may happen. In front of her materialized a grey being covered in frost. Its body was made from shards of broken glass, metal, and bits of grey wood. It had a muscular figure, and it had fearsome claws on each hand. Six long spikes resembling antennae stuck out from the demon's back, and two huge, feathery black wings extended proudly on both sides of the demon.

"Get out of my way." Angel said toughly. The demon coughed loudly, expelling a cloud of frost.

"For what reason should I obey your command? I have long yearned for the day I would l-live free of my sin, and I am now here in the p-paradise of H-Heaven to wash away the sins of my p-past." the thing spoke softly. The way it glimpsed around hinted at its unstable mind. It seemed to think that Heaven was still in an actual heavenly state.

"This place is going to shit. Don't you realize that?" Angel asked the demon rudely. It snapped its head back towards Angel and scowled before coughing again.

"My sins... My sins. Edgar Allen Poe - m-my favorite author - once said 'I became i-insane, with long intervals of h-horrible sanity'. What does he mean by that, but speaking of me and my m-mind?" the demon had a sudden coughing fit, "I know d-deep inside that you are my sins, and this Heaven is my soul. I will... send my s-sins away, so I can revitalize my body and mind t-to the holiest possible state, for I am Caoxhala, and I am the holy."

The demons words made little sense, but Angel understood that it wanted to destroy her. She raised her pistols to the demon. "Then come and get me." she challenged. The demon coughed again, and it raised its claws threateningly. Angel started firing at Caoxhala, and he seemed shocked that he could be harmed. The demon stared at its hands thoughtfully before nodding and muttering something that Angel couldn't hear. Caoxhala charged at Angel with his claws ready to attack, but she leaped to safety and counterattacked with another blast of bullets. The demon screamed in confusion and sadness.

"My sins! Why am I unable t-to overcome them?! W-why do my sins torment me so, why is it th-that-" the demon began to shout, but it broke into another fit of coughing. Angel grabbed her sword and ran at the demon. She jumped up into the air and stabbed her sword into the demon, and it made no attempt to fight back. Instead, it simply fell to the ground and stood there, accepting the attack. As Angel continued to slice at the demon, its demeanor changed suddenly. It emitted an outraged scream and threw Angel far away from it. It turned to face her, its eyes now glowing red, and the frost covering its body melted away instantly.

"My sins will never overcome my holy soul! I will d-destroy all essence of my s-sins! The Kingdom of H-Heaven guarantees that I will l-live in harmony with G-God, and I will n-never let such e-evils ruin my chances of that!" cried Caoxhala. Angel stood back up with an ache in her side, but she didn't intend to quit fighting any time soon.

"You're fucking crazy!" she screamed at the demon. She was about to attack again, but the demon attacked first. It charged at her and bashed the ground with its fists, and the resulting shock wave threw Angel up into the air. Caoxhala skillfully caught Angel and held her level to his face, making a fearsome growling sound. Angel still gripped her pistols in her hands, so she stabbed the bayonets of them into the palm of the demon's hands. Caoxhala flinched and threw Angel back to the ground, but she recovered almost immediately. Then the demon's personality changed again, back to the calm but insane mind of before. Strangely, he started speaking about himself as if he were a separate being.

"Caoxhala, your sins w-will prevail. The power is undeniable, and y-you can n-never destroy it." it said to itself. Suddenly the demon screamed louder than ever and clutched its head insanely before it fell back to the ground and collapsed to its hands and knees. Its wings turned to ashes, and its body started to shrivel and weaken. Then the demon turned its head back to Angel and spoke its last words.

"My sins... y-you remind me of s-someone I knew a long t-time ago... Could it b-be y-y-y-" the demon didn't finish its sentence, because it turned to ashes within seconds. Angel didn't know what to think. The demon had practically killed itself, saving Angel the effort. She wondered what Caoxhala's last words had meant. She shrugged it off and decided to continue on her way to the floating castle.

Chapter Nine: The Cleansing of Sins and the End of an AngelEdit

Angel raced down the street, and suddenly the buildings all over the city started to crack and churn in their foundations. Within seconds, they had all begun to break away and float upwards, toward the huge fortress. Angel felt her feet leave the ground as she, too, was pulled toward the castle. She was hurled through the air at an incredible speed as she rocketed to the fortress. It didn't take long before she blacked out.




Amerigo flew upwards, away from the chaos down below. All four dimensions were combined. Heaven, Hell, Limbo, and the real world. Everything was ruined. Every city, every town on Earth was reduced to rubble thanks to the demons, and the hellish copy of the real world took place of the original. But even that was soon destroyed by both Hell demons and Limbo demons. Heaven and Limbo had combined into one, with the dark and chaotic ruins and castles of Limbo crashing into the angelic and holy cities of Heaven. Demons that had long been trapped in Limbo were free again, and their chaos and hatred corrupted all.

He knew he had to reach Abaddon as soon as possible and help out his daughter. Amerigo evaded incoming debris in the air, barely flying out of the way of huge hunks of rock in time to avoid being crushed. Finally everything was coming to a permanent end, just as it inevitably would. Even if Abaddon was somehow destroyed, the four realms could never separate again. But things would only get worse if the demon was kept alive. As he flew, he saw a small figure falling from high above. It was feminine for sure, and... It was Angel! Amerigo's eyes widened, and he sped through the air towards her. He had to save his daughter. The chaos was worse here. Smashed buildings were hurtling through the air, huge boulders were everywhere, and dust obscured Amerigo's vision. Still, he reached his daughter and caught her just in time, and then he saw it. Abaddon's fortress. It had become colossal thanks to the countless buildings having smashed into and combined with it, but there was something churning in the center of it. It was a huge circular opening, emitting a multicolored light.




When Angel awoke, she was dangling high in the air in the arms of a strong being. She turned her head up and saw the face of her father, staring ahead at the huge castle.

"Dad?!" she yelled fearfully. He looked down at her with a relieved look on his face, but the look turned to a more serious expression.

"Something is happening!" he shouted to her. The center of the fortress bulged, and a huge monster burst from it. Its body was completely black, with thousands of small tendrils covering it. The demon's head was a sick and twisted hybrid of hundreds of faces, all from hundreds of different demons. A single toothy mouth sat at the bottom of its hideous face, hanging wide open and sucking in debris. At first it had no appendages, but then two malformed arms tipped with the heads of mighty dragons erupted from the demon's side, tearing open its flesh and expelling a blast of intense darkness. The monstrous entity roared demonically, and a gigantic set of black feathery wings emerged from its back and spread out widely.

"Oh my god! Is THAT thing Abaddon?!" Angel shouted in shock at the size of it. Amerigo didn't respond, but the way he cringed said enough. It was Abaddon.

"I wasn't expecting this! We need to come up with a plan!" said Amerigo seriously. Angel's eyes darted around and her mind raced, searching for a way to get close to the monster without it noticing. There were still segments of the castle that were nearly intact, including a few entrances. The main entrance was starting to fall apart, but it would do.

"Take me there!" Angel yelled, pointing to the entrance. Without a word, Amerigo plunged downwards to the entrance. He released his grip on Angel, and she landed effortlessly in front of the entrance.

"I'll distract Abaddon! You find a way to weaken the fortress, since he seems to be bound to it now. If you bring it down, then Abaddon will be weakened for sure!" Amerigo announced his plan before rocketing back upwards. Angel turned to the entrance of the fortress and ran straight in. The first room was round and split up into three corridors. She ran down the first one and soon found herself in another round room, with a glowing red orb in the center. Coming out of the top and bottom of the orb were beams of energy, going into the floor and ceiling. Acting on instinct, Angel slashed at it with her sword until the orb shattered, and the room went dark. Only moments later, the ceiling and floor started to crack, and Angel rushed out of the room to safety. As soon as she made it out, the ceiling collapsed and pushed the floor downwards, and light from the outside gushed into the now destroyed room. Angel felt the entire castle shake.

Angel headed to the corridor on the far right this time, and found yet another room with the same layout as the first. Perfectly round, and with an orb in the center. But this one was blue. Angel destroyed it, and the room collapsed. Now there was only one corridor left -- the center one, with a tall staircase leading up to the highest floor of the fortress. She ran as fast as she could up the stairs and came into a stadium-esque area with an open ceiling, revealing the sky up above. In the center of the room was a purple orb, spitting out beams of energy in all directions. Angel approached it, but before she could get close enough to it to attack it, a shield of energy appeared around it.

"We meet again, demon girl." echoed a divine voice. Angel turned around and there he was -- Barachiel, now with a fresh wound carved into his chest, through his golden armor. His wings were now featherless, and the white rose tucked under his chest plate was now black and dying. He wore a serious expression, with murder on his mind. Angel quickly readied her naginata and watched the corrupted angel's every move.

"So, you're now going against our all-powerful lord? You're going against Abaddon? I should have known that a demon girl would pay such a high disrespect to our God!" Barachiel screamed insanely. In his hand appeared a bloody white blade laced with electricity.

"You're crazy! Abaddon is evil, and so are you!" protested Angel. Barachiel laughed in denial. He looked her in the eye and raised his blade.

"For the true God, Abaddon!" the angel roared as he unleashed a storm of thunder onto the stadium. Angel dodged the bolts of electricity, but she only managed to tire herself out.

"Ha ha, demon! You've weakened yourself! Now I am at an advantage!" shouted the madman as he spun his blade in preparation for another attack. Barachiel hurled his sword into the air while it still spun, creating an intense vortex of lightning and thunder. Violent streams of electricity shot at Angel, who was unable to dodge them. She was paralyzed and held in place by the seemingly living lightning, while the corrupted angel approached her with a sadistic smile. Step by step, Barachiel came nearer.

"Demon girl, prepare to be cleansed, " Abaddon hissed while raising his sword, "Oh, holy Abaddon, our lord and savior, I hereby expel this sinful being of all impurities and --" Angel gained control of herself again and kicked the angel backwards, but she lost control just as quickly, allowing Barachiel to continue the "cleansing".

"Expel the impurities from this unholy being, cleanse the sins from her body!" screamed Barachiel. Angel felt a powerful feeling inside of her, like a million flames scorching her soul. The angel pulled his arm back in preparation to impale his sword through her skull, but suddenly Angel unleashed an incredible amount of energy and transformed into a demonic being, escaping the grasp of Barachiel. She involuntarily swung her sword at the angel and sent him careening backwards, and she admired her new power. Her skin had turned light blue and had gained a scaly texture, and she noticed that she had a set of wings now.

"Impossible! My cleansing has failed!" the insane angel Barachiel cried out in shock. But he stood up calmly, wiped the dirt from his cloak, and looked Angel in the eye. He raised his sword again and screamed something in a language Angel didn't understand, and he charged at her. Angel raised her hand and a small energy shield appeared in front of her, blocking Barachiel's attack. The shield shattered into pieces seconds after, though, so she had to resort to fighting rather than defending. She sliced at the angel with her sword, but he blocked with a swipe from his own sword, and a fierce sword fight commenced. Dark energy radiated from both of their bodies, but laced within Angel's energy were patches of light. Finally, with a well-timed strike, Angel impaled her naginata through Barachiel's chest. He ceased movement, fell to his knees, and coughed once.

"Demon... girl. You go against the true God, and you will soon see that you cannot succeed against the almighty. Perhaps... you will cleanse yourself of sins and make the right... decision." Barachiel wobbled slightly and fell face-first onto the ground. Angel turned back to face the purple orb, and smashed through the shield protecting it. The orb exploded and infused its energy into her, further empowering her. It was time to face Abaddon.

Chapter Ten: Showdown for the Fate of Us AllEdit

As soon as Angel destroyed the final orb, the entire fortress shook more violently than it had before and a new staircase appeared leading to where Abaddon was. The sound of Abaddon's outraged roar filled the air, and suddenly everything was dead silent and motionless. Debris and hunks of rock froze in midair, and the air became stale. Angel could still move, though. She deactivated her demon form and walked calmly up the staircase. To her surprise, Abaddon wasn't there. All that was left was a huge hole leading deep inside the fortress. She could see each layer of the castle, each of the rooms, and at the very bottom was a crippled humanoid figure. Next to her landed her father, Amerigo.

"Is he dead?" Angel murmured. Amerigo shook his head.

"No. He's weakened, but Abaddon still lives." replied Amerigo. He plunged down into the pit and landed next to the demon. Angel activated her demon form once again and floated gently to the bottom of the pit. Abaddon leaped up without warning and unleashed a small shock wave that threw Amerigo and Angel backwards. The demon was completely black. His face was unrecognizable as such, with a large beak-like spike protruding from the top of it, an abnormal perfectly symmetrical growth in the center of his face, and a second large spike in his chin. He wore black spiked armor on his upper body, and a black dress-like robe on his lower body. From his back emerged dozens of crooked and bent knife-like spikes.

"Stay back!" the demon growled. Even in his weakened state, he gave off powerful evil energy. "I warn you, stay back!" Amerigo took a step toward Abaddon, and he was inexplicably thrown backwards and slammed into a wall.

"I said stay back!!" roared Abaddon. Angel ran up to the demon and felt an incredible force pushing her back, but she fought against it and moved closer to him.

"Leave my dad alone!" she screamed. Finally the force became too powerful, and she too was thrown backwards. Abaddon watched the two of them closely.

"It's too late, you know. It doesn't matter if you do kill me, because all four realms have already become one. Why do you still resist?" the demon asked calmly. Neither Amerigo or Angel said a word. Abaddon sighed. "You only want to bring me to my death? Fine, try to kill me. You'll see that you can't." Angel felt the force pinning her to the wall retreat, and she fell to the ground, and Amerigo fell too. Without hesitation, Angel grabbed her pistols and started firing at the demon before her. The bullets passed harmlessly through him, and he laughed. Amerigo charged at the demon with his demonic blade and slashed, but Abaddon caught the blade in his hands and pulled it away, using it against Amerigo. Amerigo fell back, weakened, and Abaddon threw the blade back at him and instead focused on Angel.

"Fight me, girl!" screamed the demon. Angel ran at Abaddon and swung her sword. Abaddon tried to catch it, but failed, and Angel stabbed her blade into the demon's stomach. Abaddon jumped back in pain, but still stood powerfully. Amerigo stood back up and clutched the wound on his chest, which wasn't healing like it normally would have. Abaddon raised his arms, summoning two demon guards resembling the long-faced demons that Angel had fought before, only much larger and with rotting flesh. Angel held her naginata sword tightly and charged at the demons. She swung at one of them and impaled her blade into its skull, and it clawed at her in an attempt to get her away. But she didn't let go until the demon was dead, and she jumped back and face the other demon with a look of determination on her face. She slashed at the demon mercilessly until it was dead, and then faced Abaddon with the same determination.

"You're resilient. You need something tougher, so let the real battle begin..." Abaddon calmly said. He became surrounded by an aura of energy, and he became larger. He laughed maniacally and charged at Angel, but she rolled out of the way in time and fired a flurry of bullets at the demon. It did little good, and Abaddon only returned a more powerful attack by unleashing a spray of small fireballs. Amerigo still stood clutching his chest, unable to fight. Angel glimpsed at him worriedly and charged at Abaddon, swinging her sword. The demon deflected the attack with shocking ease, and he pulled the sword out of Angel's hand, rendering her helpless. Amerigo saw what was happening and forced himself to fight. He picked up his blade from the ground and slowly limped toward Abaddon. The demon's hands were wrapped around Angel's neck, slowly choking the life out of her. Step, step, step, Amerigo came closer to the back of Abaddon. Then, the final blow was landed. Amerigo impaled his sword into the back of Abaddon's head, killing him instantly. The demon fell to the ground and simply faded away. Now that Hell, Heaven, Limbo, and the real world had become one, there was no place for demons to go after death, and so Abaddon simply completely disappeared from existence. Angel regained herself and looked to her father, who was now dying. Abaddon's power had damaged Amerigo's power too much for it to be able to regenerate him again.

"Angel... There is one realm now. It is filled with demons, but now that Abaddon is dead, all of the demons that were under his control should be dead. But all of the other demons that were trapped in Limbo... are still alive. Be careful, is all I'm asking you. Help rebuild the world. Bring people together." Amerigo pleaded weakly. Everything was silent now, but Angel could feel the force of the castle falling to the ground.

The huge fortress slammed into the ground with tremendous force, creating a giant crater, but the castle itself remained intact, along with those within it -- Amerigo and Angel. Amerigo fell to the ground, and his limp body faded away forever, never to be seen or heard from again. Angel stepped out of the castle and looked out upon the vast, new world. It was up to her to make it something new, to create something. Nova Hejmo was gone, and so was most of the rest of the world, but there were still survivors, who looked up through the rubble and beheld the mighty woman who had exited from the fallen castle, the castle that had so long held a lethal evil, an evil that was slain by this one woman.

This woman would create a new world.

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