Amphorian Empire
Creator Somarinoa
Location Kesari: NGC 2244, Rosette Nebula, Monoceros Constellation, Perseus Arm, Kyklos Galaxy
Tier Level
Kardashev Scale
Technology Varied by species.
Size 10 Races
Estimated Population
Notable For Resisting six planetary invasions despite only having bronze age technological levels.
Governing Body
Capital World Kesari
Founding Species Diplod Amphorian, Massocion Amphorian, Zalt Amphorian, Zoaraptor Amphorian
Governing Body Zealously religious empire.
Main Leaders Amphor (Formerly), Nodh
Policy All races absorbed into the empire are the slaves of the four Amphorian races.
Main species Diplod Amphorian, Fafni, Grokk, Jlell, Lorc, Massocion Amphorian, Sectyd, Ytatta, Zalt Amphorian, Zoaraptor Amphorian
Origin The four Amphorian races united under the a Zalt Amphorian
Alignment Lawful Evil
Currency None
State Merged with the Technarian empire to form the NodhCohr Hierarchy.
Allies None
Enemies Jlell (Defeated by the Amphorian Empire), Lorcian Empire (Defeated by the Amphorian Empire), Scourge Space Pirates, Thousand Limb Armada, Technarian (Defeated and later merged into Amphorian Empire to form NodhCohr Hierarchy), Ytatta (Defeated by the Amphorian Empire)

The Amphorian Empire was formerly a large planet wide empire on Kesari built on the principle of enslaving other races. The empire was originally formed by all four Amphorian races to resist the imperialistic conquest by the Lorc. Following the demise of the Lorcian Empire, the Amphorians managed to resist six planetary invasions, beginning with the Grokk, Ytatta, Sectyd, Jlell, Fafni and finally the Technarian. Following the defeat of Technarians during the Amphorian-Technarian War, the Amphorians allowed the Technarians to be co-rulers with the Amphorians in return for access to knew worlds in order to enslave more sapients. Following this union of Technarians and the Amphorians, the Amphorian Empire became the dreaded NodhCohr Hierarchy.


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Known IndividualsEdit

Leader RacesEdit

These four races once controlled all Battle Thralls originally under their command until the fall of the empire.

Battle ThrallsEdit

Battle Thralls were enslaved races of Amphorian Empire, forced to serve their slavemasters for the rest of existence, usually conditioned through selective breeding to be docile towards Amphorian rule. Interestingly, most slaves races in Amphorian Empire formerly attempted to enslave the Amphorians, all with disastrous results.

Note, not all races pictured here have been completely enslaved, as these Battle Thralls often just consist of a large invading force that was enslaved during their failed invasion of Kesari, not the entire race. An example of this would be the Fafni and the Sectyd. Most of Fafni are aligned with Thousand Limb Armada and most Sectyds are aligned with the Scourge Space Pirates. Other races like the Lorc however have been enslaved entirely. All of these Battle Thralls would later serve the NodhCohr Hierarchy when the Amphorians allowed the defeated Technarians to become slavemasters of the empire in return for granting them access for new worlds and sapients to enslave.


Since the Amphorian Empire did not have space-faring technology, the Amphorian Empire only resided on planet Kesari.

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