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"There's...there's blood on the walls. Help us! Help us!"
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Third story in the Amerigo series.

Chapter One: Rude AwakeningEdit

Amerigo was awakened by a bright flash on the other side of his room. He opened his eyes and groggily sat up. He saw a woman standing there. He blinked confusedly.

"This must be my lucky day." he said tiredly but with a grin. The woman looked around the room quickly before speaking.

"Amerigo, you need to come with me to the future. Now. It's crucial. Grab your weapons and come over to me." she said quickly.

Amerigo yawned and said, "And what exactly is so important?"

"It's Fernando Tish's son. He's taken over the entire world in the year 2057. It's chaos." she said, panicked. Amerigo narrowed his eyes.

"Fernando is dead. How the hell could his son possibly be the ruler of the world in the future?" he asked skeptically. The woman groaned impatiently.

"I know he's dead. You killed him. But you didn't kill his infant son. He lived on and became a very powerful man. He's a Nephilim, half human and half demon, and he's incredibly powerful. You must come with me now and stop him." the woman explained with frustration.

"And... why can't I just fucking kill his infant son in this time? That would be easier, right?" Amerigo said sharply. The mysterious woman shook her head.

"It would be far too much work to track him down in this time. There's no telling where he could be. The easiest -- and I use the term loosely -- would be to kill his future self." she contended, "Now, quickly grab whatever it is that you need and come over and grab my hand. We have to leave as quickly as possible."

Amerigo pulled himself out of bed lazily. He reached over to a white tank top that was sitting on a nearby desk. He pulled it on as he stood up and walked over to a pile of clothes in the corner. He pulled out a black jacket from the pile and put it on. He sniffed one arm pit and frowned. He opened up a drawer and pulled out a can of cologne and sprayed an overly copious amount on himself.

"Much better." Amerigo said contentedly. He picked up his two pistols from the desk next to his bed and thrust them into the belt around his waist, followed by his scythe, which he hooked into the strap on the back of his jacket. He turned to face the mystery woman.

"Alright, I'm all ready. And would you be so kind as to tell me your name, oh mysterious time traveling woman?" he said sarcastically.

She sighed and said, "I'm Alice. Now hurry the hell up and get over here. You seem to be a master at wasting time, Amerigo."

Amerigo walked over to Alice and she immediately grasped his hand tightly.

"Easy, lady." he said with a tone of false anger in his voice. She sighed again before she closed her eyes. Amerigo stood impatiently, tempted to just push her out of his apartment and go back to sleep. But then there was a bright flash, and he was suddenly standing in a desolate version of his apartment. Alice finally opened her eyes and motioned to the door.

"Alright. Let's get started. Follow me." she said as she walked out. Amerigo rubbed his forehead and muttered something under his breath before he followed her out of the room and into the hallway.

Chapter Two: Ladies FirstEdit

Alice lead Amerigo down the hallway of the defunct apartment building. The walls were rotting and looked ready to collapse. It was strange for Amerigo to be here. A place he knew so well and yet knew nothing about any longer.

"Once we head out onto the streets, we have to be careful not to draw attention to ourselves. Ienzo's demons are hidden everywhere. They keep watch for any threats, namely the Rebels. When they detect a threat, they strike." Alice explained quietly.

"What's a Rebel?" Amerigo asked.

Alice looked back at him and then said, "A Rebel is what I am. There are other Rebels, and we all oppose Ienzo. Well, everyone opposes him on some level, but the Rebels are the only ones that take action against him. Unfortunately, the Rebels aren't an organized group. We're just a bunch of people scattered all over the world who want to put Ienzo's rule to an end."

The two of them made it downstairs by now, and Alice froze.

"We have to be careful when we go out there, Amerigo. Remember that." Alice warned.

"Yeah, yeah. I got it." Amerigo said with a laugh as he pushed past her and headed out the destroyed door. Alice sighed.

"He's going to get us killed. I just know it." she said under her breath before she followed him outside. Amerigo stood out on the sidewalk, gazing around at his surroundings.

"The place is still a fucking dump, just like I remember it. I wonder how the rest of the world is." he said wonderingly.

"Just like this. Ienzo took the world and turned it into a dystopian nightmare. I know Nova Hejmo has been like this for a long time, though, since I grew up here before Ienzo took over the world." Alice said gravely.

"So where's Ienzo?" Amerigo inquired, turning to face Alice.

"He's in a completely different city. La Montañeses, to be exact. It's too far away to walk. There's a subway train we can take to get there, but we would need to be even more careful there. Demon security is even higher around public transportation." Alice explained. There was a crumbling sound above them and bits of rubble fell down onto them. Alice looked up without hesitation and grabbed her chainsaw off of the strap on her back and started it up. Suddenly a humanoid demon slightly larger than a human broke through a window on the side of the apartment building and landed on the ground next to Alice and Amerigo. Its face was entirely hidden by a veil of darkness, but its glowing green eyes were easily visible. Chains were wrapped around its abdomen, and in each of its hands was a black chakram. The thing roared and slashed at Alice and Amerigo at the same time, but both of them managed to dodge the attack.

Amerigo withdrew both of his pistols and began firing as Alice charged at the demon with her chainsaw. The demon swung its arm at Alice and threw her backwards, but it was helpless against Amerigo's bullets. The demon turned back to face Amerigo and roared again, this time throwing both of its chakrams at him. Amerigo cartwheeled out of the way and continued firing at the demon. He saw that both of the chakrams had returned back to the monster like boomerangs. While the demon was still facing Amerigo, Alice ran at the demon from behind and sliced at the demon with her chainsaw. The demon swiveled around and tried to bash her out of the way, but she managed to leap up into the air to avoid the attack. Amerigo was about to withdraw his scythe, but he saw that Alice had managed to finish off the demon herself, for when Amerigo looked back, the demon was on the ground and disintegrating into ashes. Amerigo walked over to Alice, who was only slightly winded.

"Not bad... well, for a girl." he said to her. Alice scowled at him.

"Ignoring that smartass remark, let's continue. The subway system isn't far from here. It's actually at the former location of Fernando Tish's mansion. Figure that out." Alice explained calmly.

"So that means it's near Bobman Avenue, right?" Amerigo asked for confirmation. Alice nodded.

"Yes. Remember, Amerigo, we have to be as inconspicuous as possible. Do not draw attention." Alice warned sternly.

Amerigo nodded and said as he motioned towards Bobman Avenue, "Ladies first." Alice set her chainsaw back in the strap on the back of her jacket and began walking quickly, and Amerigo followed.

Chapter Three: Future StreetsEdit

Alice lead Amerigo along the sidewalk, although it was unnecessary since Amerigo knew the streets well even in the future. Amerigo noticed that even forty-four years in the future, cars were still the main mode of transportation.

"I can't believe people still use cars even in the future." Amerigo noted. Alice glimpsed back at him for a moment.

"Mankind could have moved onto using more advanced technology, but thanks to Ienzo all of that has been totally halted." Alice said matter-of-factly. She glanced around worriedly as they walked down the streets. Amerigo squinted his eyes.

"Are demons really such a big problem in this time that you have to be on constant watch for them?" he asked skeptically. Alice turned back to face Amerigo.

"Only if you're a Rebel like I am. And don't bring up that subject again. Ienzo has eyes and ears everywhere." Alice whispered cautiously.

"Whatever you say." Amerigo said lightly. Alice turned away from him and started walking again. Despite the striking similarities between his time and the future, there were, in fact, many changes that Amerigo hadn't noticed at first. There were some buildings that had been replaced. Others had been added on to. There were video screens on more buildings, and most of them displayed a documentary about Ienzo Tish. Amerigo stopped near one to watch for a second.

"... Ienzo's brilliant story began in 2013 Nova Hejmo. Born to the popular and charismatic governor Fernando Tish and the beautiful young Nichole Johnson, Ienzo had a promising beginning. However, tragedy struck just a few weeks into his life when a horrible, lanky, ugly druggie by the name of Amerigo Tranmer assassinated the beloved father of Ienzo, thus leaving the city of Nova Hejmo in turmoil. Only weeks later, a new man stepped up in place of Fernando. A congressman by the name of Christopher Mohr. He remained governor of the city up until his elderly years in the year 2040. Ienzo, now a charming young man of twenty-seven years and a promising businessman, stepped up in place of Christopher. The city fell in love with this remarkable man, and the world soon followed. Only seventeen years later, and we now live in a utopian world in control of one amazing man." the documentary showed pictures and films of Ienzo, ranging from old college pictures to films of his campaign speech. Amerigo, angered by the blatant lies spewed out from the video screen, withdrew his pistols and fired a flurry of bullets at the screen, shattering it into pieces. Alice, who had stopped walking when Amerigo did, opened her mouth wide but said nothing and just stared at him in shock.

"Amerigo! I said not to draw attention to yourself!" Alice finally found the words. Amerigo had succeeded in drawing the attention of nearby demons, for a group of eight demons identical to the one that he and Alice had encountered earlier emerged from the ground. The eight demons had them surrounded. Alice grabbed her chainsaw and observed the surrounding demons.

"Alright, Amerigo. You handle those four and I'll handle these four." she ordered as she approached the four nearest to her. Amerigo grabbed his scythe and spun it around a few times before beginning to approach the demons.

"I was wondering when the fun would start." he said cockily as he sprinted at one of the demons. He spun his scythe in a circular pattern, slicing up the demon fairly badly. It roared and stumbled backwards. The other three demons attacked all at once, hurling their chakrams at him. Amerigo deflected four of the six chakrams, but two of them managed to reach him and harmed him. The chakrams soon returned to their demon owners though, so it didn't hurt him too much. Amerigo turned to face the other three demons and withdrew his pistols. He blasted them with as many bullets as he could until the demon behind him regained its strength and attacked again. The demon charged at him, but Amerigo leaped up into the air and flew back down to the ground and sliced the demon in half. The demon fell to the ground and turned to ashes. Amerigo landed back on the ground perfectly and picked up on firing at the last three demons. He managed to take out yet another demon with just that blast of bullets, but the other two had learned to avoid the attack. Amerigo turned to face one of the remaining two demons. The demon threw one of its chakrams at him, but he evaded it easily. Then, while Amerigo was still vulnerable, the demon threw its other chakram at him. Amerigo took the hit painfully and fell back a bit.

"Fuck, I'm getting rusty." he said, pain surging through him. His demonic necklace helped to heal him more quickly, though, so he recovered in a short time. The demon standing behind him roared and charged. Amerigo swung around and moved out of the way just as the other demon plowed past him and trampled the other demon, killing both of them.

"Teamwork," Amerigo began, "You guys don't know what it is." He looked back over to see how Alice was doing. There were still two demons left, and she was struggling to handle them. One of them had nearly decapitated her with its chakram. Amerigo readied his scythe and ran over to help. He caught the first demon off guard and hooked his scythe around its neck. He held on and pulled as hard as he could. The demon's head was soon torn off of its body, and the whole thing fell to the ground and turned into a heap of ashes. Alice was still struggling with the last demon, so Amerigo fired a blast of bullets at it and killed it. Alice turned back to face him with a look of resentment on her face.

"I said I could handle these ones." she said fiercely, but the look of resentment on her face melted away and turned into a look that showed slight gratitude. She still held her fierceness, however.

"Next time, stay out of my way." she said angrily as she began walking back down the street. Amerigo held back a laugh. He'd saved her, and she didn't want to admit it. Amerigo soon quickened his pace to catch up with her. "Utopian world", the documentary had said. Amerigo looked around him. Sick looking people, vandalism, pollution. That wasn't exactly Amerigo's idea of a utopia.

Chapter Four: The Big GuyEdit

The two of them eventually reached the suspension bridge, which still looked much the same as it had in 2013. Alice paused in front of the bridge.

"There's a strong demon here. Act natural." she warned in a harsh whisper. She began walking again and motioned for Amerigo to follow, since he had not been listening and had begun to gaze at the city around him. He followed her onto the bridge and felt uneasy immediately. He could feel that there was a demon here. His necklace seemed to have alerted him to its presence. He began to look around subconsciously, not aware that he was doing so. The ominous feeling he felt grew stronger, which meant that the demon was drawing nearer. He looked to the cables on the side of the bridge and watched as a large demon materialized from the air. It had just a decaying skull for a head, its abdomen resembled that of a bear, its legs were that of a goat, and it had a pair of bony wings riddled with holes. The demon roared and spit out a ball of blue fire at Amerigo. Amerigo jumped out of the way and the fireball whizzed past him and collided with a car on the bridge, causing it to explode immediately. Cars on the bridge began to swerve and go careening over the guard rails on the bridge, dozens of innocent people falling to their deaths in the river below. Alice turned around at the sound of the explosion and gasped.

"How did it find us?!" she exclaimed, clearly panicked.

"It must have been my necklace. I felt the demon approaching, so it must have felt me approaching too." Amerigo assumed. The demon screamed wildly and spit out another ball of fire, but Amerigo jumped out of the way of the attack yet again.

"You'll have to handle this one, Amerigo. I don't have any long range weapons to fight this demon." said Alice as she backed up a bit.

"No problem. This big guy won't be so tough," Amerigo began as he looked at the demon, "Ain't that right, you big motherfucker?" The demon roared loudly and flew higher up into the air in preparation for another attack. Amerigo skillfully withdrew his pistols and shot quickly at the demon, every bullet hitting the demon. The flying demon moved out of the way soon after taking damage, though, and it unleashed a series of blue fireballs at Amerigo. Amerigo grabbed his scythe just in time and deflected the first of the series of fireballs and sent it flying back at the demon. The demon took the hit and fell to the ground, bending the suspension bridge in a way it was not meant to be bent. Amerigo sprinted at the demon, leaped into the air, and slammed down onto the demon with his scythe, tearing a large wound into the monster. The demon through him off immediately and rocketed back up into the air, now furious.

"Come on, don't hold back, you ugly fuck." Amerigo jeered to anger the demon. The demon opened its mouth wide and a huge ball of fire began to gather in its skeletal mouth, slowly growing larger and larger until it blasted out of its mouth and flew towards Amerigo. He swung his scythe and pushed it back a few feet, but the fireball still came at him. He slashed again, this time splitting it into two separate balls, one of the flying back at the demon, and the other still advancing towards Amerigo. With a final slash of his scythe, Amerigo deflected the fireball and sent it back at the demon. Both fireballs struck the demon and sent it tumbling to the ground with a loud crashing sound, and in an instant the demon was nothing but ashes. The bridge began to crack.

"Now where have I seen this before?" Amerigo said amusingly, remembering the time in the Hell version of Nova Hejmo when the suspension bridge collapsed. Amerigo turned to face Alice, who looked scared. The bridge slowly began to split in two, and Amerigo had barely begun to run when the bridge started to fall into the water behind him. He plowed into Alice and hefted her over his shoulder and ran as fast as he could across the collapsing bridge while carrying her. He nearly fell into the water below when he began to fall behind, but finally he made it to the other side, to safety. He let go of Alice, allowing her to stand back on the ground on her own. Alice just looked at the ground without saying anything.

"Well? What are you waiting for?" Amerigo said impatiently. Alice looked up at him quickly and nodded.

"Sorry. Alright, let's keep going. Ienzo will probably figure out that something's up once he learns that the suspension bridge is destroyed. We really have to hurry now." she said worriedly. She turned around and began walking quickly down the sidewalk. Amerigo followed.

Chapter Five: Free SampleEdit

Ienzo leaned back in his reclining chair with his legs slumped across the desk in front of him. He had it all. He ruled everything. Everything in the mortal world, anyways. He couldn't think of anything that could possibly ruin this. Suddenly there was a loud knock at the door.

"Come in." Ienzo shouted across the room. The door slammed open and a frantic looking man in a business suit came running in.

"Ienzo. We have a problem." the man said without hesitation. Ienzo moved his legs off of his desk and sat up straight.

"A... problem?" Ienzo said skeptically, "What could possibly be wrong?"

"The suspension bridge has collapsed, Ienzo." the man said, a bead of sweat on his forehead. Ienzo laughed evilly.

"That can be fixed easily. You came here just to tell me that?" Ienzo said lightly.

"No. There's more. The man who killed your father... Amerigo Tranmer..." the man began uneasily.

Ienzo's eye twitched slightly and he asked sharply, "What about him?"

The man gulped and said, "He's here. I saw him killing one of your demon guards on the bridge, and he was with a red haired woman. Somehow... Amerigo is here in this time, and it's probable that he's coming after you." Ienzo's face cringed with anger and his eyes began to glow, his glasses reflecting the light around the room. In an instant, the room was filled with fire, and once it died down all that was left was Ienzo, a burned up corpse on the floor in front of his desk, and badly scorched furniture. Ienzo turned to look out the window. Amerigo was out there. He was out there, and Ienzo would destroy him once and for all. He looked down at the time-stopping watch on his wrist. He was tempted to freeze time so he could head straight to Amerigo and kill him on the spot, but he didn't. He liked a challenge, so he would wait until Amerigo came to him. A malevolent smile abruptly broke out on Ienzo's face, surprising even him.


At this point, Alice and Amerigo had reached a part of the city that even Amerigo barely recognized. He remembered some of the buildings, but there was much more that was different now. The two of them walked past a restaurant when Amerigo heard someone shout to him.

"Hey mister, free sample?" a fat man standing at a food stand in front of the restaurant asked. He was giving away sausages. Amerigo was about to walk over, but Alice stopped him.

"Don't eat that. There are stands like this all over the city. They all mostly sell different foods, but one ingredient is always the same -- a tracking chip." Alice cautioned.

"A tracking chip?" Amerigo said in disbelief.

"A microscopic tracking chip. They're put in the free samples at these food stands, and once you eat it, the chip embeds itself into the inside of your stomach and stays there forever. Once it's there, Ienzo can track you down with ease." Alice explained. Amerigo nodded without saying anything.

"How did you find this out?" Amerigo said at last. Alice just looked at the ground.

"I had... a friend. A Rebel like me. He ate one of the free samples, and within days the government had tracked him down and killed him. I was lucky though, since the free sample happened to have been of a food I hate -- sushi, and so I didn't try any." she said sadly. The two of them began walking again without saying anything more. The sun was starting to set by now, so there were less people out on the streets. But the people who were out and about were... strange. They dressed strangely, in all black or purple. A lot of them had many piercings in their faces. Some others looked as if they were high on something, walking around with a disturbingly vacant look on their faces. Amerigo was no stranger to getting high though, and if anything, these high looking people made him wish he could get high right now. But these people seemed almost... demonic.

"Try not to get their attention. Just ignore them. I know what you're thinking, and-"Alice began, but then lowered her voice, "-they are demons. They're more of Ienzo's scouts, and they only come out at night, disguised as humans." Just as she finished speaking, they passed by a man with two horn-like lumps sticking out of his forehead. Amerigo couldn't help but staring at some of them.

"Looking good, buddy." he said sarcastically to the one with the horns. The man stopped for a second and turned back to face Amerigo, moving almost robotically. The man tilted his head to the side, growled slightly, and then turned back to continue walking to wherever it was that he was going off to. Alice grabbed Amerigo angrily.

"Are you stupid or something?! I told you not to attract their attention!" she whispered sternly. She sighed. "At least that one didn't suspect anything."

They kept on walking awkwardly down the streets, occasionally passing by a demon disguised as a human. Then they passed by a particularly creepy looking man with a smile seemingly stapled to his face. After he passed them, he turned back and walked quickly in front of Amerigo and Alice, stopping them. The man's smile literally melted, along with the rest of his face, revealing a horrifying face with empty white orbs in place of eyes and a mouth that was stitched shut. The rest of the man's body transformed into its true demonic form, a pale white thin body covered in pinkish red scars. The thing hissed as large sets of blood red claws shot out from its finger tips.

"You're fucking kidding me! Well fucker, get ready for a pounding!" Amerigo said as he grabbed for the scythe on his back. As soon as he withdrew the weapon, he saw around him more of the pale white demons approaching, all with deadly sets of claws ready to attack. Alice grabbed her chainsaw and started it. This would be one hell of a fight.

Chapter Six: Proxies and PestilenceEdit

The first demon ran at Amerigo with its claws ready to attack. Amerigo swung his scythe at the demon to try to block the attack, but the demon evaded the block and attacked Amerigo from the side. Amerigo fell to the side slightly, but regained himself soon after. They were surrounded by at least a dozen of the pale demons. Alice ran at one of them and swung her chainsaw at it, trying to slice the demon in half, but the demon impossibly grabbed the chainsaw by the blade and threw Alice backwards. The demon tilted its head to the side at an impossible angle and began to slowly approach her with its claws raised to attack. Amerigo ran at the demon and sliced straight through it with his scythe. Alice sprang back up to her feet, chainsaw in hand and a determined look on her face.

Amerigo lunged at the cluster of demons to his right, while Alice assaulted the ones to her left. Amerigo slashed through three of the pale demons at once with ease, but still more demons appeared in place of the fallen ones. He counted how many he was up against. Twenty. He stretched nonchalantly.

"Alright, bitches. Let's play a game." Amerigo said bravely as he swung his scythe around in preparation for the battle. One of the demons ran at him and tried to slash him with its claws, but Amerigo kicked the demon to the ground, withdrew his guns speedily, and fired a flurry of bullets at the fallen demon. The other demons ran at him all at once. He crouched to the ground slightly as they approached, readying himself. Just before they reached him, he leaped high into the air, over the demons, and came diving back to the ground while firing an endless stream of bullets to the demons below. Ten of the nineteen demons survived the attack. Amerigo spun around to face them with his guns held in front of him. He grinned with pleasure as he began shooting once again. Seven of the ten demons moved out of the way quickly enough, but three took the full fury of the bullets. The last seven demons circled around Amerigo from a few feet away.

"So, is this a common tactic among demons? Circling around me just waiting to get your asses kicked? Whatever, I like it." Amerigo said before he began spinning his scythe around and taking out each demon around him. That took care of them. Amerigo looked back towards Alice and watched as she finished off the last demon.

"Alright, we have to go now. There are more of these things nearby and we do not want to risk attracting them as well." Alice said as she shut off her chainsaw, slung it over her shoulder, and began to run down the street. Amerigo followed closely behind her, but he kept his scythe ready to attack. Sure enough, they came across another group of the demons disguised as humans. As if by magic, their faces and bodies began to melt away to reveal a horrific pale body covered in scars. The two of them ignored the demons and kept running.

"There's the subway station up ahead, Amerigo! We're almost there!" Alice said, sounding out of breath. They finally reached the stairway leading under the ground to the station, and Alice ran straight down while Amerigo stayed back to confront the demons. He turned back to face them. At least a hundred of the demons surrounded him. Amerigo threw his scythe high into the air, cracked his knuckles, and caught the scythe just before it hit the ground.

"Bring it on." he said fearlessly. He was about to charge straight at the huge crowd of demons when a rain of flaming arrows came out of the sky, destroying each and every demon, yet leaving Amerigo untouched. He stood there confusedly until the rain of arrows stopped and all the demons were gone. He heard the flapping of wings behind him. Amerigo quickly withdrew his pistols and turned to face the source of the sound. Up in the air above and behind him was a huge... thing with big black raven wings on its back, thick muscular arms, goat legs, a buffalo skull for a head, and a large bow held in its hand. Amerigo noticed that a thick veil of dust encircled the demon.

"Well, hello there. You're a little dusty, wouldn't you say? How about I clean you up?" Amerigo said as he began firing bullets at the demon. The demon roared a sound that sounded to be a cross between a human scream and the cry of a sick elephant. Amerigo kept on firing bullets until the demon retaliated by firing a single flaming arrow at him. Amerigo jumped back to avoid the attack, and the demon simply hovered in the air, staring at him, unmoving.

"Well?! Is that all you're gonna do?!" Amerigo taunted the demon. Suddenly the buffalo skull began to rattle slightly. The rattling intensified until it stopped suddenly, and the demon screamed louder much louder than before, nearly deafening Amerigo. The thing flew about in the air wildly, shooting a relentless storm of flaming arrows here and there, everywhere. Amerigo dodged or deflected as many as he could, but he still took some damage from them. Nothing his demonic necklace couldn't quite heal. Amerigo fired a powerful blast of bullets at the demon's wings, this time causing it to collapse to the ground and scream again before it sank into the ground and disappeared. Amerigo set his scythe back in the strap on the back of his jacket but kept his pistols in hand as he walked cautiously down the stairs and into the subway station. When he made it down he immediately searched for Alice.

"Well, there you are." Amerigo said as soon as he saw Alice. She was standing near the empty rails in the subway station. She looked over at him.

"The train isn't here." she said simply. Amerigo raised one eyebrow.

"You don't say?" he said sarcastically. Alice shook her head.

"I'm not sure when the next train will be here. With any luck, it'll be soon. But even I'm not entirely sure of the night schedule. It might not arrive until morning." said Alice with impatience in her voice. She was quiet for a second, and then said, "Wait. What happened to those demons that were chasing us?"

"Yeah, about that... this big winged fucking demon with a bow came and killed all of them and then came after me. I shot at it for a while before it screamed and sank into the ground. Just like that." Amerigo said coolly.

"Oh no. That was Pestilence, the powerful demon I told you guarded the subway station. It must still be here somewhere... We have to be careful." Alice said softly as she looked around the open room uneasily.

Chapter Seven: Subway CrisisEdit

There were a few other people moving about in the subway station, so that meant there would probably be a train coming soon.

"Wouldn't we need a ticket to board the subway?" Amerigo asked Alice suddenly. The thought hadn't crossed his mind until just now. Alice shook her head.

"No. In this time, you don't need to purchase a ticket in order to get on the subway." she said. Everything was eerily quiet in the underground room. Not even the other people in the room spoke. They were normal people, but they didn't look very well. It was easy to see that they were either ill or sleep deprived, judging from the bags under their eyes, their pale skin, and the occasional cough. After a reasonably short time of waiting, a bright light shined from down the tunnel.

"Thank God." Alice said with a relieved sigh. The subway train slowed to a halt on the tracks and people began to board immediately. Alice and Amerigo got there the fastest, anxious to get out of there.

"Destination." a man in a blue uniform asked as they entered.

"La Montañeses." Alice answered quickly as she walked over to the nearest seat. Amerigo sat down next to her and said nothing. After a few minutes of waiting for other people to enter the train, the train finally began to move. Amerigo saw one old man in particular who stood out. He had scars on his face. One of his arms ended in a pitiful little stump, and it looked like there was a piece of machinery built into it at some point. His hair was beginning to recede. The old man looked up at Amerigo and his eyes went wide momentarily. He just stared for a second.

Amerigo grinned and said, "Remember me?" The old man shook his head and rubbed his face vigorously before getting up and moving to a seat farther away. It had to have been Carson, now an old man. After a few minutes, there was a loud crashing sound like something bursting through a building from a traincar further back. Another crashing sound.

"I hope that isn't..." Alice trailed off. The sound got closer and closer until the roof of the car that the two of them were in shattered into pieces as the large demon that Amerigo had fought before burst in and shrieked horribly. The demon was about to attack, but Amerigo skillfully withdrew his pistols and fired a round of bullets at the demon, causing it to fly back to the roof of the moving traincar.

"I'll be right back." Amerigo said to Alice as he leaped up top along with the demon to confront it. As soon as he landed on top of the car, he nearly lost his balance and fell from the top. The huge demon readied its bow and fired a flaming arrow at Amerigo. Amerigo managed to avoid the arrow by moving to the side slightly, making certain that he didn't fall from the top of the moving train. He fired more bullets at the demon, but it didn't seem to affect it as much as it had before, for the demon began to approach him slowly, ready to attack. Suddenly it lunged at him, but Amerigo rolled out of the way and fired more bullets at the winged demon. He saw up ahead an overhang that would hit him if he didn't duck down. He crouched to the ground an instant before they reached the overhang. The demon was smashed instantly by it and went flying backwards off of the traincar.

"See ya, bitch!" Amerigo shouted as he waved back behind him, thinking the demon was defeated. Suddenly an intense cloud of dust kicked up from out of nowhere around him. He coughed uncontrollably for a moment before he moved out of the dust. As soon as he moved out of the way, the demon materialized from the dust, now enraged. The demon fired a blast of flaming arrows at Amerigo, but he dodged them all easily and countered each one with a bullet at the demon. The demon stumbled slightly, so Amerigo withdrew his scythe and ran at the demon while it was weakened. He slashed at it until the demon regained its senses and shoved Amerigo back. It screamed again just as the train moved out of the tunnel and onto a bridge spanning across a canyon of some kind. Now that they were out in the open air, it would be easier to fight.

"This'll finish you!" Amerigo said as he fired more bullets at the demon, which then flew up into the air and flew above Amerigo, somehow keeping up with the moving subway train. Amerigo tried to fire more bullets at the demon, but now that it was in the air, it moved out of the way with ease and reacted by firing countless flaming arrows at Amerigo. Amerigo deflected most of them by spinning his scythe around and using it as a shield and dodged the others. With a well-aimed shot, he downed the demon and caused it to collapse back on top of the train. With a final swing of his scythe, he sent the demon tumbling downwards through the air and into the canyon below. The train was about to enter back into another tunnel, and Amerigo jumped back down into the train car as if it were nothing.

"That was a workout." he said as he swung his arms slightly before sitting back down. Other people on the subway train just stared at him in shock and awe.

"We're nearly at La Montañeses, Amerigo. Soon we'll be able to find Ienzo." Alice said hopefully.

"The sooner we get to La Montañeses, the sooner I can kick Ienzo's sorry Nephilim ass." Amerigo jeered.

Chapter Eight: La MontañesesEdit

Hours after the suspension bridge incident, Ienzo still sat in his office, totally relaxed. Amerigo must be dead by now. Pestilence had to have taken care of him. His phone began to ring. He picked it up without hesitation.

"What is it?" he asked as soon as he answered.

"Amerigo is still alive, and he's in La Montañeses now. He somehow managed to defeat Pestilence." the man on the other line explained. Ienzo clenched the phone as hard as he could until it shattered into pieces.

"So, Amerigo," Ienzo began to speak as he turned to the window once again, "You're stronger than I thought. I should have guessed, since you killed my father." He gazed out at the city far below him. Amerigo was there now. Coming closer, and closer, and closer. Ienzo looked at the watch on his wrist. It may soon be necessary for him to use its powers to freeze time and kill Amerigo. But not yet. Not just yet.




The train slowed to a halt inside of a grungy looking subway station in La Montañeses. Amerigo and Alice were the only two who got up to leave here. As the two of them exited the train, they earned confused and fearful looks from other passengers.

Amerigo looked back at the bewildered passengers and said sarcastically, "And don't piss me off or I'll kidnap and eat your children." The subway station was filthy. There was dirt and grime practically everywhere.

"Nice looking place." Amerigo spoke sarcastically to Alice as they walked through. Alice laughed slightly, but the laugh soon faded back to seriousness.

"Ienzo lives in a big skyscraper in the middle of the city. It would be hard to miss." Alice said as she began to walk more quickly. There was a large TV screen built into one of the walls of the subway. There was a glitched image of a man's face, but it was impossible to tell who it was since the screen seemed to have been breaking. There were stray pixels all over the screen and there was a loud buzzing sound along with incoherent gibberish spewing out of the speakers. He could have sworn he heard his voice mentioned in the gibberish. Alice lead Amerigo up the staircase and out of the station. The city looked just as bad as Nova Hejmo. There were ill looking people out on the streets, graffiti was everywhere, and there was trash covering the streets. A thick cloud hung over the city and spread to nowhere else, as if the cloud were the source of the gloom in the city.

Alice pointed to a huge skyscraper in the distance. "That's where Ienzo is." she whispered. The tall building was lined with windows, each and every one of them lit up with a sinister bluish glow. The very top of the building ended in a sharp point.

"Huh. Lives in a skyscraper just like his father did. Must run in the family." Amerigo said kiddishly. A few raindrops began to fall from the dark clouds above the city.

"Let's go. We should hurry." Alice urged and began to walk towards the tall building. A group of the large demons with chakrams emerged in front of them to stop them. Amerigo grabbed his scythe and Alice prepared her chainsaw. Amerigo ran past Alice before she had a chance to attack the demons and began to slice and slash at one of them until it was able to throw Amerigo out of the way. He managed to land on his feet, so he withdrew his guns and began to fire at the demon until it collapsed to the ground. Alice ran ahead and sawed through another demon, and another, and another until there were four left.

Amerigo shoved Alice out of his way before she had a chance to fight the remaining four. He raised his scythe and began to spin it like a propeller at his side. He hurled it up high into the air. When it came back down, he did a well-time back flip and kicked the handle of the scythe, sending the still spinning scythe rocketing at the demons and slicing them to pieces. The scythe, now motionless, lay on the ground, and Amerigo went to pick it up calmly and looked back at Alice.

"Well, what're you waiting for? Let's get the hell out of here." he said nonchalantly, as if nothing had happened. Alice nodded and started walking again. She looked slightly flustered at Amerigo's skill at killing demons.

Chapter Nine: Time FreezeEdit

Ienzo felt a strong pain in his chest. Amerigo was drawing nearer, and he had destroyed more of his demons. Ienzo finally decided to do what he knew he should have done at first. He reached his hand down to the watch on his wrist and pressed a small button. Instantly, everything ceased movement around him. Everything turned a faint shade of blue in the motionless world. Amerigo stood no chance now. Ienzo smiled.




As Amerigo and Alice hurried down the streets, they both felt a powerful jolt and everything turned a bright blue color.

"What the fuck was that?" Amerigo said confusedly. Alice said nothing for a second. Everything around the two of them had ceased movement. Only the two of them were able to move. Alice realized what had happened.

"Ienzo stopped time... but for some reason, we're still able to move." she pondered this for a second and then continued, "I've got it figured out. I'm not frozen because of my time traveling ability which must make me immune to time freezing, and you must be unaffected because of your demonic necklace... right?" They didn't have much time to think about it, because right then a group of scythe wielding demons appeared around them.

"Well! It's been a long time since I've seen you ugly motherfuckers." Amerigo said as he reached for his scythe. Alice grabbed her chainsaw at the same moment, a serious look on her light face. One of the scythe demons lunged at him and tried to slash at him, but Amerigo deflected the attack with his own scythe and delivered a more powerful attack to the demon, slicing it in half. Alice spun in a circle with her chainsaw held far in front of her and took out three demons at once. Amerigo ran at another demon, kicked it over, and stomped on its skull. The demon threw him off, still able to move without its head.

"Honestly, I think it's an improvement. At least now you don't look like a total pile of shit." Amerigo taunted the headless demon. The demon ran at him blindly while slashing its scythe randomly, and Amerigo easily jumped to the side to avoid the attack. The demon ended up instead slashing apart one of its demon comrades.

"Great job." Amerigo said sarcastically as he fired a flurry of bullets at the headless demon to finish it off. He looked back over to see how Alice was doing. Once again, she seemed to be struggling.

Amerigo laughed and said, "Need some help?" Alice looked over at him and frowned as she kicked back a demon. As the demon charged at her again, she hacked straight through it. She looked back at Amerigo and smiled while shaking her head. Amerigo turned back to face the other demons. Four left. Amerigo withdrew his pistols this time.

"Alright, you hoe-ass motherfuckers, come and get me!" Amerigo shouted loudly as he began to fire at the demons before him. One by one, they all dissipated into dust. Amerigo looked back towards Alice, who was still trying to take out the last of the demons. Amerigo aimed his pistols at the rapidly moving demon and managed to take it out in only a few shots, much to Alice's surprise. She turned back to him with a displeased look on her face. She looked like she was about to yell, but she simply sighed and turned around again.

"We better keep moving." she said as she looked around at the strange motionless surroundings. People were frozen in mid walk. It was strange. Before they could begin walking again, a huge skinless horse-like demon with a man growing out of the horse's back emerged from the ground. The demon had the heads of both horse and man. In the man's hand was a large gleaming red sword. The thing shrieked horribly and charged at the two of them. Amerigo and Alice both jumped out of the way, Alice landing on top of Amerigo. Her face turned red and she quickly moved off of him. Amerigo stood up and grabbed his scythe, prepared to fight. The huge horse demon turned around and gave off a distorted neighing sound before stampeding at him. The man portion of the thing swung its sword, but Amerigo blocked the attack with his scythe and managed to climb up onto the back of the horse demon.

"Get a load of this!" Amerigo said as he swung his scythe at the man attached to the horse's back. The whole monster convulsed and threw Amerigo off of its back. He managed to right himself before he landed, barely able to land on his feet. The horse head on the demon snorted and began to stamp the ground in preparation to charge. The human-like thing on its back held its sword high into the air. Before it had a chance to attack again, Alice ran up from behind it and swung her chainsaw into its side, causing it to panic and begin running in a blind rage around Amerigo and Alice. Amerigo shot as well as he could at the giant demon. Eventually it quit running and prepared to charge at Amerigo again. It ran straight at him, and just before it could reach him, Amerigo leaped into the air with his scythe ready to slice and slammed down onto the human-like portion growing out of the demon's back. The humanoid torse flew straight off of the horse's back, dropping its sword in the process. The remainder of the demon shrieked and charged at Alice instead. With a short scream, she managed to avoid the attack.

Amerigo picked up the dropped sword and said, "This has potential." He looked back at the horse demon and smiled. He ran straight at it with his new sword ready to attack and when he reached the demon, he hopped up onto its back and thrust his sword into the back of its neck. It neighed horribly and began to run off in a random direction. Unfortunately, the horse began to head straight towards a building. Amerigo jumped off of its back just in time to see the horse plow itself into the building and kill itself. Amerigo landed perfectly and stretched.

"Let's keep going." he said to Alice. Alice nodded and walked past him. Amerigo followed.

Chapter Ten: Vines of EntrapmentEdit

The tall building was growing nearer and nearer as they walked. It was disturbing, the blue hue that everything had now that time was frozen around the two of them. A TV screen on one of the buildings was frozen while showing an image of Ienzo Tish. The longer Amerigo looked at the image, the more demonic he appeared. The overly friendly smile he wore on his face, his glasses reflecting light. It just seemed more and more ominous.

"This is so fucking creepy." Amerigo said as he stared around at the frozen city. The motionless people reminded him of mannequins. Amerigo looked over his newly acquired sword. It was a blood red color, with a swirled pattern carved into the hilt. The blade of the sword seemed rather worn, and yet still quite shiny and new looking at the same time.

"Look at that." Alice said, pointing to the evil skyscraper in the distance. It was changing. Large spikes began to jut out from the sides in random directions, giant metallic vine-like structures started to grow out of the building and reach high into the sky and all the way down to the ground, and the very top of the building warped into a disturbing twisted shape that was totally indescribable. An ominous red glow began to shine out from it.




Ienzo stood at the very top of his demonic tower in the frozen world. Amerigo was still out there, and he was still approaching even though time was stopped, much to Ienzo's anger and confusion.

"How... how is that possible?!" Ienzo shouted angrily, but quickly calmed himself, "Well... killer of my father. It seems we will have quite an interesting encounter whence you do inevitably reach me... If you can reach me. Amerigo. Come and get me." As he spoke, his single black wing burst through the back of his tuxedo and twitched anxiously. He smiled. Amerigo was almost here now. He could feel the energy he was giving off.




"We're only a few blocks away now, Amerigo." Alice informed him. Suddenly a gigantic, black, thorny vine smashed through the buildings in front of them and blocked their path. The debris from the building flew through the air momentarily, but soon came to a halt in midair. The huge tentacle convulsed and twitched.

"Well, that's fantastic." Amerigo said mordantly.

"We'll have to find another way." Alice said, but Amerigo was already approaching the giant vine with his new sword ready to attack. He swung as hard as he could and ruptured the vine, and a runny black fluid poured out from it.

"Auuugh! Dammit!" Amerigo said as he leaped back to avoid making a mess of his already dirty clothes. The huge tentacle moved out of the path and swayed in the air before it slammed down on the ground at Amerigo. He scarcely managed to avoid getting crushed by the tentacle. He grinned and placed his sword back in the strap on his back along with his scythe and withdrew his pistols.

"Looking for a fight, eh?" Amerigo said tauntingly as he aimed his pistols at the still downed vine. He fired into the large wound on the tentacle, which only enraged it even more. It retracted quickly and propelled itself at Amerigo again, but he jumped out of the way and landed on top of it. He was about to grab his sword, but the tentacle pulled back suddenly and sent him flying through the air and landing back on the ground. Alice started up her chainsaw, but she had no chance to do anything before a second tentacle appeared from off to the side. It destroyed another building and the debris fell between Alice and Amerigo, separating them. Amerigo only glanced at the debris momentarily before turning his attention back to the vine.

"Alright, bitch! Let's have some fun!" Amerigo said before shooting more bullets at the huge tentacle. It trembled and moved backwards a few feet, recovering from the attack. Amerigo grabbed his sword and sprinted at the demonic vine. He swung and sliced another deep hole into the monstrous thing. It didn't pull back this time, but instead unleashed its fury by bashing itself into the ground, trying to crush Amerigo. It didn't work, for Amerigo was able to evade every attack. The tentacle finally ceased movement and rested on the ground, motionless. Amerigo took advantage of this and swiped again and again at the weakened vine. It pulled itself up from the ground and began to shake violently. Suddenly large spikes and thorns shot out from all over the sides of the thing, making it considerably more dangerous.

"I knew you'd have another trick up your sleeve!" Amerigo shouted fearlessly. He fired another flurry of bullets at the thing, but the bullets were simply deflected off of the spikes. Amerigo sighed and prepared to run at the tentacle again with his sword, but suddenly the tentacle that had attacked Alice burst through the wall of debris separating him from Alice and slammed into the spiked tentacle. Both of the gigantic vines retracted back automatically, this time not returning. Alice came running over to Amerigo.

"That won't be the last we'll see them! They've moved further up the street, closer to the skyscraper!" she said feverishly as she looked into the direction that the tentacles had fled to.

"Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go!" Amerigo said as he began to run after the vines without Alice. Amerigo ran until a third tentacle crushed a building in front of him, blocking his path. The tentacle retreated right away though, so he didn't have to worry about that. He ran up the side of the pile of motionless debris and leaped clear over the side and went falling to the streets below. In front of him was a tangled mess of tentacles and the entrance to the skyscraper. From behind him came Alice, who had followed the same path as he did by scaling the fallen building. There were at least six of the giant vines, all of them moving and convulsing rhythmically, ready to attack the two puny humans.

"Shit!" Alice yelled.

"You ready for this?" Amerigo asked her.

"Hell no, but we have no other choice but to fight them! There's no way we'll be able to get inside the skyscraper with them blocking the path!" Alice said sharply.

Chapter Eleven: TerminationEdit

Amerigo went into action first, running to the side of a nearby building and propeling himself off of it, towards one of the giant vines. He swung his sword at the vine and sliced a deep wound into it, making it retract. He landed back on the ground, withdrew his guns and began to fire at wound in the tentacle. The tentacle quivered and withdrew itself into the building completely. Alice ran at one of the vines that was closer to the ground and sliced it in half with her chainsaw. It retracted back a few feet and giant spikes shot out from the sides of it. It lunged at her, but she moved to the side just in time to avoid being impaled by the spikes.

Amerigo ran at the tentacle and sliced off a larger portion of it, weakening it even further. It flew backwards and moved back into the building. The four remaining tentacles waved in the air wildly, seemingly anxious to get in on the action. Amerigo fired a flurry of bullets at the largest of the tentacles. It shook feverishly before it tried to crush him by slamming itself into the ground. Amerigo easily evaded the attack and proceeded to slice a big gash into the vine. The tentacle retreated back into the side of the building, and the last of the tentacles started to attack all at once. Amerigo fired an onslaught of bullets at the incoming vines, but it did no good. The tentacles didn't stop. Luckily, Amerigo jumped in time to avoid the attack and landed on top of one of the tentacles. He didn't hesitate to stab his sword into it. The tentacle convulsed and retracted, pulling Amerigo with it. As the tentacle rocketed backwards towards the skyscraper, Amerigo withdrew his sword and leaped off of the tentacle and landed back on the ground below, faced with two tentacles.

"I don't think I'll be much of a help here, Amerigo. I don't have any long range weapons!" Alice said to him.

"That's fine. I can handle it." Amerigo said cockily as he raised his guns to one of the huge vines. The tentacle launched itself at him, and Amerigo swung his sword just in time to slice off the tip of the tentacle, spilling out a black fluid. The tentacle retracted just like the others, leaving only one.

"Well? Come on!" Amerigo shouted at it. The tentacle twitched and began to pound the ground over and over again, trying to crush Amerigo. He managed to dodge each attack by cartwheeling to the side of leaping backwards or somersaulting. When the tentacle finally quit moving, Amerigo unleashed a powerful sweep of his sword, chopping off a large percentage of the tentacle. The thing finally withdrew itself back into the skyscraper.

"That path is clear! Let's go!" Amerigo yelled back to Alice as he began to head towards the entrance. Alice ran to catch up with him just as Amerigo kicked down the door. The door floated backwards a few feet before it stopped in midair. The lobby of the building was just as eerie as the rest of the city was. Everything had a blue tint to it, and the people sitting in the chairs were totally motionless. Amerigo walked up to the elevator and pushed the button.

"That won't work, Amerigo." Alice said as she walked into the building behind him, "Elevators won't work when time is frozen. We'll have to take the stairs."

"Great. Well, we aren't getting any younger. Let's hurry the hell up and kill that fucker. I want to get back to my own time." Amerigo said impatiently as he started to walk towards the staircase.




Ienzo smiled. Amerigo was approaching. Quickly, too. Looks like the two of them would get to show off their strength in a battle to the death. A battle that Ienzo would easily win. Ienzo admired the city far below. The frozen city. The eerie blue tint. It was all perfect.




The two of them hurried up the staircase, hurrying to the top floor. Surprisingly, no demons appeared. Not a single one.

"It's strange that there are no demons around here." Alice noted while they continued their ascent. Amerigo said nothing. After minutes and minutes of boring ascension up the staircase, Alice and Amerigo finally made it to the top floor. The entire top of the building had been transformed into a wicked orange platform with intertwining spikes jutting out from the sides. A man in a black tuxedo stood facing a hole in the spikes, staring through it and at the city below. A single black wing stuck out from his back.

"Alright fucker, I'm here to fuck shit up." Amerigo said as soon as he saw the man. The man didn't turn around, but he began to speak.

"Hello, murderer of my father. Amerigo. I knew you were coming. I knew as soon as the suspension bridge collapsed that you were here, in this time. In a way, I've always wanted to get to meet the bastard who killed my father. I thought that I never would since the Amerigo in this time was killed in a fight over drugs with some other disgusting pigs like you. But now this young woman with the time traveling ability brought you here, for me. I know who you are, Alice. You've been in and out of federal prison more times than I can count. But you always managed to escape somehow. It was easy for me to figure out that you could travel through time. That's how you escaped." the sinister man said as he finally turned around. His glasses gleamed with an unholy red glow from his hateful yet calm eyes.

"Whatever, I'm just here to kill you!" Amerigo threatened. Ienzo laughed demonically.

"Do you think so? I am more powerful than my father ever was, due to my being a Nephilim. I could crush you with a single thought. But I can't, thanks to that damned necklace you wear around your neck. The demonic power in it protects you from my most powerful attacks, as well as allowing you to keep moving even though time is stopped. But I can still kill you. I have more powers than you could ever imagine, and your pitiful little necklace can't protect you from those." Ienzo said with a sinister tone in his voice. He clenched his fist and raised it into the air. In an instant, a cluster of smaller tentacles emerged from the ground around Alice, grabbed her by her arms and legs, and raised her high into the air.

Ienzo smiled even harder and said, "Just so your little girlfriend can't interfere with our battle." Alice struggled to try to escape the tentacles, but it was no use. She was stuck. She couldn't reach her chainsaw either, since it was still on her back. Amerigo withdrew his sword with a calm look on his face, and Ienzo held out his hand and materialized his own sword, black with a feathery design carved into it.

"Don't hold back." Ienzo said demonically. The two of them just stared at each other for a while, neither of them making a move. Finally Amerigo charged at Ienzo with his sword and swung as hard as he could, but Ienzo blocked the attack with a swing of his sword and jumped off to the side.

"You're the man who single handedly killed my powerful father as well as countless other demons? You seem to have a pathetic fighting technique for a man of such grandeur." Ienzo taunted, still sounding calm. Amerigo felt the power of his necklace begin to course through him as it had when he fought Prudence long ago. He felt energized, and his sword, scythe, and pistols alike began to glow and give off a black and white aura. Amerigo charged once again at Ienzo, swinging his sword once he reached him. Ienzo tried to block, but Amerigo managed to break through his defenses. Ienzo fell back, his glasses falling off of his face.

Amerigo charged at him while he was still down, but Ienzo stood up with inhuman speed and raised a forcefield to repel Amerigo. Ienzo bent down calmly to pick up his glasses and put them back on before stretching. He moved his hands in a downwards motion, making the forcefield fade away.

"Care to try that again?" Ienzo mocked Amerigo, obviously unafraid. Amerigo grabbed his pistols instead and started firing at Ienzo, but he deflected every shot and sent the bullets ricocheting off of the spiky walls surrounding them.

"You don't stand a chance! I may as well just finish you-" Ienzo began while he was laughing, but Amerigo took advantage of the evil man's boasting and slashed at him with his sword, harming him greatly. Or so he thought. Ienzo fell back again but stood up rather painlessly with a horrid grin on his face. Amerigo ran at him again with his sword and swung, but Ienzo swung his sword at the same time, blocking the attack. The two of them swung their swords again and again, their swords giving off blasts of sparks each time, but neither of them harming one another. Finally Amerigo began to lose his breath and paused for a second, and Ienzo sliced at him and threw him backwards onto the ground.

"Amerigo!!" Alice screamed at him, still struggling with the tentacles. Amerigo could barely stand back up. A deep cut lay in his chest, and he was severely weakened. He willed his necklace to heal him, but it did so more slowly than usual.

"Son of a bitch." Amerigo said tiredly as Ienzo simply watched him from afar.

"Do you see how strong I am, Amerigo? You can't stop me. You're practically dead already! Don't you see?" Ienzo ranted confidently. Amerigo finally felt strength coming back to him. He held his sword in front of him, charging himself for another attack.

"The day I die by the hands of a demon will be the day that humanity itself quits breathing. I'll show you how to fight like a man, you son of a bitch. Let me tell you something -- killing your dad was a hell of a fun time. Firing that bullet into his head, watching his brain matter splatter everywhere. Fucking good time. Now, let's see if I can show you the same fate." Amerigo said to enrage Ienzo.

Ienzo stared at him with the hatred growing in his eyes. He seemed to grow slightly larger, muscles growing bigger. All but suddenly Ienzo flew through the air at Amerigo with a loud scream. He threw him up against the side of the wall and held his neck tightly in his hands. This was the chance that Amerigo was waiting for. He focused all of the demonic power within him into his sword. He fought to keep conscious as Ienzo squeezed his neck harder and harder, but he managed to pull back his sword and shove it through Ienzo's chest. The rage on Ienzo's face disappeared and was replaced with a mellow look. His grip on Amerigo's neck lessened and he fell back. Amerigo gasped to catch his breath. The vines holding Alice in the air began to die and collapsed to the ground, dropping her. Amerigo ran over just in time and caught her.

"He's finally dead." was all that Alice said. Amerigo set her down and they just looked at each other. Amerigo leaned in close to her and suddenly all that he was able to see was Alice. He got closer and closer, but before anything else could happen, a huge beam of darkness erupted out of Ienzo's supposedly dead body. The body arose from the ground and a second wing burst out from its back, the business suit on him burst into flames and was replaced by a black suit of armor. Ienzo's head looked back up at Amerigo, looking angrier than ever. A pair of demonic horns burst out of Ienzo's forehead, and his face exploded into a horrible demonic face. Ienzo flew at him and grabbed hold of him and flew high into the air.

"You can't kill a Nephilim that easily, AMERIGO!!" Ienzo shouted, now sounding completely demonic. Amerigo withdrew his sword, but Ienzo batted it out of his hand and sent it falling to the ground far below. All seemed hopeless for Amerigo at that point. He focused all of his energy harder than he ever had before until a pair of demonic wings erupted out of his own back and a suit of silvery-grey armor materialized on him. He kicked himself off of Ienzo and flew backwards through the air. Amerigo grabbed the scythe that was still on his back and held it to his side, ready to fight Ienzo for the final time.

With a loud scream, Ienzo charged at Amerigo, but he dodged the attack and hurled his scythe at him. The scythe cut a large wound into Ienzo's chest through his armor. The scythe returned to Amerigo like a boomerang. Ienzo yelled loudly, held his hands in front of him, and fired a big blast of darkness at Amerigo. The blast hit Amerigo, but it he reflected it back in an attack that was twice as powerful. The more powerful blast struck Ienzo and he was sent careening backwards through the air, darkness surging through him and harming him. Finally one of the wings on Ienzo disappeared and the armor transformed back into a suit. Ienzo was transforming back into human form. He went falling through the air and back to the top of the building. Amerigo transformed back into his own human form and threw himself to the ground on top of Ienzo, who was now barely able to move.

"N-no! No, no, no!" Ienzo shouted in fear. Amerigo punched him in the face mercilessly until he quit muttering. He was still alive. Amerigo grabbed his scythe and swung it into Ienzo's chest, rupturing his heart and killing him. A black and white flashing light began to shine out of Ienzo's chest and soon engulfed him in a ball of fiery darkness. When the light faded, all that was left was a heap of ashes. Ienzo was finally dead. The blue hue surrounding the world began to fade, and things began to move again. Time was back to normal. Unfortunately, this also meant that the damage that had been caused by Amerigo fighting demons would go into action now, including the buildings far below that were now beginning to collapse. Oh well. Alice ran over to Amerigo and hugged him tightly. When the hug ended, Amerigo looked her in the eyes and moved in for a kiss that seemed to last centuries.

"Ienzo really is dead now." Amerigo said once the kiss was over. Alice smiled, visibly relieved that the nightmare was over. The two of them made their way down to the first floor of the skyscraper. They walked out of the front doors of the building and looked at the ruined buildings before them. People stared in shock at the two collapsed buildings, wondering what had happened. Some people were snapping pictures of the ruins.

The two of them found their way back to the defunct apartment building back in Nova Hejmo and walked to Amerigo's former room. Alice grabbed Amerigo's hand and closed her eyes. Within seconds, a bright light appeared around them, and when it faded, they were back in the year 2013. Neither of them said anything for a second.

"Uh, well. I guess this is goodbye, huh?" Alice said quickly with a hint of sadness in her voice.

"You can stay. I wouldn't mind." said Amerigo. Alice frowned.

"I wish I could, but just my coming back to this time has probably changed the future majorly. If I stay back here even longer, there's no telling what could happen." she said sadly. Amerigo just nodded. Alice closed her eyes and a bright light erupted around her before she disappeared in an instant. Amerigo sighed as he walked over to his window and looked outside. It was still day time. Maybe he could head out to a bar and get wasted to clear his mind.

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