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"There's...there's blood on the walls. Help us! Help us!"
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Chapter One: Bloody WallsEdit

Amerigo awakened to the sound of dripping. Sitting up slowly, he realized he didn't recognize his surroundings. He was in... a large room of some kind, with symbols in a language he didn't understand carved into the walls. He looked around and found the source of the dripping. The farthest wall from him was covered in blood, as was the ceiling. It was dripping.

"What the fuck...?" he mumbled, squinting his eyes. Instinctively, he reached to his back to grab his scythe that was normally strapped to his jacket, but found that it was gone. That wasn't all. Not only was his scythe gone, but so was his jacket. He wore only jeans and a worn-out white T-shirt. He felt to see if his necklace was still around his neck. Thankfully, it was. He also saw that his pistols were still firmly planted in his belt, like always.

"Where the hell am I?" Amerigo whispered. He took a closer look at the walls surrounding him. There seemed to be arrows carved randomly into the walls, all pointing to the bloody wall.

"Looks like I'm heading over there, then." he said to himself lightheartedly. He walked over to the blood-covered wall and just stared. There wasn't much to see. It was just like the other walls, with nothing standing out aside from the blood. He looked more closely at it and saw a round hole. It was about the size of the gem on his necklace. He put two-and-two together and placed the gem of his necklace into the hole. Nothing happened for a few moments, but a passageway opened up in the wall, revealing a large room with statues along each wall. Amerigo withdrew his necklace from the hole and headed in. With his first few steps into the room, the passageway behind him closed, trapping him in this new room.

"How shocking." he said with a sarcastic tone. In the center of the room was a pedestal with something on it. Amerigo walked over to it and realized that it was his jacket. He enthusiastically lifted it off of the pedestal and put it back on.

"Sweet!" he shouted with glee. Suddenly, the statues around the room started moving and broke free of the floor they were bound to. Amerigo counted them. Eight. Not too much of a challenge. Each of the demons held a huge hammer in their hand and were covered in medium-thick armor.

Amerigo withdrew his pistols and shouted, "Bring it on!"

One of the statues charged at Amerigo, ready to crush him with its hammer. Amerigo leaped out of the way and unleashed a storm of bullets at the demon. That did little good, as the demon's armor simply deflected the bullets. Amerigo wiped sweat from his forehead and formulated a plan. Another of the demons ran at him, but he managed to move out of the way, causing the demon to charge straight into the wall. It fell to the ground, unconscious. Amerigo grabbed the hammer out of its hand and heaved it over his shoulder. It was heavy, but he could handle it. He swung as hard as he could at the unconscious demon and bashed through its armor. The demon was awakened by the blow, stood up immediately and spun around with its arms spread out in an attempt to bat Amerigo away. It didn't work, and Amerigo jumped into the air and swung the hammer again, this time at the demon's head, killing it.

Amerigo turned back towards the remaining seven demons. This wouldn't be an easy fight. Two of the demons charged at him from different directions, so Amerigo used this to his advantage. He moved forward quickly, out of the path of the oncoming demons, which caused the two of them to collide with great force, killing both of them. Amerigo ran at another one of the demons and swung the heavy hammer at its legs, making it fall to the ground. Amerigo swung the hammer at the giant's head, crushing it into pieces. Amerigo turned back just in time to see another one of the demons charging at him. The demon swung its hammer at him, but Amerigo swung his at the same time, canceling out the demon's attack. The demon pulled away and was about to swing again, but Amerigo swung as hard as he could at the demon's legs, causing it to fall just like the last one. Once the demon was down, Amerigo bashed the demon's skull to pieces with the hammer. The last three demons ran at him at once, all eager to pound Amerigo to a bloody pulp. That wasn't going to happen.

"Alright, let's have some REAL fun!" Amerigo shouted while he watched the three demons approach rapidly. The first demon to arrive swung its hammer at Amerigo, but he backed up just in time so the hammer landed directly in front of him. Amerigo ran up the arm of the demon and swung the heavy hammer in his hand at the back of its head before leaping onto the next demon, delivering the same punishment to it. He jumped off of the demon and faced the final one. It emitted a loud roaring sound and threw its hammer at Amerigo. He evaded the attack just in time and charged at the now unarmed demon. He swung his hammer at the demon's legs just as he had done to the others and caused it to fall to the ground. Amerigo leaped into the air with the hammer and slammed down onto the demon's head. The last demon was dead.

Only a few seconds later, the pedestal in the middle of the room sank into the ground and an opening appeared where it once sat, revealing another chamber. Amerigo set down the hammer so he could stretch and yawn before picking it back up and jumping down through the hole in the center of the room. He landed in an even larger room with stone walkways carved into the walls and thick pillars lining the middle of the room.

Chapter Two: Sleeping With The FishesEdit

Amerigo looked around this new room. He noticed that there were a few corpses bound in chains hanging from the ceiling. Disturbing enough. There was a large indentation in one of the walls, probably a closed doorway. Curiously, there were also four stone plates scattered throughout the room. Amerigo walked over to one and stepped onto it. Sure enough, it sank down a few inches and there was an audible clinking sound, like something falling into place. When he stepped off of the plate, it moved back upwards.

"I get it." he said to himself as he looked around the room. He grabbed one pistol and fired at the chains holding a corpse to the ceiling. The chain broke, and the corpse fell. Now that the corpse was on the ground, Amerigo went over to lift it and bring it over to the plate. He heaved the rotting body over his shoulder and threw it down onto the plate. The plate sank down once again and there was another clinking sound.

"Well, this won't be so difficult." Amerigo said calmly. He fired a few bullets at a chain holding another body, and it fell. He lifted up the body and looked for the nearest plate. The closest one was high up on one of the stone walkways up above. Amerigo carried the body up to the plate and dropped it onto it. The plate sank down, and there was yet another clinking sound. Amerigo looked at the face of the corpse. Its eyes were still open, and they seemed to stare at him. It made him uncomfortable. Ignoring the eerie stare, Amerigo continued to place the bodies on the plates until each plate was activated.

Rather than the indentation in the wall opening like Amerigo had expected, a small hole in a different wall opened up and water began pouring out of it at an alarming speed.

"Are you fucking kidding me?" Amerigo said in disbelief. Amerigo looked around for a way out but was unable to find any. Within minutes, the water was up to his knees. Suddenly there was a splashing sound from somewhere behind Amerigo. He turned to face the source of the sound but didn't see anything. Cautiously, Amerigo made his way up to one of the stone walkways, out of the water. Now he saw something. Down below there was a vague silhouette of... something. It wasn't very large, but it moved surprisingly quickly. Amerigo just stared at it while the water level slowly rose. Then it hit him; the thing in the water was getting larger. Unfortunately, he noticed too late, because just then a large tentacle emerged from the now ten-feet-deep water and swung at him, knocking him into the water.

"Shit!" Amerigo shouted just moments before he hit the water. He faced a hideous sight. It looked like a cross between an angler fish and a squid. The huge monstrosity opened its jaws wide and swallowed Amerigo whole. He was inside of the thing's mouth, but he was unable to attack. The giant thing swallowed him, and he was sucked down into its stomach. Quickly, Amerigo withdrew his pistols and started shooting at the insides of the stomach. He felt a burning sensation by his feet suddenly and looked down, seeing stomach acid slowly beginning to fill the monster's stomach.

"Goddammit!" Amerigo yelled as he kept firing. The walls of the stomach convulsed before he was forced back into the throat of the thing by a sudden gush of stomach acid pushing him upwards. Amerigo was dazed, but he managed to climb his way back into the mouth of the monster. Luckily, he had kept the hammer he took from the statue demons and used it to bash his way out of the monster's mouth by smashing some of its teeth to pieces. He erupted back into the water and swam to the surface, now seeing that the water level had gone up by about three feet in the past few minutes.

Amerigo looked back down into the depths of the water and saw the huge thing frantically swimming back and forth, clearly in pain. The front half of its body resembled that of an angler fish and the back half was a cluster of tentacles. Amerigo found his way back onto the stone walkway and awaited the next attack of the aquatic monster. Only a few seconds later, the huge thing exploded out of the water and tried to crush him with its tentacles. Amerigo dodged the attack and fired a flurry of bullets at the bulging eyes of the fish-like demon. It thrashed about in the water before diving back down to protect itself.

"Come on! Don't fucking chicken out, you overgrown piece of sushi!" Amerigo taunted the demon. As if in response, six tentacles burst back out of the water and swung wildly about, all trying blindly to squish Amerigo. Amerigo struggled to attack the tentacles. If only he still had his scythe with him. Amerigo fired endlessly at the tentacles until, one by one, they started to retreat back into the water. The water on the stone walkway was now up to Amerigo's knees, so he wouldn't be safe up here much longer unless he headed farther up. The giant fish showed its face again and attempted to swallow Amerigo, but he avoided the attack by cartwheeling off to the side and countering with another blast of bullets to the demon's eyes.

The demon flailed backwards and rammed into a wall before sinking back down into the water and instead using its tentacles to fight. One of the tentacles hurled itself at Amerigo, but he jumped into the air and landed on top of it. Standing back up and balancing himself on the tentacle, Amerigo fired more bullets into the side of it until it pulled itself back into the water, taking Amerigo with it. He now faced the demon's face again, so he tried firing more bullets at it, only to see that they had no effect underwater. The huge monster opened its mouth and gulped Amerigo down. This time, though, Amerigo was able to keep himself from being taken all the way down to the demon's stomach. He remained in the demon's mouth and fired bullets all around him until the mouth opened back up again and he was able to swim back out.

The demon, now weakened, floated motionless in the water, though its tentacles still flailed blindly behind it. Amerigo swam back up to the surface and climbed up onto the highest part of the walkway, about fifteen feet above the water. Within seconds, the huge fish erupted back out of the water and started searching for Amerigo. Amerigo readied his hammer and leaped off of the ledge and slammed down onto the giant demon below him, breaking its spine and killing it. The aquatic demon flailed in splashed for a few seconds before it ceased all movement and faded away into nothing but ashes. As soon as the demon was dead, another hole opened up in the floor and the water started to drain through it. Amerigo made his way back onto the stone walkway and waited out the draining of the water. As soon as the water was drained, the indentation on the wall opened up and revealed another chamber.

"I had to go through all that just to open a stupid door? Really?" Amerigo muttered, annoyed.

Chapter Three: RevelationEdit

Amerigo walked through the open passageway and into the next chamber. This one was cylindrical in shape, extending high up into the rock and possibly up above ground level. In the center of the room was another pedestal, this one with a scythe sitting upon it. Not just any scythe, but Amerigo's scythe.

"Shit yes!" Amerigo said excitedly as he thoughtlessly snatched the scythe from the pedestal. As soon as he touched it, the passageway behind him closed back up, trapping him in. There was suddenly a burst of thunderous laughter.

"Amerigo! You've still yet to realize the danger of the traps in my temple! Ha ha ha!" a tremendous voice boomed from seemingly nowhere.

"Who the fuck are you, and why the hell am I here?!" Amerigo demanded. The room shook again as the voice laughed demonically.

"I am Allurasa, the Judge of Hell! I know what you've done to my demonic brethren, and I wanted to test your strength and durability for myself, and so I brought you to my palace for your final trial!" the evil voice shouted. Amerigo laughed.

"Yeah, well I have some news for you," Amerigo began, a grin on his face, "When I find you, I'm going to kick your sorry ass into oblivion! That should teach you not to fuck with me."

"Is that so, mortal? We shall see! In the meantime, why don't you have a little fun with my children?" Allurasa's voice taunted. The entire room shook as he laughed a final time before a group of hideous demons climbed out from the ground. Their skin was charred and red, they had the legs of a goat, they wore goat skulls on their heads, broken chains were wrapped around their necks, wrists, and ankles, and they each held a scimitar in their hand.

"Alright, kids. Let's play." Amerigo said as he spun his scythe skillfully, ready to attack. One of the demons leaped through the air and swung its scimitar, but Amerigo blocked the attack with his scythe and sliced the demon in half. The remaining demons circled around Amerigo, growling as they did so. Amerigo charged at another demon and slashed wildly with his scythe before he was forced back. The demons suddenly all ran at him at once, catching him off guard. Amerigo quickly grabbed his hammer from the back of his jacket and swung it as hard as he could to force back the horde of demons.

"Damn, you guys are smarter than I thought. Well, that just means I'll have to play a little harder." Amerigo smiled. He threw down the hammer, deciding he wouldn't need it for this fight, and instead grabbed his pistols. The demons around him growled and hissed. Without warning, Amerigo unleashed an explosion of bullets all around him, firing mercilessly onto the demons surrounding him. He fired and fired until there was nothing left around him but heaps of ashes.

"Piece of cake." Amerigo said victoriously. Now, to ascend the tower. There was a spiral staircase along the walls, leading upwards. Amerigo began his upwards climb fearlessly, confident that he could easily make his way through the trials of this palace.

After a long time of climbing, Amerigo reached the top of the tower. It was indeed above ground now, and he saw that the tower was part of a huge castle resting in a black mountain. Amerigo recognized the blood red sky. He was in Hell again. There was a doorway leading out of the tower and onto a stone archway high above a seemingly bottomless pit. The archway led to the next section of the palace. Amerigo walked along the stone arch calmly, ready for anything. Just as he expected, as soon as he reached the center of the bridge, another group of demons emerged in front of him.

"You wanna play too?" Amerigo said mockingly. The demons were more of the scimitar-wielding demons, so this wouldn't be too difficult. Amerigo ran head-on into the group and slashed skillfully at each of the demons, leaving behind only three of them. The last three leaped backwards and snarled ferociously, scimitars held in front of them defensively.

"Come now, boys. Don't chicken out." taunted Amerigo. Amerigo held his arms out to his side and shrugged mockingly, trying to spite the demons into attacking. One of the demons stood up from its crouching position and screamed as it charged at Amerigo. With a devilish grin, Amerigo swung his scythe just as the demon reached him, slicing straight through it.

"Who's next?" Amerigo teased. The last two demons leaped through the air at Amerigo, but they were no match for his fighting skills, and they met the same fate as the last demon. Amerigo yawned and continued on his way, but stopped suddenly at the sound of heavy footsteps behind him. He swung around and was met with the stare of a flaming colossus. The thing seemed to have been made from molten rock, and it wielded a huge whip made from flames. It was humanoid in shape, but its head had huge bent horns.

"Amerigo! I will test your true worth, to prove that a mere mortal can never ascend to the top of this palace!" the demon roared, small balls of magma dripping out of its mouth as it did so.

"You look a little overheated, let me cool you down." Amerigo jeered fearlessly. The huge demon roared and the flames engulfing it intensified greatly.

Chapter Four: Burning RageEdit

The fiery demon flung its whip at Amerigo, but he was able to move out of the path of the attack and countered with a blast of bullets, but they bounced harmlessly off of the demon's molten flesh. The demon roared and spit out a ball of flames at Amerigo. Amerigo barely avoided the flaming ball by jumping to the side.

"Insect! Stand still!" the demon roared angrily as it stomped the stone archway. The stone around the demon turned molten, empowering it. The demon whipped at Amerigo once again and successfully grabbed hold of him. Amerigo struggled to pull himself free of the flaming whip, but failed. The demon tugged on the whip and pulled Amerigo towards it. Amerigo, now regaining his strength, put up a fight and planted his feet firmly on the ground, making it difficult for the demon to pull him.

"Amerigoooo!" the colossus yelled hatefully as it continued trying to pull Amerigo.

"Fuck you!" Amerigo shouted as he finally broke free of the whip and charged at the demon with his scythe ready to attack. Amerigo swung his scythe at the demon's chest, leaving a large gash. The flaming monster screamed in agony and slammed its fists into the ground, turning it into molten rock. Amerigo jumped back to avoid being harmed by the lava and fired a flurry of bullets into the gash on the demon's chest. The demon roared again and charged at Amerigo.

"I will crush you, you insect!" roared the colossus. Amerigo jumped just in time to land on the demon's flaming back. The flames hurt, but Amerigo ignored the pain since his demonic necklace would soon heal him. He held his scythe high into the air and swung it as hard as he could into the demon's back, leaving another painful wound. The demon grabbed hold of Amerigo and threw him back about a dozen feet, stunning him temporarily.

"Ignorant mortal! You are no different from the rest!" the demon screamed, spitting small bits of magma from its fiery mouth. The demon charged again at Amerigo, who was still on the ground. Amerigo jumped back up and hurled his scythe at the demon just in time. The scythe impaled itself in the demon's scorching skull, injuring it greatly. The demon fell back a few feet and clutched its face.

"No different from the rest, huh? Well, clearly I am, since I defeated you." gloated Amerigo. The demon roared again.

"You haven't beaten me. Not yet, mortal!" it shouted, now sounding angrier than ever. The demon pulled the scythe out of its now disfigured face and threw it to the ground. It held its arms into the air and a wall of magma erupted from the ground around it, enveloping it in flame and molten rock. When the lava receded, what stood before Amerigo was a beast totally different. It stood on all fours, had wings, a tail, and a reptilian skull.

"You haven't won, insect!" roared the demon. Suddenly the archway started to crack. It couldn't support the demon's weight. It cracked more and more, much to the demon's distaste, until it gave way completely, sending the demon falling into the endless abyss below. Amerigo could hear the demon scream and curse as it fell before all was silent again. In front of him was a large hole in the stone archway.

"No, I didn't win, the bridge did. Good job, bridge." he said sarcastically. He backed up a bit and got a running start before leaping clear over the hole in the archway and landing on the other side.

Chapter Five: Flames of HellEdit

Amerigo picked up his scythe from the stone archway. Luckily, it didn't fall into the void below when part of the bridge collapsed. But the scythe was different now. It felt warm, for one thing. The red gem that was in the blade of the scythe was now a fierce orange color. Not only that, but small cinders and sparks seemed to jump out of the blade of the scythe.

"Ain't that nifty?" Amerigo admired the changes to the weapon. He walked down the rest of the stone archway and came to the entrance to the next section of the palace. The room he walked into had square panels on the walls, all covered in sharp spikes. There were a few crushed bones scattered along the floor.

"This looks pleasant." Amerigo said sarcastically after examining the room. Once again, as soon as he entered the room, the passageway behind him sealed itself, trapping him in. Around Amerigo a group of more demons emerged. Five, ten, fifteen, twenty. Twenty of them. They were more of the scimitar-wielding demons. Amerigo readied his scythe and yawned. A few of the demons leaped at him while the other scattered around the room, all ready to attack at the right time. Amerigo swung his scythe at one of the demons and watched in excitement as it spontaneously burst into flames as the scythe wounded it.

"Awww, yeah!" Amerigo yelled excitedly at his new weapon. He charged at another of the demons and sliced it in half, setting it on fire as he did so. The other demons hissed and growled at him as they darted around the room. Suddenly there was a loud grinding sound before one of the spiked panels on the wall jutted out a few feet, impaling three of the demons. The spiked panel pulled itself back just as quickly as it had extended. Some of the other panels started extending and retracting rapidly, impaling demons and nearly Amerigo as well.

"Shit!" he shouted as he jumped backwards to avoid being stabbed. Behind him, though, another panel extended. He wasn't able to avoid this one. The sharp spikes stabbed into his back. Amerigo screamed in pain, but his demonic necklace had already begun to heal the wounds. He pulled himself off of the spikes, bleeding and in agony. Still, more demons kept on emerging in the room.

"Come on! I'm not afraid of you fuckers. Bring it on!" he shouted courageously, although he was still hurting. Amerigo put his scythe back in the strap on his jacket and instead withdrew his pistols. He fired skillfully all around him, taking out the demons one by one. The spiked panels all suddenly retracted and ceased movement. Amerigo thought it was over. It was only starting. Suddenly the wall on the far side of the room moved upwards, revealing gigantic rotating saw blades. The floor Amerigo stood on started to move towards the blades. It was a conveyor belt.

"You're kidding me!" he shouted tiredly. He ran against the movement of the floor, but it was difficult, even for him. To make matters even worse, more demons appeared around him. One of them lunged at him and tackled him to the ground, leaving him vulnerable to attack. It tried to stab at him with its scimitar, but Amerigo kicked it off of him and into the blades at the end of the room.

"Get the fuck off me!" he shouted in rage. Amerigo jumped back up and ran back to the other end of the room to avoid the blades. The remaining demons all charged at him. Amerigo hurriedly grabbed his scythe again and spun it wildly as the demons reached him. One by one, they all went up in flames and fell back into the saw blades. Now that the demons were gone, the blades stopped spinning, the wall moved back into place, and a doorway opened up in the wall to the right.

"It's about damn time!" Amerigo shouted in relief and anger.

Chapter Six: Ice WaspEdit

The next chamber Amerigo walked into was a huge circular shape and was freezing cold. On the ceiling hung many icicles. Amerigo took one step in and the passageway behind him shut, unsurprisingly. As he walked further into the room, he saw frantic-looking writing carved into the walls. Amerigo walked closer so he could read it.

The writing read, "dont touch it dont touch it evil evil Ice Wasp cold so cold dont touch it dont touch it evil evil evil kill you."

"Ice Wasp... What the hell does that mean?" Amerigo said to himself quietly as he backed away from the wall. When Amerigo turned back around, there was an icy pedestal in the center of the room which wasn't there a second ago. Sitting on it was a strange looking weapon. It was a gauntlet of some kind. It had a single icy claw at the end of it, and there was an icy blue gem embedded in the top of it. Stupidly, Amerigo walked over to it and picked it up out of curiosity. As soon as he touched it, a sharp pain coursed through his body as the gauntlet flew out of his hand and into the air. The gauntlet flew back towards him and attached itself to his right arm tightly. Amerigo pulled to try and get it off, but to no avail.

"Dammit!" Amerigo shouted in anger. Amerigo no longer felt the coldness of the room, but an agonizing pain wreaked havoc on his right arm. To make matters worse, a swarm of demons that Amerigo didn't recognize appeared around him. They resembled the scimitar-wielding demons from before, but these ones had black skin covered in crusty ice. Instead of scimitars, they simply had large icy claws. The gauntlet on Amerigo's hand shivered and began pulling him towards the demons. Amerigo fought against its power and eventually gained control.

"Alright bitches, let's fight!" he yelled at the demons. He aimed his arm at the demons and was surprised as countless tiny shards of ice resembling tiny wasps blasted from the claw of the gauntlet. The demons became totally frozen, leaving them open to further attack. Amerigo ran at them and started pounding the demons with the gauntlet. The demons managed to thaw and unleashed their fury upon Amerigo. He leaped back to avoid the demons' thrashing, but was drawn back by the gauntlet's power. He tried and tried to pull himself back, but he was unable no matter how hard he tried. Before he knew it, he was being forced to fight the demons again. The gauntlet took total control of him as he pounded the life out of the demons around him. Amerigo yelled and shouted as he tried to take back his own body, which only seemed to make him lose even more control.

Finally, he had enough and focused all of the energy from his demonic necklace into the arm with the gauntlet on it and gained back complete control. He looked around him. There were still more demons to be taken care of. Amerigo nodded, taking in the situation.

"Bring it." he simply said. He aimed the gauntlet at the surrounding demons and unleashed a freezing blizzard upon them, freezing them instantly. With his other hand, he grabbed his scythe and swept through the crowd of demons, slicing them into icy pieces. That took care of them.

Now that all the demons were gone, Amerigo looked around the room for an exit. A slab of rock moved away from a segment of the wall, revealing a hidden staircase. He tried a final time to force the possessed gauntlet off of his arm (but failed) before heading up the newly-discovered stairs. The staircase spiraled upwards and led into a tall, square room. There were pillars sticking out of the walls and connecting to the wall opposite to them, forming miniature bridges. As soon as Amerigo walked in, there was a loud rumbling sound as the passageway behind him sealed itself. Everything was silent.

"Well? Where's my challenge?!" Amerigo shouted into the black abyss far above. Suddenly the ground below Amerigo started shifting. In immediate response, he leaped up onto the lowest pillar just in time to avoid countless spikes erupting from the floor. The floor slowly started to move upwards. Amerigo grinned. This would be fun. He leaped up onto the next pillar, and the next, and the next, just in time to see the two lowest pillars get shattered by the ascending floor of spikes. Amerigo looked around quickly to decided where he should jump to next. The next pillar was higher up. Amerigo got a running start and ran as quickly as he could on the side of the wall before jumping backwards and landing perfectly on the next pillar. There was a crumbling sound as more of the pillars below him were crushed into pieces. Not only that, but some of the pillars above him were beginning to spontaneously break. He needed to hurry.

Leaping from pillar to pillar and running from wall to wall, Amerigo finally made it to the top of the room. He jumped from the final pillar and into a perfectly round room. The spike floor stopped its ascent and fell downwards at breakneck speed, coming to a sudden halt far below. The room seemed to have no noticeable exit. There was a hushed whispering sound and a gust cool air from the other side of the room. Amerigo turned to face the sound and moved out of the way just in time to avoid being impaled by a rusted blade wielded by a hideous humanoid figure covered in rusted armor. Its face had a huge crack down the center, revealing a sickening black fluid inside its skull. The thing pulled its blade from the floor and growled at Amerigo.

"I can feel the ferocity of your sins, mortal..." the thing whispered hoarsely. It pointed a wicked finger at Amerigo. "Your mind and might shall be put to the test. Fail my test, and you will share my agony for all eternity. Should you succeed, which I know you shall not, you will be allowed to head further into the temple."

Amerigo grabbed his scythe and smiled. "No mercy, then."

The demon in front of him chuckled horribly. "I can already tell this will be a short battle."

Chapter Seven: Breaking The JudgeEdit

The demon lunged at Amerigo and swung its blade at a seemingly impossible speed. Amerigo blocked the attack just in time with his gauntlet, which left the demon's rusty blade covered in a heavy sheet of ice. Amerigo saw this as the perfect opportunity, so he swept his scythe at the temporarily stunned demon. Much to Amerigo's surprise and anger, the demon caught the blade of the scythe in midair and shoved Amerigo backwards.

"Fool! That is not enough to harm me!" the demon growled as it shook the ice off of its weapon and gave Amerigo a devilish look. Amerigo put his scythe back into the strap on the back of his jacket and smiled.

"Oh, yeah? Well, let's see if this can hurt you." he said thoughtfully, aiming his icy gauntlet at the his opponent. Almost instantly, an explosion of shards of ice erupted out of the gauntlet and covered the demon, freezing it instantly. Amerigo grinned and charged at the frozen demon, ready to pummel it into oblivion. He bashed the demon as hard as he could with the gauntlet, throwing it backwards and breaking the demon's icy shell in the process. The demon stood back up and shook its head dizzily, but seemed to regain its composure in only a few moments. It smiled at Amerigo before leaping into the air and landing on the ceiling, defying gravity.

"You're clever... for a mortal. Let us see how well you do against this." said the demon aggressively before it jammed its sword into the ceiling. The ceiling of the room turned bright red as dozens of sharp stalactites formed and hardened. The demon withdrew its blade, and the ceiling cooled instantly before the stalactites fell all at once. Amerigo was pelted with sharp shards of rock, but he persevered and ignored the pain as much as he could. Once the rain of rocks stopped, he grabbed his pistols and fired mercilessly at the demon on the ceiling, eventually causing it to fall to the floor below. It stood up immediately and laughed evilly.

"Your sins have already guaranteed you a seat in the deepest depths of Hell, mortal. Even if you manage to defeat me, you'll only be delaying the inevitable. Drop your weapons and allow yourself an early death." the demon cackled.

"You think I don't know I'm going to Hell? Tch. Listen, buddy. I know I'm going to Hell. And once I'm there, all I'll do is find a way to get the fuck out of there. Now, shut your yap and fight like a man." Amerigo said with a snarky tone.

The demon burst into deep laughter for a few moments before turning its gaze back to Amerigo. It spun its blade around in a circle before charging at him again. Amerigo swung his gauntlet just in time to block the swing of the demon's blade, but the demon still found a way to attack. It exhaled a deep breath of a sickening black gas, causing Amerigo to suffer a coughing fit. While Amerigo was weakened, the demon swung its blade again, this time leaving a thick wound in Amerigo's chest. Amerigo fell back and shouted in pain, but was soon healed by the power of his demonic necklace.

Amerigo wasted no time in attacking his foe again and fired another blast of ice from his gauntlet, freezing the demon once again. This time, Amerigo used his scythe to attack. He slashed and swept at the helpless demon until the ice melted away and the demon fell to the ground, motionless. Amerigo thought he had defeated the demon. Oh, he couldn't have been more wrong. Amerigo had just turned around when there was the clinking of metal armor behind him. He swiveled around and saw the demon standing back up, its eyes now a fiery orange.

"I'm not giving up that easily, mortal scum." it growled as it leaped through the air at Amerigo. Amerigo blocked the attack, but the demon still knocked him backwards. To make matters worse, the demon sent them both tumbling into the huge pit in the center of the room. The two of them fought in midair, swinging aimlessly and occasionally striking each other. The two of them were nearly at the bottom of the pit, which was lined with a spiked floor. Amerigo suddenly panicked and searched for any way to save himself. There. There was a tiny chunk of a pillar still sticking out of the wall. He maneuvered through the air and managed to land on it before being impaled on the spikes below. The demon, however, was unable to save itself, and landed on the spikes below. There was a small explosion of black fluids and a bright orange flash accompanied by a shrill screeching sound before all went dark and silent again.

"That was way too close." Amerigo said, his voice echoing. He looked up in search of a way out of the pit. There were still small pieces of the pillars sticking out of the walls. He could use those to get out, but it would be difficult. He jumped up to the next tiny ledge and nearly lost his balance. He would need to be more careful. He leaped his way from ledge to ledge, having multiple close calls, and finally made it back to the top of the room. He observed that there was a new passageway that had opened up in one of the walls. He stretched and yawned before entering the newly-discovered entrance.

Chapter Eight: Switches N' GearsEdit

Amerigo walked into a large room with huge gears lining one wall and levers and activation panels lining the other. The floor was covered in cracks and seams, giving the idea that it could collapse at any time. Amerigo walked into the center of the room and looked around. The doorway behind him slammed shut.

"You're smarter and tougher than I thought, Amerigo." a familiar demonic voice hissed. It was Allurasa. At the mentioning of Amerigo's name, the voice warped into a harsh whisper. "But let us see how well you do with this puzzle."

"I'll figure it out. And once I find you, you'll be sorry that you fucked with me." Amerigo threatened the voice. Allurasa laughed satanically before all was silent once again. Seeing nothing else to do, Amerigo turned to examine the wall covered in levers. He took a random guess and pulled one of them. Behind him was a loud clinking sound, which he realized was the sound of the gears revolving. He looked to the other end of the room and saw a heavy stone gate rise an inch off of the floor. This seemed simple enough. Without much thought, Amerigo decided he'd try to activate one of the panels. The panels on the wall were round. He figured he could activate them by giving them a solid punch with his gauntlet. He slammed his fist into one of the panels. The gears didn't move. Instead, there was a rumbling sound as a chunk of the floor collapsed and went falling into a pit far below.

"Well, shit." Amerigo said as he walked over to the new hole. Far below was a pit of magma with sharp spikes sticking up out of it. That would really hurt if he fell on them. Choosing more carefully this time, Amerigo activated a different panel. Nothing happened. No gears moved, and no part of the floor collapsed. He noticed that a small blue light appeared below one of the levers. When the panel deactivated itself, the light faded. Amerigo knew what he had to do. He punched the panel again and hurried over to the lever, which he then pulled. The gears behind him began rotating again, and the gate rose up another inch or two.

"Now we're getting somewhere." Amerigo said eagerly. He looked through the wall of levers and reached up to pull a higher up one. The gears didn't move. The floor started rumbling again, much to Amerigo's displease, and another piece of the ground gave way and fell into the lava far below. That was a larger piece than before. He would have to be much more careful now if he wanted to get out of there alive. After wiping a bead of sweat from his forehead, he took to examining the wall again. He looked back and forth, painstakingly trying to decide which lever to pull next. Amerigo decided to activate another panel this time, and slammed his fist into yet another one. Much to his fear, the gears failed to rotate, and the floor started to shake again. Yet another chunk of the floor collapsed.

"Fuuuck." Amerigo muttered, exasperated. He chose more carefully this time, and pulled a lever to the far right. There was a short and terrifying pause before the gears spun again and lifted the stone gate upwards a few more inches. Amerigo laughed in relief before trying to decided what to activate next. He chose an activation panel on the far left and punched it as hard as he could. A light lit up below another lever. He quickly pulled it before the panel deactivated. Sure enough, the gears started to move again and pulled up the gate a few more inches. He figured he'd only have to figure out two or three more combinations before he could leave.

"Which one should I pull?" he said to himself as he scanned through the levers and panels. It was a tough choice. If he messed up too many times, he would go plummeting into the magma below. He closed his eyes and grabbed hold of a random lever and pulled downwards. He sighed in relief when he heard the gears moving behind him and the scraping of the stone gate. He looked back and saw that it was now about a foot and a half off the ground. With one more pull of a lever, he could probably crawl right under it.

Amerigo punched one of the activation panels. There was silence for a few seconds before the floor started to rumble again. This time, two chunks of the floor fell away into the magma, leaving only half of the floor still standing. Amerigo couldn't even reach the levers on his far right anymore.

"Dammit!" he yelled with distaste. He hoped that he wouldn't need the unreachable levers at this point and pulled down on a random one up above him. The gears spun, pulling the stone slab up another few inches. That was it! He would be able to crawl under the gate now. Eagerly, Amerigo walked over to the gate and crouched, prepared to get down on his stomach to move under it. He shuffled along on the floor until he came up on the other side. He stood up, dusted himself off, and looked around at his new surroundings. It was a long and eerie hallway. He walked cautiously down, a hand on the scythe on his back at all times.

Chapter Nine: The Real InsectsEdit

Amerigo crept through the hallway, expecting to be attacked at any time. As he kept walking, though, he realized that he was relatively safe here... Or so he thought. He kept walking without a thought and found it odd that he still couldn't see the end of the hallway. He turned back around and saw that he was standing only a foot away from a featureless wall. That was impossible. He heard someone whisper his name.

"Who's there?" demanded Amerigo. He looked around but saw no one. Slightly unnerved, he continued his walk down the hallway. There it was again. The whisper. It was louder this time. Amerigo ignored it and started to walk more quickly. Once more, he heard his name called. This time the voice was shouting loudly.

"What do you want?!" Amerigo shouted in return. There was no sound for the next few moments. Suddenly there was the sound of soft laughter from around him. It got louder and louder until it finally turned into a demonic roar.

"What the fuck do you want?!" Amerigo ordered for a final time. A few red droplets started to seep out of the walls around him. A few more. And more. And still more. Blood. Blood was seeping out of the walls and dripping to the floor. Amerigo broke into a full sprint through the hallway, determined to get out of there as quickly as possible. The demonic laughter continued, accompanied by the occasional shout of his name. The blood continued to drip out of the walls, forming an inch deep puddle of blood on the floor. Amerigo stopped running and looked behind him. He was still about a foot away from the blank wall.

"Goddammit!!" he cursed as he started to blindly punch the wall with his gauntlet. The wall started to crack and split. With each powerful punch, the wall grew weaker and weaker until it inevitably gave way and collapsed, revealing a new chamber. Amerigo entered this new room without hesitation and took in his new surroundings. Corpses hung from the ceiling, bound in chains. Scattered around the room were activation plates on the floor.

"Another puzzle like this, eh?" Amerigo said to himself. He looked behind him once more and saw that the passageway he had entered through wasn't there. It was just a blank wall with a carving of an eye in it. Uncanny. He turned his attention back to the task at hand. Amerigo grabbed his pistols and started firing at the chains binding one of the corpses. With only a few shots, the body fell to the ground. He walked over to it and heaved the corpse over his shoulder, but it started to squirm and threw itself out of Amerigo's arms. The corpse fell back to the ground and twitched violently. It stood back up shakily and wobbled around before its head bent backwards and its neck started to rip and tear. Out of its neck came a giant fly. As soon as it left the body, it collapsed to the ground again.

"Well, hello there. Aren't you an ugly fuck." Amerigo taunted the giant insect. It hovered in midair, staring blankly at Amerigo. "Well, aren't you gonna do something, you stupid bug?"

The fly suddenly flew at Amerigo's face with its mandibles wide open, but he moved out of the way quickly enough to avoid the attack. Amerigo fired a single bullet at the insect, exploding it into wet chunks. That wasn't the only one of them, though. The corpses hanging from the ceiling started to shake and convulse horribly before a dozen more of the giant flies erupted from them.

"That's more like it. Let's play, you ugly-ass maggots!" shouted Amerigo as he started firing into the air at the flies. The flies were able to dodge the bullets perfectly and charged at Amerigo through the air. The flies all flew at him in a swarm, but Amerigo leaped out of the way and fired more bullets, eliminating a few of them. One of them landed on the back of his neck and chomped into his head.

"Agh! Fuck you!" he shouted as he put his pistol up to the giant fly on his neck and fired, killing it. The rest of the flies swarmed around him, trying to overwhelm him. Amerigo aimed his gauntlet at the flies around him and fired a blast of ice shards at them, killing them all.

"Jesus, is that all?!" he shouted irritably. Of course, that wasn't all. A new swarm of flies appeared out of seemingly nowhere and immediately surrounded him. This time, he turned to his scythe as the weapon of choice. He grabbed it and spun around in a circle, slicing many of the flies into pieces. The surviving flies flew high into the air and then plummeted down towards him one by one, scratching him with their sharp legs. Fed up with this, Amerigo put his scythe back in its strap and turned to his pistols. He focused his mind and took out each of the flies, never missing a target.

"It's about damn time." he muttered. Now all he had to do was place the corpses on the plates and wait for something to happen. It was simple enough.

Chapter Ten: BeelzebubEdit

Amerigo shot at the chains holding the rotting corpses to the ceiling one by one, sending them dropping to the floor with a loud thud and a small splatter of rancid fluids from within the bodies. Amerigo carried each of the bodies to the many panels scattered around the room and dropped them onto them. There was a loud scraping sound as a new passageway opened high up on one of the walls, with no way to reach it.

"How am I supposed to get up there?" Amerigo said to himself, thinking. He backed up a dozen feet or so and sprinted back towards the wall and ran straight up the side until he reached the new doorway, leaping straight through it. There was no floor on the other side of the doorway, and he instead fell a long ways onto a perfectly round stone circle hovering above an abyss. Amerigo stood up and looked back up to where he had entered the room. That was quite a distance. He decided to take a look at his new surroundings. There were strange symbols carved into the rim of the stone platform he stood on, and they seemed to swirl inwards into the very center, where Amerigo stood. He suddenly heard the buzzing of more of the flies. Amerigo turned to face the sound and saw something even worse than more fly demons.

It was resembled a human, but it was definitely a demon. It had six fly-like wings protruding out of its grey back, wore a blood red gauntlet tipped with two claws on each hand, and it wore a golden crown on top of its horrible head. On its face were six eyes and a mouth that was stitched shut. It tilted its head and forced itself to smile despite the binding stitches. It began to communicate telepathically with Amerigo.

"Allurasa brought you here as a test of strength, didn't he? Ha ha ha. I am Beelzebub, lord of the flies. Few have ever come as far as you have, Amerigo. You've nearly reached Allurasa's chamber. It would be a shame if... something were to happen to you." the demon mocked, a demonic smile pulling at the stitches on its face.

"I'll just squash you like the bug you are. Now, let's hurry up. The sooner I get out of this place, the better. I have a serious craving for some booze right now." Amerigo said impatiently. Beelzebub laughed devilishly and held his arms into the air. All around him appeared the fly demons that Amerigo fought a short time ago. Amerigo grinned and started firing at each of the big insects, blasting them into pieces one by one until none remained.

"Ah, so you only fight through pawns? Come on, at least try." taunted Amerigo, trying to lure in the demon. Beelzebub landed gracefully on the stone platform and charged at Amerigo and slashed at him with his gauntlets. Amerigo leaped backwards and fired a quick round of bullets just before the demon assaulted him once again. Amerigo back flipped out of the way and aimed his own icy gauntlet at Beelzebub, sending a freezing blast of ice at him. The ice crusted over the demon, slowing him significantly.

"You like that?!" Amerigo shouted mockingly at his slowed opponent while firing more bullets at him. The demon finally had enough and flew back up into the air once the ice shards melted away and summoned another swarm of flies. The flies surrounded Amerigo, taking turns biting at him and dodging his attacks. Amerigo swung his gauntlet through the air, killing several of the flies instantly. The remaining flies backed up before regaining the courage to attack him again. This time Amerigo was prepared, and he shot down every one of the flies.

"Alright! Come on, you stupid butterfly!" he yelled at Beelzebub to make him even angrier. The demon's mouth started to open, but the stitches held it shut. Finally, the stitches tore, revealing a horrible rotting mouth which dripped a sick green fluid. Beelzebub roared and spat a big gush of the green liquid at Amerigo, but he moved out of the way just in time. The fluid was acid, because the rock that it landed on dissolved in seconds.

"Now I've gotcha mad!" Amerigo yelled excitedly, eager for a challenging fight. He shot mercilessly onto the demon, but it didn't seem to affect him as much now that he was furious. Beelzebub flew through the air and hooked the claws of his gauntlets into Amerigo's chest before flying high into the air. Amerigo shrieked in agony, feeling the claws puncturing his lungs. His necklace would still heal him, but if he sustained too much damage, it would be unable to. Beelzebub opened his mouth wide and prepared to hurl acid all over Amerigo, but his plan was interrupted when Amerigo lifted his feet into the air and planted them firmly on the demon's chest before kicking himself backwards and releasing himself from the claws. He was now falling through the air, but he maneuvered himself over to the nearby wall and kicked himself off of that and back towards Beelzebub, ready to slam his own gauntlet into the demon. There was a loud cracking sound before Amerigo found himself falling downwards again, but Beelzebub was falling as well.

He landed perfectly back on the stone platform next to an unconscious Beelzebub. Amerigo grabbed his scythe and spun it around once before finishing the job. One quick slice, and Beelzebub was beheaded. The fight didn't end there, though, for the demon's corpse transformed into yet another swarm of fly demons. Amerigo jumped backwards to avoid getting surrounded again and shot randomly at the swarm, taking down as many of them as he possibly could. The other flies flew quickly through the air, dodging Amerigo's bullets. Tired of dealing with this, Amerigo simply used his gauntlet to freeze the last of the flies. The now-ice covered and dead flies fell to the ground, emitting a slight cracking sound as their cold bodies shattered inside.

"That takes care of that." Amerigo said victoriously. A long staircase appeared within one of the walls, revealing a new passage.

Chapter Eleven: AllurasaEdit

Amerigo ran as fast as he could to the top of the staircase, knowing he was drawing near Allurasa's chamber. The staircase seemed to go on forever, but he finally stumbled into the top chamber of a high tower. The room was cylindrical in shape, with smears of blood covering the walls. Hanging from the ceiling was a huge misshapen monster. It had a humanoid shape, but its body was bound in chains and its arms were chained to its chest. The same chains that covered its body bound it to the ceiling.

"Hey, fucker! I passed your little tests. Can I get the hell out of here now?" Amerigo shouted impatiently at the giant demon. A deep rumble of a laugh erupted from the monster.

"You have yet to overcome MY challenge, Amerigo. Defeat me, and you will be free to leave my palace." the demon growled. Amerigo grabbed his pistols.

"Right. Bring it, you ugly fuck!" he shouted as he unleashed a furious blast of bullets at Allurasa. The demon seemed unscathed and simply laughed devilishly. Suddenly a sickening pool of thick black fluid formed on the floor of the room, slowing Amerigo down considerably. A group of scimitar-wielding demons appeared around him, but they were also slowed by the liquid. Amerigo set his pistols back into his belt and instead decided to rely on his gauntlet. He aimed it at the nearest demon and blasted it with an explosion of ice shards, killing it instantly. The black liquid subsided, allowing for better movement. The demons rushed around the room to try to avoid Amerigo's attacks, but it was no use. He grabbed his scythe instead and charged at the demons one by one, chopping them into pieces.

"Alright, Allurasa! You're next!" Amerigo shouted at his foe. The huge monster only laughed and broke his arms free from the chains holding them.

"Good luck, mortal!" Allurasa roared. He swung his huge body around in a circle with his arms held out, trying to pound Amerigo. Amerigo leaped up in the air and kicked himself off the wall, sending himself rocketing through the air at Allurasa. He swung his scythe just in time to slice a deep gash into the demon's back before landing back on the floor of the room.

Allurasa screamed in pain and shouted, "Damn you, Amerigo! But you haven't won this battle yet!" Allurasa pounded his fists into the floor and grasped it tightly. He pulled and pulled until the ceiling started to crack from the pressure. In a single, swift motion, the chains holding Allurasa snapped and released him. The demon stood up and roared horrible before a set of wings unfolded from his back. Amerigo aimed his gauntlet at the monster's face, preparing to fire a blast of ice, but his focus was broken when Allurasa grabbed him and smashed through the ceiling of the tower, flying high into the air. Amerigo broke free of the demon's grip and landed back on top of the tower.

"Come on! I want a challenge, not a stupid little game!" Amerigo yelled cockily at his foe. Enraged, Allurasa plummeted downwards through the air and crashed through the tower in an attempt to crush Amerigo. No use, for Amerigo jumped just in time to land on the demon's back. He clung with the claws of his gauntlet stuck deep in the back of Allurasa, but he was forced to lose his grip when the demon reached his hand back to throw Amerigo away. Now he was falling through the air, seemingly to his death. He took note of the nearest place he could land. He maneuvered through the air and landed on the flat top of another stone building.

"You little bastard! You're tougher to kill than I thought!" Allurasa yelled in rage. He flew down to the building that Amerigo was on and immediately tried to crush him by bashing his hands into the ground, but Amerigo was smart enough to dodge the attack. Seeing the perfect opportunity to attack, Amerigo aimed his gauntlet at the demon again and this time unleashed a perfect cyclone of ice at him. Allurasa screamed angrily and bashed his fists to the roof of the building, causing it to collapse. Amerigo and the demon fell downwards, into the building. The demon slammed into the floor, and Amerigo landed nearby.

"Here's where the real fun begins!" Amerigo yelled eagerly as he skillfully withdrew his pistols and fired violently at his weakened foe. Allurasa, now extremely enraged, smashed his fists into the ground near Amerigo in a futile attempt to crush him. Amerigo leaped to the side and kept firing more bullets, this time at the demon's face. After Allurasa fell to his knees in exhaustion, Amerigo turned to his scythe as a weapon.

"Mortal! You've beaten me, harm me no further! I will let you return to your home." Allurasa said with exhaustion in his voice. Amerigo laughed.

"Ha, no. You got me all excited, so I just have to finish this kill. Sorry, bub. It's your own fault." said Amerigo excitedly. He charged at the demon and sliced his scythe through the demon's chest, killing him. The demon screamed a final time before collapsing to the ground. There was a bright flash, and Amerigo wasn't sure what had happened.

Suddenly he was standing outside his apartment building, still with the gauntlet on his right arm. He looked around confusedly. So, that was it. He put his scythe back into the strap on his back and decided to take another look at the gauntlet. He tugged at it slightly, and this time it came off.

"It's about damn time I got that thing off." he muttered. He entered his apartment building like nothing had happened at all, feeling no less exhausted than he had when he first woke up in Allurasa's palace only a few hours ago.

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