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"There's...there's blood on the walls. Help us! Help us!"
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Chapter One: Assassin for HireEdit

A rainy day in the busy city Nova Hejmo. People walked hurriedly down the streets, cars packed like sardines in the many highways. A thick smog choked the air. Nova Hejmo was notorious for kidnappings, murders, drugs, street fights, thievery, gambling, and rapes. The city's economy was excruciatingly awful, and it seemed as though it were held together by wires, all under the rule of the corrupted governor Fernando Tish. The bastard was more well-known for his scandalous deals with gangs and the many prostitutes he hired than he was for actually keeping things under control...

Living in Nova Hejmo was akin to living in Hell, Amerigo reckoned. You had to do whatever you could to keep up with the current, even if it was illegal. Heh, like it mattered. You could do anything in this city and get away with it. The police force was just as corrupt as everyone else! No matter what your crime, you could bribe an officer to get out of trouble. If the price is right, that is. Amerigo walked the streets and looked upon the sick faces of the people he passed. They had nothing but the look of misery on their faces. Many of them were ill, coughing and sputtering constantly as they trembled down the streets. Then again, maybe they weren't ill. Maybe they had just been smoking something. Hell, it wasn't so uncommon in Nova Hejmo. Take a handful of people, and a good 95% of them would admit to smoking something illegal at least once, and the other 5% would by lying.

Amerigo had no set job. He would do anything for money, not excluding murder. He was well-known throughout a large part of the city for his "antics". Anyone who wanted to make someone disappear would come to him.

Amerigo was deep in thought about the last murder he committed when an old man came from nowhere and clung to Amerigo's clothes like a iron to a magnet.

"What the hell do you want, old man?" Amerigo snapped.

"I know about you and your abilities... I need you to do something for me..." the old man shook as he spoke.

"Okay, what?" asked Amerigo sharply.

"Fernando Tish. He's not human-" the old man began.

"You think I don't know that? That fucker thinks he can do anything and watch us tremble in his shadow!" Amerigo interrupted.

"No, no. You don't understand. He is a demon. That's how he controls us, that's how he-" before the man could finish talking, Amerigo reached out and clutched the old man's neck.

"I don't need this bullshit, old man. Just get to the point or this will be the last day you'll ever see. Do I make myself fucking clear?" Amerigo ordered impatiently.

Amerigo released his hold on the man's neck and let him continue talking.

"Kill the bastard," the old man said hurriedly, "But be warned. Fernando has powers like you wouldn't believe. He could kill you in an instant."

Amerigo laughed and said, "I've murdered plenty of people before, and I doubt that fat fuck will be any harder to kill than anyone else I've dealt with. And how much will you be paying me, old man?"

The old man pulled a necklace out of his pocket and held it out to Amerigo.

"What the hell is that? A fucking necklace? You're kidding me, right?" Amerigo said angrily.

"This isn't just a necklace. It has... powers attached to it. Powers that will allow you to combat Fernando easier... that is all I can offer you." the old man explained.

Amerigo raised an eyebrow. "Powers? Yeah, what kind of powers?"

The old man stared at the necklace in his hand. "Demonic powers." he said.

"Demonic powers?" Amerigo said mockingly.

"Yes! Please take it." the old man urged.

Amerigo considered this. Surely the old man was crazy, but Amerigo was itching to kill someone, and that fatass Fernando Tish would be rewarding enough to him. He still had a considerable amount of money left from his last client, plus the money he stole from the wallet of the man he had last killed, so it wouldn't hurt if this old man didn't offer him money. "Alright, old man. I'll take the necklace and kill that fucker. Now get out of my way, I have work to do." Amerigo said as he took the necklace and shoved the old man out of his way and began walking towards the governor's mansion.

"Thank you, Amerigo! I appreciate it more than you know." the old man shouted from a distance.

Whatever. That old man is nuts. There's no such thing as demons, although if anyone would be a demon, it would certainly be that bastard Fernando.

Chapter Two: ChaseEdit

Amerigo walked down the streets, shoving people out of his way. He had one objective. Find and kill Fernando Tish. He still held the necklace that the old man had given him. It was made from a small chain and there was a small gem on it. The gem was half blood red and half ocean blue.

"Tch, I ain't wearing this thing." Amerigo grunted as he shoved the thing in his pocket. He kept walking through the wet and crowded streets. Some people recognized him and quickly moved out of his way. Smart people.

Amerigo had to formulate his plan to assassinate Fernando. The fat bastard's mansion was at the end of Bobman Avenue, which was roughly six blocks away. Not far. Not far at all. He heard a gunshot behind him. In Nova Hejno, hearing a gunshot wasn't uncommon. But Amerigo saw the bullet fly past his head. He swiveled around and aimed his pistols at the direction the bullet came from. People scampered away at the sight of his guns.

"Alright, who the fuck wants their face to be filled with bullets?" Amerigo threatened to his unknown assailant. Another bullet, this time it nearly hit him. He leaped out of the way with precision. He saw the person who shot at him. A man in a purple hoodie and black sweat pants stood a few yards away aiming a pistol at Amerigo. Amerigo smiled.

"Heh. Looks like today's the day you die." said Amerigo.

The mystery man shook his head in denial and then ran up the side of the side of the building and did a back flip off and rocketed toward Amerigo while firing bullets. Amerigo dodged perfectly and countered with his own flurry of bullets. The hooded man dodged just as skillfully as Amerigo had.

"You've got skill. Too bad it won't save your sorry ass." Amerigo taunted the man.

The man suddenly withdrew a sword that Amerigo hadn't noticed before. The man charged charged at Amerigo, sword held in front of him. Amerigo couldn't dodge this completely, and was left with a small wound on his right arm.

"Really? That's all you've got? Keep entertaining me." Amerigo said as he fired more bullets at the mysterious man. The man was caught off guard and ended up taking a single bullet in his chest. He looked up at Amerigo in shock and began to flee.

"I'm not done with you yet! Get back here, you coward!" Amerigo shouted cockily.

The man in the hoodie was already escaping, and Amerigo followed suit. He chased the man into an alley and cornered him.

"Your time's up, mister." Amerigo grinned as he prepared to fire his guns. Before Amerigo could react, the man leaped up as if by magic and jumped from wall to wall between the two buildings until he reached the roof, where he continued running.

"You're kidding." Amerigo said, now impatient. He wouldn't give up so easily on a kill, so he did the same that the mystery man did, jumping wall from wall until he reached the roof. He looked into the distance and saw the man was already a great deal ahead of him. This guy was fast. Still, Amerigo wasn't willing to give up and chased after him once again.

He jumped from rooftop to rooftop, but was forced to halt when he reached a gap between two buildings that was too far for him to jump over. The man in the hoodie was already on the other side and far ahead.

"Who is this guy...?" Amerigo muttered, accepting defeat. This wasn't over, though. If he ever saw that guy again, he would show him who was boss. He climbed down a ladder on the side of the building and continued walking toward Bobman Avenue. When he walked back onto the streets, he saw that he had already reached there in his frantic chase after the mystery man.

"Well... that saved some time." Amerigo said jokingly. He walked to the end of the street and to the huge cement wall that barred the way to Fernando Tish's mansion. He would have to find a way in. Somehow. A huge electric iron gate stood in the middle of the cement barrier. Wouldn't want to touch that. He skimmed the wall for any possible weaknesses and found only one. There was a slightly crumbled section of the wall. It was just high enough that Amerigo could probably run his way up and over the wall easily. Now things were getting started. Amerigo grinned.

Chapter Three: InfiltrationEdit

This would be fun. Amerigo backed up a good distance before sprinting toward the wall. With a well-timed jump, he began running up the side of the wall and before you would even know it, he was lunging over the side of the wall and into the front yard of the mansion. He landed with an audible "thud", which could possibly draw attention to himself.

"Shit." Amerigo whispered to himself. He looked around but saw no one approaching at all. "You're kidding, right? A mansion like this and no security? Too fucking easy." he laughed. But after he took his first step, there was a loud groaning sound from behind him followed by a harsh hissing sound. Amerigo spun around and was face to face with a hideous... thing. It looked humanoid, but the only facial feature it had was a mouth full of rotting teeth. It was wrapped in torn cloth, its skin appeared to be rotting, and bones were visible in some parts of the body. The worst part was the rusty scythe it held in its hand.

"You're one ugly bastard. You still look better than Fernando, though." Amerigo said nonchalantly before raising his guns to the demon's face. The thing hissed and then swung wildly with its scythe. Amerigo rolled out of the way of the attack and began firing at it. The bullets went right through the monster's flesh and appeared to do no damage.

"What the hell..." Amerigo muttered. Then he remembered the necklace. He pulled it out of his pocket and hesitated before putting it on. "I hope you weren't lying, old man." He put the necklace around his neck and immediately felt power coursing through him. It was like being struck by a hundred bolts of lightning all at once, but he felt strong. When he regained his senses he found that his simple pistols had been transformed into silvery red demonic-looking guns.

"Taste this, you miserable little fuck." Amerigo said before unleashing a relentless cloud of bullets onto the beast. The thing gave a single, final hiss before it collapsed to the ground and turned to ashes.

"Nice." Amerigo admired the strength of his new weapons. When he turned back to face the mansion again, there were six more of the demons facing him.

"You wanna play too? Alright, let's have some fun." Amerigo taunted. The six demons all lunged at him from different directions all at once, but Amerigo jumped into the air and unleashed a spiral flurry of bullets onto them, doing them much harm. When he landed, one of the things swung its scythe into him. Amerigo gasped before grabbing a hold of the demon's hideous skull and squeezing as hard as he could until it burst in his hand, causing the monster to fall back and release its hold on the scythe. Amerigo pulled the scythe from his chest and looked at it thoughtfully.

"Hell yes!" he shouted before chopping the headless demon in half with the scythe. The five remaining demons circled around him. Amerigo spun his newly-obtained scythe around him until all of the demons were nothing but ash.

"You like that?!" he yelled victoriously. He began to continue his casual stroll toward the front doors of the mansion when a sudden force came over him. He stopped dead in his tracks and just stared straight ahead of him. Something wasn't right. A chill ran up his spine. He turned around unusually slowly. Standing behind him was a hideous colossus. Much like the smaller demons, it had little facial features aside from a mouth, but this one had a single hateful eye resting in the left side of its face. It was wrapped in torn up bandage-like cloth, much like what one would expect of a mummy. Its arms were nothing but blackened bone held together by thin strips of rotting muscles, and it had the legs of a horrible goat.

"I don't suppose you're in the mood for a stroll through the city, are you?" Amerigo mocked. The monster roared in his face and grabbed him with its bony arms and hoisted him up into the air. Amerigo didn't hesitate to begin shooting at the beast, but it had little effect. The beast stood its ground and seemed to not feel a thing. Suddenly Amerigo began falling downward -- but so did the monster. The monster was sinking down through a portal in the ground, and it was taking Amerigo with him.

Amerigo was suddenly free of the demon's grasp, but he was falling. He managed to right himself just before landing on top of a building. He was still in Nova Hejmo, or so it seemed, but the sky was a sickly red color and there wasn't a single person on the streets. It was all empty. He heard screams of agony in the distance and heard the familiar hisses of the demons he fought earlier.

"Okay... I'm in Hell. Well, I knew I'd end up here some day, but I just expected that I would, you know, actually die before I showed up here." Amerigo observed. The huge demon that dragged him down here suddenly fell from out of the sky and landed on top of the building near Amerigo.

"Well hello, ugly." Amerigo insulted. The huge monster roared loudly before leaping over Amerigo and sprinting on all fours toward the Hell version of Fernando Tish's mansion.

"I wonder if that fatass governor is here in Hell, too?" Amerigo wondered, "Well, there's only one way to find out." Amerigo jumped over the edge of the building and onto the streets below and began walking toward the mansion. It was farther away now, since he was in a distant part of the city, but he could make it. In time, anyways.

Chapter Four: Raising HellEdit

Amerigo ran through the empty streets of the hellish version of Nova Hejno, the sounds of screaming in the distance. Suddenly the sound gunfire came from somewhere behind him. He swung around quickly and held his guns in front of him, ready to fire at anything that moved. Not far behind him was the man in the purple hoodie who had attacked him earlier.

"You again? Let's see how well you do now that I have new weapons." Amerigo grunted.

The man in the hoodie kept firing, but Amerigo withdrew his scythe and began spinning it around like a propeller and deflected the bullets. The hooded man froze for a second but soon decided on a different tactic. He jumped back a few feet and reached into the front pocket on his hoodie and pulled out a small sphere. He raised it into the air and threw it at Amerigo. It burst into a huge plume of smoke on impact.

"What the hell are you doing?!" Amerigo screeched. He couldn't see anything because of the smoke. "Okay, I see what you're doing. Come at me!" Amerigo spun his scythe slowly in one hand, ready to strike. Out of nowhere came a powerful fist, which hit his side with tremendous force. He lurched forward but quickly regained his composure.

"Now I've gotcha!" he yelled. Now he knew where the mystery man was. He could vaguely see his silhouette in the smoke. He withdrew his guns and fired at the silhouette, only to see it disappear into thin air. Immediately after, another quick fist punched him from behind him. He fell forward but got up just as quickly as he had fallen.

"I don't know who you are or what you want, but I swear that once I get my hands on you, you'll regret being born, you little fucker!!" Amerigo yelled at the top of his lungs.

"You don't remember me, huh? Maybe you'll remember my dad, you stupid prick!" the man finally spoke up. His dad? What did he mean by that?

"I don't know who the hell you are or who your dad is!" Amerigo argued. He heard the mysterious man sob slightly before he continued talking.

"You killed my father! Remember? His name was Kurt Folkerts! I'm his son, Carson!" yelled the man.

"So what the fuck do you want from me?!" Amerigo yelled, still looking through the now fading smoke for his enemy.

"What do you mean by THAT?! I am going to fucking kill you! I will stop at nothing to avenge my father's murder!" Carson half yelled and half sobbed. Amerigo couldn't stand listening to this little brat. He already had enough to deal with.

"How did you even get in Hell with me, you little punk?!" Amerigo asked sternly.

"I followed you to the mansion, where I saw that thing pull you into that portal! I jumped in before it closed, and here I am!" shouted Carson. The smoke was completely cleared now, and Amerigo had a perfect view of Carson.

"Alright kid, get ready to die." Amerigo said as he fired both of his demonic pistols at Carson. Of course, Carson dodged with great agility.

"It'll take more than that to take me out!" he shouted as he practically flew out of the way. Carson raised his own guns and fired at Amerigo, but he evaded it just as well.

"Just the same that it will take more skill than that to even touch me." Amerigo countered. Suddenly demons arose around them, the same demons that Amerigo fought back at the mansion. One of them was larger than the others, and held a battleaxe and a shield. As soon as the demons emerged, Carson fled the scene and left Amerigo to fight for himself. Amerigo said nothing as he counted how many foes he was up against. Five, ten, fifteen, twenty. Fantastic.

He raised his guns, like he was so accustomed to doing, and fired continuous shots at one demon after another, not killing them completely, but weakening them a reasonable amount. One after another, the demons ran at Amerigo, only to be sliced to bits by his scythe. One by one, they all dropped like flies until only the largest one with the battleaxe and shield was left.

"You're a big guy. Let's see what you've got." Amerigo challenged, clapping his hands together twice just to spite the evil thing.

The big demon raised its ax and shield and ran blindly at Amerigo. Amerigo tried to slice into the demon, but the shield protected it flawlessly. A deep laugh erupted from the demonic being.

"You won't have a reason to be laughing in a second, buddy." Amerigo said as he fired countless bullets at the enemy's shield. It took a lot to weaken it, but eventually the shield shattered, much to the outrage of the demon. It raised its ax and and charged again at Amerigo. Amerigo back flipped out of the way and countered with a quick slice from his scythe, effectively weakening the demon. It moaned in anger and prepared to charge again, but Amerigo released a storm of bullets onto the already weakened demon, killing it.

"And... fuck you." Amerigo said at the demon's final moment. He looked around for Carson but didn't see him anywhere.

"Tch. Fuckin' coward." Amerigo said. He had to regain his bearings and relocate the direction of Bobman Avenue in order to get back to the mansion. With a deep exhale, he continued on his way.

Chapter Five: ColossusEdit

Walking through the empty streets, it would be hard to tell this was actually Hell, aside from the red sky and inexplicable screaming that could be heard. The trash on the dirty streets and graffiti all looked shockingly like regular Nova Hejmo. When Amerigo reached the suspension bridge, he knew he was getting close to Bobman Avenue. He took a good look at the bridge to check for any dangers before he kept on walking. He'd only walked a few feet across the bridge when he saw that the huge demon that dragged him to Hell was running along the wires on the suspension bridge. Toward him. Amerigo drew his guns and fired again and again, only to see once again that the bullets had no effect on the colossus.

The huge thing finally reached him and swung at him with one of its bony fists. Amerigo jumped just in time to avoid the attack. Amerigo instead prepared his scythe.

"You look horrible, worse than Honey Boo-Boo's mom, even." Amerigo jeered, "Now come at me, you ugly son of a bitch."

The huge thing roared and swiped at him with both hands, leaving its chest and stomach vulnerable. With his eyes right on the target, Amerigo swung his scythe into the demon's chest, causing it to roar in pain and leap back a dozen feet.

"Come on, chicken. Backing out of the fight?" Amerigo teased. Apparently the demon wasn't backing out, because it stood on its back legs and opened its mouth wide and released a huge ball of darkness at Amerigo. Amerigo withdrew his guns and began firing at the dark ball, which sent it rocketing back at the colossal demon. The ball of energy connected with the demon's chest, right on the wound that was already inflicted by Amerigo's scythe. The demon collapsed, temporarily unconscious.

"That's more like it." Amerigo said before sprinting toward the fallen demon. He raised his scythe high and began spinning it, and used it as a razor when he reached the demon. He sliced a large hole into its chest, exposing a red glowing gem. The demon awakened and leaped up onto the cables of the suspension bridge and started to climb to the top. Amerigo followed closely behind, climbing quickly and jumping from cable to cable to catch up with the demon. When he finally reached it, he used all of his power to jump onto the back of the thing. The demon screeched angrily and began flailing around on the cables of the bridge, trying to throw Amerigo off.

"Uh-uh. I don't think so." Amerigo said as he sliced his scythe through the back of the demon, exposing the red glowing gem on this side as well. The demon cried out and released its grip on the wires and tumbled to the bridge below, causing the bridge to weaken significantly. Still the demon stood up, nearly unfazed at the damage it had sustained. Amerigo pulled out his guns once again and fired mercilessly at the exposed red gem. The demon roared louder than ever as it frantically covered the exposed gem with its hand. Furious, the demon engulfed itself in black fire and charged at Amerigo, both arms ready to crush him. Amerigo ducked down in time and rolled under the demon and appeared directly behind it. He quickly withdrew his pistols and fired again at the exposed gem.

The gem exploded in a flurry of red broken shards, and the demon fell to the ground a final time, the black flames dying down.

"You... are... damned... Amerigo." the demon whispered before it faded away into a heap of ashes.

"I already knew I was damned, but thanks for telling me just so I know for sure, demon." Amerigo said before continuing his walk across the bridge. When he walked over the weakened part, it predictably collapsed and sent him falling into the red river below. Amerigo landed with a splash in the bloody river and swam to an iron dock that was nearby. The river was surrounded by a wall on both sides. A wall too high for even Amerigo to scale.

"Well damn. Now what?" he muttered discontentedly. He looked around and saw a door built into the side of the wall. Upon closer inspection, he saw through a shattered window in the door that it lead into some sort of... slaughter house. The door was locked, so he had to slice it apart with his scythe.

"Damn, this scythe cuts through anything." Amerigo noted before entering the hellish slaughterhouse.

Chapter Six: SlaughterhouseEdit

There were rotting bodies hanging from the ceiling inside the slaughterhouse, and the whole place smelled of rot. Amerigo walked cautiously through the place, since this was a slaughterhouse, and he was in Hell. Slaughterhouses and Hell put together always equal bad news. So far he hadn't been attacked by anything, so that was good, but as soon as he walked in, a black force field emerged from the ground near the door, trapping him in.

"Well... this should be interesting." he said sarcastically. As if in response, all of the machinery started up in the slaughterhouse. Conveyor belts began rolling and blades began spinning. Suddenly a few of the dead bodies fell from the ceiling, somehow now holding round shields covered in spikes. They moaned horribly and began attacking Amerigo. Amerigo hacked at the closest one with his scythe and knocked the shield out of its hand. Now that it was vulnerable, he shot at it relentlessly with his demonic guns. The demon collapsed, and in its place emerged one of the scythe-wielding demons that had first attacked him at the mansion.

One of the shielded demons ran at Amerigo and used its shield as a weapon, swinging the spiked shield wildly. Amerigo smacked the demon with his scythe and sent it falling backwards. The scythe-wielding demon tried to slice Amerigo in two, but he dodged out of the way and the demon ended up slicing up one of the shielded demons.

"If you're just gonna sit there and keep killing your demon buddies, I'll just stand back and watch. Is that okay with you?" Amerigo made fun of the demon's mistake. In place of the demon that got sliced emerged yet another scythed demon. Both of the scythe-wielding demons growled at Amerigo and charged. Amerigo spun his own scythe around and chopped both of the demons in half and watched them both disintegrate into ashes. The remaining shielded demons retreated further into the slaughterhouse in fear of Amerigo's skill. Amerigo kept on walking through the slaughterhouse, careful to avoid any moving blades. He ran toward the closest door but was stopped by more of the large, shielded, ax-wielding demons like the one he encountered on the streets. But this time there were two of them.

"You guys want your asses kicked too?" Amerigo mocked while he readied his scythe. Both of the demons came at him from different directions, but Amerigo was ready and was able to deflect both of their attacks.

"Take this!" he shouted as he launched his scythe out of his hands and into one of the enemies. The demon exploded into ash as soon as the scythe made contact. The scythe returned to Amerigo after the attack as if it were a boomerang. Amerigo spun around and quickly swiped at the other demon, but his attack was blocked by its shield. The remaining demon bashed its battleaxe into Amerigo, sending him flying backwards.

"You little fucker. Now you're asking for it!" Amerigo said as he sent his scythe flying forwards once again and watched as the demon exploded into ashes. He raised up his hand and the scythe returned back to his hand.

"That is sick." he admired his new-found skill. He continued on his way through the facility and found his way into a huge room with a deep square pit in the floor with big round saw blades built into the floor. He leaped over the edge and landed in the pit below. He noticed that there was a big circle in the center of the room. Curious, he walked into it. There was suddenly a rumbling sound. He backed out of the circle just as a big portal appeared in the circle and a huge monstrosity emerged from it. It was humanoid, but it had two heads and it had no hands, but instead had huge chainsaws in place of them. Its abdomen was horribly shrunken and bones were visible through the pale skin. It had stitch marks over the area where its heart would have been. Most horribly, both heads had the same gaping mouths that the smaller demons had and the same lack of other facial features.

"Well aren't you attractive?" Amerigo taunted the huge monster. The demon roared loudly with both heads and took two fast swings with both chainsawed arms, and Amerigo jumped backwards and out of the way.

"What's the matter? Didn't get a prom date, you ugly motherfucker?" Amerigo teased before aiming his pistols at one of the demon's heads.

Chapter Seven: Lean, Mean, Human-Killing Chainsaw MachineEdit

Suddenly the saw blades at the end of the room began rotating and the floor began moving -- toward the saw blades. The huge chainsaw-wielding demon lunged at Amerigo, who was trying to keep as far away from the saw blades as possible. He narrowly avoided getting chopped up by the chainsaw and hurriedly fired bullets at the back of one of the demon's heads. The head that was shot went limp, and so did the arm and leg on that side of the body. Amerigo got an idea. If he could just paralyze both heads, then the limp demon would be carried straight to the saw blades and be chopped up.

Amerigo smiled and shot once again, but this time at the other head. The demon managed to jump out of the way just before the bullets hit the other head. Just seconds later, the other head awakened and the demon was fully mobile again. The demon held out both chainsawed arms and ran at Amerigo at top speed. Amerigo avoided the chainsaws and was nearly stomped on the by giant humanoid demon, but was otherwise unharmed. He quickly pulled out his scythe and launched it at the demon. It connected perfectly with its chest and knocked it over.

The demon was dazed for a second, and Amerigo used this to his advantage and fired some quick shots at one of its heads. The demon blocked the shot with one of the chainsaws and stood back up and walked toward him.

Suddenly three vats opened up in the wall at the front of the room. It appeared that the conveyor belt floor was connected to these three vats, and out of them rolled dead bodies which quickly arose with spiked shields in their hand. Amerigo grabbed hold of one with his scythe and launched it at the chainsaw demon. The smaller demon smashed directly into the larger one, which then became even angrier and ran toward Amerigo who simply rolled out of the way and watched as the demon rammed into the wall. Two more of the shielded demons came running at him, but he simply bashed them with his scythe and sent them rocketing into the saw blades at the end of the room.

Amerigo saw that the giant was still looking for him, so he launched his scythe into the demon and then fired a flurry of bullets at both of the heads and watched as it collapsed onto the moving floor. Slowly but surely, the demon was transported to the saw blades at the end of the room and was chopped up heads first. It shook and frenzied at first, but soon ceased movements after both of the heads were thoroughly destroyed. Apparently the blades couldn't handle the huge demon and got jammed and began giving off sparks as they attempted to continue spinning, but eventually stopped altogether along with the movements of the conveyor belt floor.

"That was fun..." Amerigo laughed. He turned his attention to the vats that the smaller demons had come out of. He decided he would see what was on the other side, since there was no other apparent way out of here. He crawled through the first vat and found that it lead into a freezer room. There were more bodies hanging from the ceiling, but they were completely frozen. Amerigo ventured his way through this huge freezer until came to an exit. Surprisingly, the door was actually unlocked. He opened the door and found himself back on the streets of the Hell version of Nova Hejmo.

"It's good to be out of that place." he said as he checked his surroundings. He wasn't far from the other side of the suspension bridge. That slaughterhouse just wasted his valuable time. He stretched and cracked his knuckles before walking once again. He wondered where Carson had run off to. In the back of his mind, he kind of hoped he had gotten torn apart by some demon. He did vaguely remember killing a man named Kurt Folkerts, just like Carson said he had done. Amerigo kind of felt sorry for the kid and saw why he wanted revenge for his father's death. But that's business in Nova Hejmo. Do anything for money, even if it means murder.

He walked by a large video screen on the side of a building when a man appeared on the screen. It was a very fat, corrupted Fernando Tish.

"Amerigo, Amerigo. I know what you're up to. I sent that demon after you as soon as I knew of your little plot, which was immediately. I have cameras everywhere in Nova Hejmo, so it was no surprise that I overheard your conversation between you and that old man, who, by the way, is "out of the way" now. I ordered that demon to drag you to Hell because I thought you deserved a special fate, one with all of the glamour of eternal suffering! That sounds good to you, doesn't it?" Fernando mocked.

Amerigo pointed at the video screen and said, "The only person who will be experiencing eternal suffering is you, Fernando, once I get my hands on you."

Fernando wore a fake scared face and said, "Oh! I am so scared. Good luck trying to kill a high ranking demon, Amerigo. Things will get much tougher for you from here. I have sent my most powerful demons after you, and it is only a matter of time before they find you. I must go now, I have MUCH to do in the real world. Toodles!" The video screen went black after that. Amerigo fired as many bullets as he could at the blank screen, even though he knew it would do nothing. From somewhere in the distance there was a deep, evil rumble of a laugh.

Chapter Eight: What Doesn't Kill Me...Edit

Amerigo walked quickly down the streets, now even more eager to kill that bastard Fernando. He noticed that the deeper he went into Hell, the more devastated things appeared. Many stores he passed by were burning on the inside and had broken windows. The sounds of screaming grew louder, even though there was no actual source of the screams. It seemed to resonate from everywhere at once. Suddenly a familiar man in a purple hoodie leaped down from a rooftop in front of Amerigo. It was Carson.

"So there you are, I thought for sure you would have been torn to fucking shreds by a demon. Honestly, I did. I'm so glad to see you." Amerigo said sarcastically. He lifted his scythe and swept through the air and at Carson's head. He ducked just in time and withdrew his sword and swung at Amerigo. Amerigo took the hit and fell back momentarily. He wasn't damaged too badly. He jumped back in time, so the sword didn't have time to cut him too much.

"So, you're back after running away when those demons attacked. There's a word for what you are, Carson. Know what that word is? A sad little cowardly fuck." Amerigo sneered.

"Fuck you!!" Carson cried out as he fired a few shots from his gun. Amerigo rolled out of the way and charged at Carson with his scythe and swung at him. He was hit, and he flew backward and landed on his hands and knees. He was clearly weakened, and blood was beginning to seep from his abdomen. He looked up at Amerigo with hate in his eyes. Before Amerigo could do anything else, Carson stood up and threw a smoke bomb like he had the last time they met.

"Again with the fucking smoke? Really?" Amerigo complained. No matter. He would find Carson through the smoke. Amerigo ran blindly through the smoke until he saw the silhouette of Carson running. He hurled his scythe at the silhouette and watched as he collapsed to the ground. Amerigo retrieved his scythe and went to investigate his fallen foe, but was surprised when there was nothing there. Suddenly a bullet hit his back and made him fall to the ground. He felt the pain, but it wasn't as bad as it should have been... Amerigo had been shot before, and it hurt like hell, but it wasn't so bad now. Suddenly he felt energy coursing through him from his necklace to the bullet wound, and felt the pain slowly fade away. The necklace healed him. The smoke cleared, and he saw Carson staring at him from a distance, thinking he had killed him and was shocked when Amerigo still stood back up.

"What doesn't kill me... had better fucking run. That means you, kid. Get the fuck away from me before I show you what real pain is like." Amerigo threatened while aiming his guns at him. Carson stared in disbelief at Amerigo, who was fully healed. He trembled and then ran off into the distance. Amerigo didn't care about killing Carson anymore. He was a pain in the ass, and it would be better to just scare him off than try to kill him any longer. Amerigo touched the necklace and noticed that it was warm and pulsing. He really was full of demonic power now.

Amerigo kept on his way to Bobman Avenue until he reached a familiar part of Nova Hejmo. He had reached Cielo Park. There was a large fountain in the center of the park, a fountain that would be filled with dirty, brownish-grey water in the real world, but was full of blood here in Hell. When he walked by the lampposts, they collapsed and burst into flames for some reason.

"Well isn't that nifty." he said after a lamppost shriveled up and spontaneously combusted. When he reached the fountain, he heard the sound of loud flapping wings. He searched the skies and saw a hideous winged monster flying at him. It fired a ball of dark energy at him, and Amerigo deflected it with his scythe and sent it flying back at the beast, but it easily flew out of the way of the dark ball. It got up close, and Amerigo finally got a good look at it. It had a humanoid upper body, but it had the head of a demonic horse, huge raven wings growing out of its back, the arms of some kind of horrible reptile, and, naturally, the legs of a goat. The thing roared in the face of Amerigo before combat commenced.

"Looks like this is a job for my guns." he said while he spun his guns around and aimed them at the gargoyle. He fired continuous shots at the thing, which kept it from attacking momentarily, but it eventually began evading the bullets. It flew around Amerigo in circles, too fast for him to possibly be able to attack it. That would be no problem for Amerigo. He leaped up into the air and began spinning himself and firing a swirl of bullets in all directions, forming a mini tornado of bullets which had to have harmed the demon. It did, and it flew back, still minutely damaged. It flew high into the air and hurled itself at the ground with its fists raised above it. When it made contact with the ground, a shockwave was unleashed that caught Amerigo off guard and dizzied him. The gargoyle then unleashed a ball of darkness from its mouth at the still dazed Amerigo. Amerigo snapped out of the confusion just in time to react to the oncoming dark ball. He launched his scythe at the energy, which sent it rocketing at the gargoyle faster than it could evade the reflected attack.

"How does it taste, bitch?!" Amerigo shouted. The demon fell from the air and landed hard on the ground and was apparently unconscious. Amerigo ran up to it and began slicing away with his scythe until it reawakened and slashed at him with its reptilian arms. Amerigo dodged the attack perfectly and fired mercilessly at the demon's wings, ruining its ability to fly. Outraged, the demon charged at Amerigo, but missed when he jumped out of the way. Amerigo ran up to the gargoyle while it was still facing away and hopped onto its back and shoved his scythe into the back of the demon's neck. It screeched in agony and began running at what seemed to be an impossibly fast speed.

Amerigo directed the thing's running by pulling or pushing on the scythe in the demon's neck, which caused it to react by running faster. He kept the scythe there until he reached the familiar Penlock Street, which was only about a mile and a half away from Bobman Avenue. When he reached Penlock Street, he released the scythe and slashed at the demon's neck, decapitating it. He jumped off before it collapsed and turned to nothing more than a pile of ashes.

"Thanks for the ride." he said as he walked away.


Ahemait followed along behind Amerigo, entirely undetected. Soon, she would be able to carry out her orders. Soon. But not yet. Soon. She smiled as she felt the impurities pouring out of Amerigo's heart. This would be a fun kill.


Chapter Nine: Hotter Than HellEdit

Amerigo walked hurriedly down Penlock Street, eager to reach Bobman Avenue and kill that bastard Fernando. Suddenly an outrageously large group of demons erupted from the ground around him and surrounded him.

"Oh yeah, this is real fucking fair." Amerigo said anxiously, prepared to fight. Before either side could attack, suddenly all of the demons burst into flames and collapsed on the ground before disappearing into nothingness.

"What the hell?" Amerigo was trying to comprehend what had happened when a beautiful woman wearing a short tan skirt and a bra approached him out of nowhere. Amerigo looked at her both cautiously and lustfully.

"Hello... Amerigo." the mysterious woman said.

"Who are you, and how the hell do you know my name?" Amerigo asked forcefully. The woman smiled before continuing.

"I am Ahemait, judge of the damned. I have been given strict orders by Fernando Tish to rip out your heart and devour it, just as I have done to so many other men who have sinned." she said with a tint of eagerness in her voice.

"Rip out my heart? Let's see how well you do with that, bitch." Amerigo said as he raised his scythe threateningly. Ahemait raised her hand and a huge dual-pronged hook on a chain materialized in her hand.

"Bring it." she smiled. Amerigo was the first to strike. He swung his scythe at a blindingly fast speed at Ahemait, but she somehow managed to leap backwards just in time to avoid the scythe's deadly blade. She smiled and began swinging the hook around before she swung it toward Amerigo's chest. Amerigo cartwheeled out of the path of the deadly weapon and fired a quick blast of bullets at Ahemait. She screamed in pain for a second, but then smiled psychotically again. She raised her hands into the air and she began to emit smoke. After a few more seconds, she was fully engulfed in flames.

"Hey Ahemait, you look pretty hot. Let me cool you down with some bullets." Amerigo said sarcastically while he began to fire more bullets at Ahemait. A wall of raging fire erupted from in front of Ahemait, which somehow blocked the bullets and protected her.

"What's the matter, Amerigo? Am I too hot for you to handle?" she said with a demonic grin on her face. She aimed her hands at Amerigo and launched a tornado of fire at him. Amerigo dodged out of the way, but the tornado still lived and it continued chasing him down. It eventually faded, and when it did, Amerigo didn't hesitate to throw some insults at his opponent.

"Too hot for me to handle? Please. I've hired prostitutes more attractive than you." he said cleverly. A look of sternness crossed Ahemait's face, a look that said she meant business now.

"Oh boy, will I enjoy devouring your heart, you little fuck." she said seriously.

"Come on then, whore. Don't hold back." Amerigo insulted even further.

Suddenly Ahemait screamed as she raised her arms into the air again and nine huge fire tornadoes burst out of the ground around her and began encircling her. She stared at Amerigo with a determined look on her face as she began to sprint towards him, tornadoes still orbiting around her.

Amerigo jumped out of the way of the first attack, but was nearly taken out when she again swung the chained claw at him while he wasn't paying attention. It had nearly gone through his chest and plunged into his heart. Amerigo fired a huge flurry of bullets at Ahemait, but was blocked by one of the flame tornadoes. He saw that after he fired so many shots at one of the tornadoes, it seemed to have burnt out. That was her weakness.

"This is too easy!" Amerigo shouted at Ahemait. He fired more bullets at her, again blocked by the tornadoes, but he managed to take out another one. Ahemait realized his plan and then launched a series of fireballs at him, each one missing the target when Amerigo sprinted out of the way each time.

"Stand still, you stupid piss weasel!" Ahemait screamed at him in rage.

"Piss weasel? That's a new one. I've been called a lot of things. A pimp, a douchebag, a player, a fuckhead, but never a piss weasel." Amerigo said nonchalantly as he continued to fire more bullets at the flame tornadoes surrounding his foe. Eventually all of the tornadoes were put out, and Ahemait was left vulnerable to attack. She gave him a hateful look and began swinging the hook on the chain, which was now on fire, and hurled the claw at him. Amerigo swung his scythe just in time, which hit the claw and sent it flying back at Ahemait. The claw didn't dig into her, but the blunt part did hit her quite hard, which sent her sprawling backward.

Amerigo fired more quick shots at her until the fire enveloping her was extinguished and she stood motionless, staring at the ground. Amerigo ran up to her with his scythe and began slashing at her quickly and endlessly. Ahemait screamed and begged for him to stop, but he paid no attention to her plea for mercy. He didn't stop until she collapsed to the ground and burst into hot blue flames and then sank through the ground and disappeared. On the ground where the demon had been was the hook she had tried to use to kill him.

Amerigo picked up the claw by the chain it was attached to and swung it around a few times.

"This could be helpful." he said victoriously as he got used to the feel of swinging around the claw. He smiled contentedly and continued on his way with his newly acquired weapon.

"Let's see... I've got my two trusty pistols, a scythe, and a deadly hook on a chain. Yeah, I think that fat fuck, Fernando, is going down HARD." he said devilishly.

Chapter Ten: Need a Hand?Edit

Amerigo swung around his newly acquired weapon as he walked down the street. He couldn't wait to try it out. He didn't have to wait long to try it out, because suddenly three demons wielding a shield and a battleaxe emerged from the ground in front of him.

"Good timing." Amerigo said as he readied his weapon. One of the demons lunged at him, but Amerigo dodged out of the way and swung the claw on the chain. The claw went through the demon's back, and Amerigo jerked the claw back quickly and pulled the demon back along with it. He swung the claw in a different direction and sent the demon flying into the ground so hard that it exploded in a puff of smoke and ashes.

"Who else wants to play?" Amerigo said, looking at the remaining two demons. He swung the claw at the shield of one demon and pulled it out of its hand, leaving it vulnerable. The other demon charged at him, but was quickly put to a halt when Amerigo hooked it with his chained claw and began whipping it around in the air, causing the demon to brutally smash into the ground over and over again until it was destroyed completely. The demon with no shield began to flee, but Amerigo wasn't going to allow that.

"Hey, where the hell do you think you're going?" Amerigo shouted after it as he launched his claw at the escaping enemy. The claw hooked into the back of its head. The demon emitted a loud scream-like moaning sound before Amerigo pulled it back towards him, and when it reached him, he quickly pulled out his scythe and sliced the demon in two. He stood victorious, admiring the power of his new weapon. He looked for a street sign and saw that he was now on Perto Street. Now he was really close to Bobman Avenue.

"Alright Fernando, I'm coming for you." Amerigo said as he continued down the street. He was about right where he was when he first encountered the old man, so he was only a few blocks away from Bobman Avenue now. He recognized all of the surroundings, but everything was distorted. Many of the buildings were in flames and the sound of screaming could be heard from all directions. He heard the sound of running footsteps. Amerigo looked around for the source of the sound. Of course, running along the top of one of the buildings was Carson, no longer wearing the purple hoodie but instead wearing a grey T-shirt. He leaped off of the roof and landed in front of Amerigo.

"You're fucking kidding me. Didn't I tell you to stay the fuck away from me?!" Amerigo shouted at the man.

"I'm not giving up on killing you so easily." replied Carson. He looked tired out and he had a long cut going down the right side of his face. Amerigo noticed that his shirt was slightly torn up too.

"You got attacked by demons, didn't you?" Amerigo laughed.

"Fuck you." Carson snapped as he began to fire at Amerigo. Amerigo reacted quickly enough to dodge out of the way, but not fast enough to be able to counter with his own attack. As soon as he regathered himself, he was fired at again by Carson. Amerigo rolled out of the way and swung his chained claw at Carson in response. The claw dug into his arm. He screamed in agony. Amerigo pulled Carson toward him, and when he got close enough, Amerigo gave him a hard punch in the face and then released the claw. While Carson was still dizzy, Amerigo kicked him over and readied his scythe to finish the job. Before he had a chance to attack, however, Carson regained his senses and got back up and withdrew a smoke bomb.

"Nope, you're not pulling off that bullshit again." Amerigo said as he swung his chained claw at the smoke bomb in Carson's hand, but he ended up hooking his entire hand.

"DAAAAAAAGGGHHH!!!" Carson screamed horribly, now bleeding from both his arm and his hand, "Fuck you, Amerigo! FUCK YOU!!"

Amerigo pulled as hard as he could on the claw and heard a tearing sound and then a crunching sound. He had torn off Carson's hand. Carson collapsed to the ground in tears, staring at his bleeding stump of an arm. Suddenly a huge demon jumped from the window of a building, shattering the glass and scattering the shards everywhere. It landed with a loud crashing sound, and it actually cracked the concrete slightly.

"Fantastic." Amerigo said as he once again began swinging his new weapon. He glanced back at Carson, who was still laying on the ground sobbing. Amerigo took a better look at the demon. It was a huge suit of black and red fiery armor and it carried a huge sword. Its legs appeared to be the legs of a goat, but it was hard to tell because they were covered in heavy armor and chains. It had gigantic black wings that dripped darkness and its head was that of a horrible crossbreed between human and wolf. The huge demon snarled at Amerigo.

"This'll be fun." Amerigo said, swinging around his chained claw. The demon roared incredibly loudly, stunning Amerigo for a moment or two.

Chapter Eleven: Flamanta Lupo-kaproEdit

The gigantic fiery demon smashed one of its fists into the ground at Amerigo, but he leaped back quickly enough to avoid the crushing attack. Amerigo swung his chained claw around and flung it at the demon's arm. Big mistake. The demon raised its arm quickly and pulled Amerigo into the air and sent him flying a dozen feet. Luckily he managed to right himself before he hit the ground and landed on his feet. When he turned around, the demon was already coming in for another attack. This time it swung at Amerigo with its gigantic sword. Amerigo barely managed to dodge the attack. He hastily pulled out his pistols and fired again and again at the demon's face, which enraged it even more. It raised up its hand to block the bullets and jumped high into the air and body slammed the ground, giving off a huge shock wave that cracked the concrete even more and sent Amerigo sprawling backwards and hitting the side of a building.

"Fuck..." he said after he stood back up and rubbed his forehead, "This is a little tougher than I thought." He withdrew his scythe instead and charged at the demon, who was still trying to stand back up after attacking the ground. When Amerigo reached the armored monster, he began slicing at its armor, which proved nearly futile, although he was slowly weakening the protective armor. The demon finally stood back up and swung wildly with its fists, nearly pummeling Amerigo. Amerigo ducked down to avoid the demon's thrashing. He ran back a few feet and then began firing more bullets at the demon's face, which seemed to do it some harm, even though the tough flesh on its face was barely damaged.

The huge thing roared and ran at Amerigo faster than ever before and swung its sword at him once again, but Amerigo back flipped out of the way before it could hit him. Amerigo jumped into the air and hurled his scythe at the demon, which caused the armor to crack slightly. The scythe returned back to Amerigo like a boomerang, and then he went in closer to the demon to attack again. Before he had a chance to attack, the demon hoisted him off of the ground and began to squeeze him. Amerigo struggled to free his arms of the monster's grip, and when he finally did, he fired relentlessly upon the demon's face, which caused it to release its grip on him.

When Amerigo landed on the ground below the beast, he readied his chained hook for attack and then swung it at the monster's cracked armor. The hook caught on it, so Amerigo pulled as hard as he could to pull of the damaged segment of armor. With lots of pulling, it finally departed from the demon and revealed some of the monster's flesh. It was a small vulnerable spot, but it would do. Amerigo didn't hesitate to begin firing bullets at the exposed area of flesh. When the bullets broke through the flesh, the demon let out an insanely loud roar and once again leaped into the air and pounded down onto the ground and released another shock wave. Amerigo jumped just in time to avoid being damaged by the shock wave, and he sprinted over to the demon who was still trying to get back up and began to attack. He sliced at the armor with his scythe some more until the demon righted itself and swung its fists around blindly, not hitting anything at all.

"I'm down here, you stupid fuck!" Amerigo taunted. The huge demon looked down at him and stabbed its sword at him, but missed when Amerigo evaded perfectly. The huge sword was now stuck in the ground, useless. This angered the demon even more, and it then ran at Amerigo and tried to lift him up again, but he cartwheeled out of the way and began firing more shots at the exposed flesh. The demon roared in pain, but didn't attempt to block the exposed flesh. Amerigo withdrew his claw once again and launched it at the exposed flesh. The claw went deep inside the demon and hooked on something. Amerigo began pulling, and the demon roared louder than ever and clutched its chest. Amerigo pulled harder and the demon began pounding the ground out of rage. The demon no longer attempted to attack. Amerigo looked up the street and saw Carson finally standing up and gazing in awe at the huge demon.

With one final pull, Amerigo ripped out something red and fleshy out of the demon's chest. Its heart. The demon roared so loudly that Amerigo thought his head would explode, and then it collapsed to the ground and became engulfed in darkness. Unfortunately for Carson, he got pulled into the darkness and disappeared along with the demon. Amerigo examined the demon's heart that was hooked onto the claw.

"Fucking disgusting." he said as he discarded the thing and continued toward Bobman Avenue. Almost there.

Chapter Twelve: So CloseEdit

After a few minutes of sprinting, Amerigo reached Bobman Avenue. This was the most twisted he'd seen any of the city. Buildings were horribly distorted and some of them were broken apart and left floating in the air as if by magic.

"Only in Hell." Amerigo remarked. A group of a dozen scythe-wielding demons emerged in front of him. Among the group was a larger one who was on fire and its scythe seemed to be made from magma.

"Get the fuck out of my way!" Amerigo shouted as he prepared his chained claw. He swung it at the nearest demon and pulled it to him. Once it was to him, he gave it a few quick, powerful punches and then sent it flying back into the crowd of demons, taking out three all at once. The largest one that was on fire charged at him with its scorching scythe and swung surprisingly quickly for something its size. Amerigo evaded gracefully and countered with a quick blast of bullets, which all hit the demon's face and sent it careening backwards.

Some of the smaller demons began circling around him, trapping him. Amerigo smiled and then withdrew his scythe. He held it in front of him and began spinning around, forming a sort of deadly propeller. One by one, the demons were sliced to pieces by the scythe and all that was left was the giant one.

"Hey, come on, you burning piece of shit!" Amerigo taunted. The demon moaned and charged at Amerigo, angered. When the demon reached him, Amerigo swung his chained claw up into the demon's face and pulled himself up to it and began slashing wildly with his scythe until the demon threw him down. The demon roared and stomped on the ground and turned it into a bed of molten rocks.

"Fuck!" Amerigo yelled before he hastily ran from the molten ground and to safety, which was a few feet away. He looked back at the demon.

"So that's how you fight? Keep your enemies a distance away? Wow, pussy." he shouted at it just to anger it. The demon roared and then threw a huge ball of fire at Amerigo from its hand. Amerigo rolled out of the way just before it hit the ground and exploded, leaving nothing but a crater in the ground. Amerigo hurled his chained claw at the demon. The hook caught on the demon's chest, and Amerigo pulled and pulled to try to get the demon off of the bed of molten stone so he could attack it easier, but to no avail. Instead, the demon grabbed hold of the hook in its chest and yanked on it, pulling Amerigo to it.

"Shit!" Amerigo yelled as he got pulled through the air. He reacted quickly and readied his scythe before impact with the demon, and when he did hit the demon, the scythe went first. The blade of the scythe wound up impaling the demon's chest, killing it instantly. It collapsed to the ground with Amerigo still holding onto it and turned to ashes. The molten rock cooled down. Amerigo stood up and brushed himself off. He looked down the street and saw Fernando's mansion. It was different here in Hell. It was a huge jet black building with huge spikes on each side. There was a single skyscraper jutting out from the middle that seemed to extend into the red sky forever. That was where Amerigo needed to go.

"Alright, Fernando. I'm coming for you." Amerigo said bravely before running towards the black building.

Chapter Thirteen: The Spring Heeled JackEdit

Amerigo was within a few dozen feet of the charred wall between the end of Bobman Avenue and Fernando's fortress when the ground began to crack. He fought to keep his balance as the ground cracked and began rising into the air, all while the fortress moved away from him until there was just a gigantic chasm between the end of Bobman Avenue and the fortress with flying chunks of rock and concrete floating in the air. After the ground finally quit moving, a giant swarm of winged humanoid demons flew up out of the chasm and began streaking wildly though the sky.

"How clever," Amerigo began and then shouted, "It's too bad it won't do you any fucking good, Fernando!" The ground began to rumble and a huge bolt of lightning struck the ground near Amerigo, but he jumped back to avoid being harmed.

"Nice shot." he said sarcastically. He scanned through the sky to see which chunk of land would be suitable to jump onto to begin climbing. He leaped onto the nearest piece of land and began his ascent. By the time he had reached the second piece of land, he had drawn the attention of the winged demons. A few of them flew over to him and began firing flaming feathers at him, but he dodged each one of them.

"Harpies, eh?" Amerigo said as he began firing at the the wings of one. The harpy screeched and flew out of the way of the bullets and fired more flaming projectiles. Amerigo instead withdrew his chained claw and launched it at the demon. The claw hooked into one of its wings. Amerigo yanked on the chain as hard as he could and pulled the harpy onto the hunk of rock that was suspended in the air. The harpy was left stunned from the impact, and Amerigo finished it off by crushing its skull by stomping on it. In a mini explosion of ashes and sparks, the harpy disintegrated.

"Who else wants to have a little fun?" Amerigo said as he turned to face the growing swarm of the winged monsters. One of the harpies flew at him but was put to an end in an instant when Amerigo fired a flurry of bullets into its wings and sent it tumbling into the abyss below. Running and jumping from boulder to boulder, Amerigo quickly advanced over the chasm, killing harpies along the way. This couldn't get much easier for Amerigo. Running, jumping, killing. Running, jumping, killing. He swung his chained claw up to a distant rock and pulled himself up once it hooked the boulder.

When he landed on the rock, he saw that there was a large bloody pentagram painted on it.

"What the hell is this?" he said as he bent down to examine it more closely. As soon as he touched it, it gave off a furious blue glow. He backed up quickly and watched as the glow intensified and eventually blinded him. When the glow died down, there was a man standing in the very center of the pentagram. He wore a black leather jacket and had a strange cape and a tightly fitted cap on his head. He looked at Amerigo and smiled.

"And just who the fuck are you?" Amerigo demanded impatiently.

"You may know of me from the legends. I am none other than the Spring Heeled Jack, but you, Amerigo, may call me by the name of Jack." he said in a devilish voice. His eyes glowed red.

"Spring Heeled Jack? I've never heard of you. But I do know one thing -- you're going down." Amerigo said arrogantly.

The Jack laughed demonically and said, "Is that so, mortal? Ha! I would love to see you even attempt to take me down!"

Amerigo withdrew his guns and fired rapidly on the Jack. The Jack disappeared and reappeared behind Amerigo, who was too shocked to react in any way as the Jack thrust a knife into Amerigo's shoulder. Amerigo took the attack and painfully jumped forward and turned to face the demon.

"Do you see what you're up against, Amerigo?" the Jack said devilishly. Amerigo swung his chained claw at the man, but the Jack simply raised his hand and caught the hook like it was nothing. He threw it back at Amerigo, who was nearly impaled by his own weapon. The Jack laughed in a deep voice and unleashed a harsh blue flame from his gloved hands. Amerigo managed to avoid the flame but almost fell off of the edge of the hunk of rock he stood upon. For once it seemed that Amerigo had met his match. This demon was just too powerful. Amerigo unconsciously ran up to the demon with his scythe held in front of him, ready to attack, but when he reached the Jack he simply teleported out of the way and appeared in the center of the pentagram again.

Amerigo swung back around and simply stared at the Jack, trying to think of something, anything. A single idea came to his mind. He placed his hand down onto the pentagram while the Jack was still standing on it and focused all of the demonic energy from his necklace into his hand. Sure enough, the pentagram gave off a harsh light, but this time it was red. The Jack cringed in pain and stood motionless, staring at the ground. Amerigo took advantage of this opportunity and ran up to the demon and began to chop at him with his scythe. He saw that he couldn't slice through the Jack, but he knew he was doing some damage by the way the demon flinched and shook with each hit. After a few hits, the Jack reawakened and a field of energy surrounded him, pushing Amerigo backwards a few feet.

"ENOUGH OF THIS!" the demon shouted. The field of energy faded, revealing eyes now glowing a horrible shade of orange. The Jack raised his hands into the air and summoned a huge ball of darkness and threw it into the air. The sky above them turned a horrific purple color and a thick cloud of darkness engulfed the platform they stood upon. The Jack gave Amerigo an evil smile before he disappeared into the shadows.

Amerigo readied his scythe, even though he knew it would probably do no good against this demon. Amerigo heard the sound of footsteps behind him and swiveled around instinctively and swung his scythe immediately. The Jack, finally outwitted, took the blow and fell back. Before Amerigo could do anything else, he leaped up and shook his head quickly before shooting a fireball at Amerigo. Amerigo deflected it with his scythe and sent it flying off in a random direction. The darkness cleared, and the Jack disappeared yet again. Amerigo awaited his return, standing on the pentagram. Once the demon reappeared behind him, he speedily placed his hand on the pentagram and once again focused demonic energy into it and paralyzed the Jack temporarily.

This time, Amerigo swung his chained claw at the demon. The claw caught on the demon's chest, but didn't fully penetrate. Amerigo pulled the demon to him and began slicing at him with his scythe until the Jack regained his senses. The Jack jumped into the air and moved backwards quickly and landed on the other side of the rock.

"Alright, you little duffer! I've grown tired of this." the Jack shouted angrily. His eyes were now a raging shade of blue, and his eyes seemed to spit out blue flames. The demon held his hands out in front of him and formed a swirling ball of darkness and fire and launched it at Amerigo, who deflected most of it with his scythe, but took the full fury of the darkness. The dark energy was pulled into his body and began circulating throughout until it reached his neck, where it was absorbed by his necklace.

"Fancy necklace you have there, it saved you from a horrible fate. It is a shame that I will have to show you an even worse one now." the Jack said menacingly. The Jack disappeared again and reappeared behind Amerigo and tried to stab him with his knife, but Amerigo wasn't falling for that trick again.

"That trick is getting old." Amerigo said as he sliced at the demon with his scythe, sending him falling back a foot or two. He didn't stop there. Once the demon had fallen back, Amerigo fired a relentless series of bullets into him. The demon began to breathe heavily, finally worn down from the fighting. Amerigo ran at the Jack and kicked him in the stomach and sent him flailing backwards over the edge of the stone platform and into the abyss below.

"Hit the road, Jack." Amerigo said as he looked away. Amerigo looked back towards Fernando's fortress. It was close now. He didn't have to go much farther.

Chapter Fourteen: Upgrade!Edit

Amerigo leaped once again from rock to rock until he finally reached Fernando's fortress.

"Now we're getting somewhere." he said calmly. He bolted over the wall with ease and landed on the other side. Before him lay the huge black metallic building with huge protruding black spikes on each side. In the very center was a tall tower reaching far into the sky. Amerigo got up close and began searching for an entrance. There was a large indentation in one section in the wall. He was willing to bet that was the entrance, so he backed up a distance and then threw his chained claw at the indentation. The claw hooked itself into the indentation, and Amerigo pulled until the indentation moved outwards a few inches and then slid off to the side, revealing a passageway.

"I knew it." Amerigo grinned. He walked in cautiously, expecting anything. The walls were black just like outside, but there were small cracks lining the walls, all of them giving off orange light. It seemed the cracks were filled with magma. Amerigo took another step before he heard a loud scraping noise behind him. He turned back and saw that the door had slid shut again.

"Classic." he said as he turned to face the other way and continued walking. He found his way to a large round room with a metal gate blocking a hallway on the other side of the room. He walked into the center of the room, expecting something to happen. Well, something did happen. The way he had come in became blocked by a metal gate which had risen out of the floor, and suddenly seven of the scythe-wielding demons emerged around him.

"Uh-huh. Just as I was expecting. Come on, bitches. Let's fight." he said courageously before he withdrew his pistols and began firing on the closest demon. The other demons began attacking him, so Amerigo leaped into the air and withdrew his scythe and launched it at them before he landed and watched as two of them exploded in a puff of ashes. He landed and retrieved his scythe and began slashing away at the remaining five demons.

One of them swung its scythe at Amerigo, but he blocked the attack with his own scythe and pulled the enemy's scythe from its hand. He then sliced the demon in two. Amerigo turned quickly, withdrew his guns, and began firing rapidly on the remaining four demons. One by one, they were annihilated. The gate on the far side of the room opened, allowing him to keep moving into the fortress. Amerigo ran hastily until he came to another room, this time with a gaping hole in the middle. Once again there was a blocked off hallway on the opposite side of the room leading further into the fortress.

Amerigo walked to the edge of the hole and heard the sound of a metal gate sliding into place behind him, trapping him in. He looked down into the hole and saw a pool of what looked like acid far below. He backed up, waiting for demons to appear at any second. Smaller pools of acid began to accumulate on the floor of the room, growing larger and larger until they began to rise up and form the shapes of humanoid figures. Amerigo nodded and prepared his scythe.

"You guys are new. Let's see what you've got." Amerigo said, counting his opponents. Only five. This won't be so hard. Amerigo lunged at the nearest demon and sliced at it with his scythe, only to see that it passed through the enemy harmlessly. Maybe this would be a problem. Then Amerigo remembered the darkness that his necklace had absorbed when he was fighting the Spring Heeled Jack. Amerigo focused the energy from the necklace into the rest of his body. Suddenly his scythe underwent a change in appearance. It went from a generic red scythe with a silver blade to a malevolent looking grey scythe with a black dual-tipped blade. Small black vines wrapped around the handle of the scythe.

His scythe wasn't the only weapon to change, either. His chained claw changed as well. The claw now had three hooks at the end rather than the original two. Amerigo smiled.

"This will be fun." he said excitedly. Amerigo slashed at an acidic demon with his upgraded scythe and actually harmed it. The demon fell back and collapsed to the ground in a puddle of acid and moved quickly under Amerigo and reformed its humanoid shape, engulfing Amerigo in acid. He burned horribly until he regained his senses and spun wildly in a circular pattern with his scythe and broke free of the demon, killing it in the process. The other demons moved quickly around the room, making it difficult to center an attack on a single one. Amerigo decided to try out his upgraded chained claw and swung it at one of the demons, catching it in mid run.

"Now I've gotcha!" he said as he pulled the demon to him. Once it reached him, he released the claws grip on it and sliced the demon in two with his scythe. Unfortunately, that only created a second demon. Amerigo kept on slicing and slicing at the two demons until there was nothing left but a puddle of acid that flowed toward the hole in the center of the room. The last three demons combined to form one and charged at Amerigo and swallowed him up, trapping him inside of the acid. Amerigo swung again and again with his scythe until he ripped his way out of the huge demon, once again killing it at once. The acid from the demon flowed back down into the hole in the center of the room, rejoining the pool at the bottom. The acid below began to bubble and boil.

"Don't fucking tell me..." Amerigo said as a huge demon made of acid erupted out of the hole and screeched loudly. It was vaguely humanoid, with four arms each tipped with hands with four claws on them. It had the face of a human, but it had no eyes and only a large screaming mouth.

"The bigger they are, the harder they fall!!" Amerigo said as he withdrew his chained claw. Amerigo swung it at the demon and watched as it hooked into the demon's head. Amerigo pulled as hard as he could, only to see that he had no effect. The demon roared and spun in a circle, pulling Amergio along with it because he still had a hold of the chained claw that was embedded in the demon. The claw finally withdrew its hold on the demon and returned to Amerigo. Amerigo, seeing that he had no other choice, instead turned to his scythe as a primary weapon. Just as the demon tried to punch at Amerigo with one of its four arms, Amerigo swung his scythe and amputated the demon's arm. The demon screamed and withdrew into the pit of acid.

"Running away? You fucking coward!" Amerigo shouted, only to see that the demon wasn't retreating when it launched itself out of the pit and pounded the ground with its three remaining arms. Amerigo managed to avoid the attack by rolling out of the way just in time. Amerigo ran at the demon with his scythe held behind him, ready to attack. When he reached the demon, he leaped into the air and sliced a giant gash down the middle of its chest and stomach. The demon screamed again and then retreated into the pool of acid below and didn't come back up.

"Too easy." Amerigo said arrogantly. The metal gate on the other side of the room opened, allowing him to advance further into the fortress. He ran through the hallway until he came to a round room larger than all of the previous rooms. In the very center was an elevator. An elevator likely leading to the top of the skyscraper. Amerigo walked up to it and pushed the button. The doors slid open, revealing a small room with blood red carpeting and metal walls. He walked in and looked at the control panel that listed each of the floors. The highest floor was floor 666.

"How predictable." Amerigo said before he pushed the button leading to the highest floor. Almost there now. Almost there.

Chapter Fifteen: End of TyrannyEdit

Amerigo stood silently, anxiously in the elevator as it rose higher and higher into the building. There were glass panels on each side of the shaft, and he could occasionally see how high up he was. He couldn't even see the ground. The elevator finally came to a halt, and the doors opened up immediately. The room Amerigo walked into seemed to be far too large to be held up by the skyscraper at this height. The ceiling must have been at least fifteen feet in height and the room had to have been around twenty feet in diameter. Sitting at a desk not far from the elevator was a fat man dressed in a business suit.

"Hey, you fat fuck! I'm here to take you out." Amerigo shouted as he raised his guns, ready to attack.

"You think so, hm?" Fernando chuckled. He stood up from his desk and said, "I wouldn't count on it."

"Yeah, and why the fuck not?" Amerigo yelled impatiently, still aiming his guns at the fat man.

"Maybe... because..." he began. Suddenly he began to grow in size, larger, and larger, and larger. His skin turned a sickly pale white color and wings horns sprouted out from his forehead. His hair turned completely grey and then fell off of his head, and his legs turned into horribly contorted nightmarish limbs with feet tipped with three claws. His fat seemingly melted away, being replaced instead with thick muscles. When he turned to face Amerigo, even his face was no longer human. It was stretched to the point of resembling a dinosaur's jaws, and there were bones protruding from his face. Last but not least, he sprouted a pair of huge black wings.

"... of this." Fernando finally finished saying.

"Oh yeah? And what makes you think I can't take you down now?" Amerigo shouted once again. A deep rumbling laugh burst forth from Fernando's ghastly face.

"Try as you may, mortal. I am invincible. There is nothing that you can do that can stop me." the huge demon boasted.

"We'll just see about that, won't we?" Amerigo said before he unleashed a flurry of bullets at Fernando. He lurched back momentarily but regained his composure even as the bullets continued to pelt him. Fernando laughed demonically before a portal opened up and sucked up both Amerigo and Fernando. Amerigo was blinded, and when he could see again, he saw that he was standing on a giant hunk of rock high up into the air and that there were more giant chunks floating around. Amerigo looked down and saw that he couldn't see the ground below him. In the distance he saw the huge figure of Fernando standing on a gigantic hunk of rock, awaiting Amerigo's arrival.

"Come, mortal! Come and allow me to witness your death in the darkness below!" the demon taunted.

"We'll see about that!" Amerigo said as he leaped to another chunk of land. On the rock emerged three shielded demons each wielding a battleaxe.

"Haha, I expected this." Amerigo said as he withdrew his scythe. He bashed the closest demon over the edge of the rock and sent it falling to its death far below. He sliced the shield of another demon in half and grabbed a hold of it with his bare fist and threw it into the third demon and both went falling into the abyss below. Amerigo withdrew his chained claw and hurled it at a boulder far above him and hoisted himself up onto it. Of course, once he was standing on it, a group of rotting demons holding spiked shields emerged. Ten of them, great. Amerigo fired a blast of bullets onto one of them and punctured its shield. Then he ran up to it with his scythe and sliced it in two. He spun around wildly with his scythe until all of the demons were nothing but ashes. He looked toward Fernando in the distance, who looked displeased.

Suddenly the huge demon in the distance raised his hand into the air, and Amerigo's vision went blurry. When he could see again, he saw that the demon that dragged him into Hell was standing before him. Amerigo fired bullets onto it, only to see that they did no good. He swung his scythe at the demon, but saw that it was harmless. The huge demon swung its fists at Amerigo, but he dodged out of the way. Suddenly a harpy flew through the air and flew through the colossus and at Amerigo. Amerigo fired a single shot at the harpy to kill it and then realized that the colossus wasn't really there. It was an illusion. As soon as he realized this, the colossus roared loudly and then vanished into thin air. Amerigo leaped up onto the next closest chunk of rock and was faced with the chainsaw demon from the slaughterhouse.

"You aren't real!" Amerigo shouted. The demon's two heads moaned in agony before it collapsed and faded away. He launched his chained claw up onto another rock and pulled himself up and was met with the huge gargoyle. Amerigo fired a series of bullets at the illusion and watched as it melted away into nothingness. He jumped onto the next rock and was face to face with Ahemait.

"What's wrong, Amerigo? Am I too hot for you to handle?" the demon smiled.

"Fuck you." Amerigo said simply before he walked straight through the demon as it turned to vapor and vanished. He climbed to the top of the rock and threw himself up onto the next one. Standing in the center was the huge flaming humanoid wolf-goat demon wielding a sword. It roared furiously before Amerigo ran straight through it as it disappeared. He was nearly to the rock that Fernando stood upon. There was one more platform in the path. Once Amerigo reached it, he once again met the Spring Heeled Jack.

"You stupid little duffer! I've had enough of this!" the Jack said. Amerigo fired a single bullet at the illusion and watched it disappear. Amerigo threw his chained claw up onto the rock above him and pulled himself up.

"Hey Fernando, your illusions can't affect me." Amerigo said as he began firing more bullets at the huge demon.

"Then let us see what CAN affect you, shall we?" Fernando laughed maniacally. He breathed out a huge white flame which Amerigo skillfully dodged and countered with another blast of bullets. Amerigo didn't hesitate to run at the demon and slice at him with his scythe. Fernando jumped backward and landed with a loud thud. The platform they stood upon tilted to the side slightly and sent Amergio sliding down the side. Before he could fall off the edge, Amerigo launched his chained claw at Fernando. The claw caught on the demon's arm. Amerigo hung in the air and began to climb up the chain. Fernando leaped off of the platform and flew through the air, clawing at Amerigo. Amerigo swung back and forth on the chain to avoid being plucked off of it. He waited until they were once again above a chunk of land to stab Fernando with his scythe. Once he did, Fernando lost his focus and quit flying and fell to the rock platform below, cracking it in two. The two of them landed on separate sides. Amerigo leaped over the gap between the two rocks and began firing more bullets at the huge white demon. Fernando stood up quickly and smacked Amerigo off of the rock and sent him falling into the void below.

With the best of timing, Amerigo threw his chained claw up onto the unoccupied chunk of land above him and pulled himself up onto it. When he got back up, he unleashed his full fury on Fernando, firing blast after blast of bullets. Fernando still seemed practically unharmed after all of this, however.

"Hahahaha! You are a feisty one, Amerigo, but you could never defeat me!" Fernando belched out confidently.

"You wanna bet, you fucker?" Amerigo yelled loudly before he again hurled his chained claw at the demon. The claw caught on Fernando's chest and Amerigo pulled himself up to him and kicked him hard enough to push the demon back a few feet. Once the claw was removed from Fernando's chest, Amerigo charged back towards him with his scythe ready to attack. He jumped up to the level of Fernando's chest and sliced as hard as he could, leaving a deep gash on the demon's abdomen.

"Gah! You little shit! Enough of these games!" Fernando said as he flew off of the platform and moved to a distant piece of rock.

"Quit running away, you pussy!" Amerigo shouted as he scanned the surrounding chunks of rock for a potential passage to reach Fernando. He jumped up onto a small piece of rock and hurriedly jumped off of that one onto a larger one before the smaller one collapsed under his weight. Once he stood on the larger piece, five of the shielded demons appeared around him.

"I don't have time for this!" Amerigo said, finally beginning to run out of breath. He spun around with his scythe and sent all of the demons careening off of the rock to their deaths. Amerigo leaped up onto the next rock in his path and was immediately attacked by a dozen of the scythe wielding demons.

"Nope!" Amerigo yelled before blasting all of them with a huge flurry of bullets and continuing to the next platform. Surprisingly, no demons emerged this time. He used his chained claw to reach the next chunk of stone, and on his way there, a swarm of harpies materialized around him and began shooting flaming feathers at him. Amerigo simply ignored their attacks until he climbed up onto the rock, where he turned to face them and shot at each of their wings and caused them to go falling far below. Amerigo turned back to see how close he was to Fernando. Only one more rock to go. He leaped up onto it. Fernando looked at him and scowled. He raised his hands into the air and Amerigo's vision went blurry once again. When he was able to see again, he was surrounded by flames.

"What?!" he shouted, shocked. Then he remembered the illusions from before. This must have been an illusion too. He simply walked through the flames and felt nothing, since they faded away immediately.

"Now what, you son of a bitch?!" Amerigo shouted at Fernando as he jumped up onto the rock he stood on.

Fernando smiled and said, "You still stand no chance, you pathetic roach." He breathed out another blast of fire at Amerigo, only to have him evade the attack. Amerigo fired more bullets at the huge demon and then threw his chained claw up at the demon's chest and pulled himself up. Once he was up, he pulled out his scythe and began savagely slashing at Fernando's demonic face.

"AGGGGGGH! You little fuck! It's time you get what you deserve!" the demon said, clearly pissed off. Fernando punched his fist into the ground and five small wolf-like demons with no fur, pale skin, and protruding bones emerged from the ground around his hand.

"Let's see how you do with my little puppies, Amerigo!" he said as he backed up and a wall of flame appeared, separating Amerigo from Fernando. One of the wolf demons howled ferociously before charging at Amerigo and clamping down onto one of his legs.

"Ow! You stupid mutt!" Amerigo said as he kicked it off of his foot and sliced at it with his scythe. The demon gave off a soft, painful whimper before vanishing into a puff of smoke. Amerigo fired an unending stream of bullets at the remaining demons. Each of them howled or whimpered or simply barked before disappearing into nothingness. The wall of flame between Amerigo and Fernando receded, allowing Amerigo a chance to attack the demon once again.

"A mighty one you are, but still no threat against me!" Fernando said proudly.

"Fuck you." Amerigo said softly as he fired bullets into the demon's face, angering even further. Before Fernando had a chance to do anything else, Amerigo jumped up and slashed at the demon's face once again, this time sending him reeling backwards. Fernando collapsed to the ground temporarily.

"You... little... bastard." he said, breathing heavily. He stood back up and raised his hands into the air. Amerigo's vision went blurry, so he knew what he was going to do. It would be another illusion. Amerigo's vision returned to normal, and now he was facing three Fernandos.

"Great illusion." Amerigo said sarcastically. Only one of them was the real Fernando. He took a lucky guess and went after the one on the left and watched as the other two disappeared. He guessed correctly. Amerigo slashed once more at Fernando's face and leaped backwards and landed at the opposite end of the rock. Fernando collapsed to the ground and began to shrink, and shrink, and shrink. His wings shriveled, his horns vanished, his hair returned, and he went back to his old, fat, human self wearing a suit. Amerigo approached the weakened demon.

"Time's up, you fat fuck." he said before putting an end to the demon by firing a single bullet into his head.




The next thing Amerigo knew, he was sent flying through the air and landed on the hard concrete on his hands and knees. He looked around and saw people staring at him in shock. He was back in the real world. He also took notice that he was on Bobman Avenue. He turned around and saw the ruin of Fernando Tish's mansion, on fire. He had killed Fernando. Amerigo grinned.

"Mission complete." he said before he turned away from the burning mansion and went on his way towards his home. He heard a loud explosion behind him, the sound of the mansion exploding into a million pieces. He paid no heed to it. Now that Fernando was gone, the city would either erupt into even more chaos than it was in now or someone would come to their senses and take control of the city and actually run it correctly for once. Probably the former, but Amerigo didn't care. He had done his job, and as long as he was an assassin for hire, he would be employed. Out of the corner of his eye he could have sworn that he saw a familiar man in a grey, torn up T-shirt with a bandaged up arm. No, it couldn't have been Carson. He was dead... right?


Prudence stood on the streets of the massive city in the ethereal realm, Heaven. The architecture was beautiful. She wanted power over it all. All of it. Other angels passed by her, going about whatever petty business they had. Prudence would take over. Then she would be queen of angels and all would see her mighty power.


Hours later, Prudence stood at the heavy iron doors of God's palace. She stretched before she proceeded to push open the the heavy gates. It was foolish that such a powerful being would leave his palace open for all to enter. But it was in Prudence's favor, as she now saw. Now she would prove her potential. Once the gates were open, she was able to see the entirety of the interior of the palace. It was simply a long corridor with a soft blue carpet. Statues of angels lined the walls. There was Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Sandalphon, Camael, and many other powerful angels. All powerful, but all pure hearted... unlike Prudence. Prudence paused for a moment to look around for any who may get in the way of her plans. No one. She smiled demonically and approached the man who sat upon a throne at the end of the corridor. He wore a long white robe, a necklace with a crucifix on the end of it, and he had a long grey beard. This was God.

"Angel. What business have you here?" the man asked in a booming but kind voice. Prudence said nothing but held her arm out to her side, where a long scythe-like weapon appeared in her hand. She aimed the tip of the weapon at God and smiled horribly. God stared blankly at Prudence.

"You wish to bring harm to me. That is impossible, angel, but even if it were possible I could never allow such a thing." he said, his beard shaking slightly as he spoke.

"I will destroy you and then all of the other angels will see how powerful I truly am! I shall ravage the entirety of Heaven, and I will not stop there. I will destroy the mortal world, and if I should have the time, I shall destroy all of Hell as well, claiming all three realms to myself!" Prudence shouted as she snapped the fingers of her empty hand. A large monstrosity appeared behind her. It was an ice-covered skeleton with angelic-looking wings and a large scythe held in hand. Prudence motioned for the demon to assault God, and it obeyed. The icy demon flew straight at God, but it failed to harm him at all, for God simply held out his hand and the demon turned to ashes. Prudence screamed and charged at God, her weapon ready to attack. God repelled the attack by raising a forcefield between him and Prudence. Prudence collided with the forcefield and fell to the carpeted floor.

"You are corrupted, angel. And for that you are hereby banished from the Kingdom of Heaven." God said as he held his hand out to Prudence. There was a bright blue flash, and when the light faded, Prudence was gone.


The next thing Prudence knew, she was suspended in the air above a dull blue planet. Earth. She was trapped in the mortal world. She screamed in outrage, causing the air around her to split and send several bolts of lightning raining down to the surface of the world. She simply stood there in the air with nothing going through her mind except for the unfathomable anger she felt. Then an idea came to mind. Her plans could still be fulfilled. But she would have to start by simply destroying the mortal world rather than Heaven. She would merely need to find a horribly corrupted area in the mortal world where she would be able to open a portal to Hell... Yes. That was it.

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