Primary Information
Creator ManraptorHurrr
Status Deceased
Appearances Amerigo: Final Trial
Inspiration Various mythical demons
Vital Statistics
Species Demon
Gender Male
Era(s) Modern Era
Eye Color Yellow
Homeplanet Hell
Foes Amerigo Tranmer
Abilities & Inventory
Abilities Can summon minions
Weaponry Can summon demon guards at will
Attire Chains covering entire body

Allurasa was an extremely high-ranking demon who kidnapped Amerigo Tranmer in Amerigo: Final Trial. Amerigo was forced through a series of difficult trials, ranging from puzzles to violent combat, until he finally reached Allurasa's chamber, where he saw for the first time what his captor looked like. Allurasa was a behemoth-of-a-demon who hung upside-down from the ceiling of his chamber, bound by heavy chains. After short but fearsome combat with Amerigo, Allurasa broke free of his chains, sprouted a set of wings, and smashed through the wall of his chamber and out into the open air. Amerigo managed to survive Allurasa's fury and continued to fight the huge demon lord easily, bringing him down in only minutes before being returned back to his apartment building in Nova Hejmo.

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