"You win...cough cough...ugg, I need a soda."-Aidan after being launched to the moon and back by Team Sonic.


Aidan used to be a full-out criminal. He did illegal robotic operations, illegal time-travel, and was a thieve. One day, while working on the Portal Gun to allow Mobians to go to Kingdom Hearts, GLaDOS heard him and his friend Tailz Doll talking about the museum of robots. GLados wondered about what was going on. Aidan tested out the portal gun, but a Nobody came out of the portal, and flooded the entire lab with Heartless. Aidan and TD went in an unfinished time machine to escape, and were sent back in time, were they met Blaze. Later on, they redeemed themselves after saving the world from H-Tech, The Heartless and Black Mesa. After teaming up with Markiplier to destroy cyberbully channels from being cancer, Aidan Tailz, Doll and Ash Ketchum who they met while roaming around Kanto to catch 151 pokeemon, they go on A adventure to Mushroom kingdom and stop the evil King bowser from stealing Princes Peach. After that Markipleri says to help Pewdepie with some Flappy Birds that are trying to get rid of his 48175381 subscribers. when he reilezid that his mother was actualy glados who ate his father his father then came back after being eaten by glados but then came as a skelton named sans he then whent on many adventures with his father sans like the the search for booty aswell as the fight for the right to party


Name: Aidan Age: 19 Gender: Male Alias: Flame McHedgey, Red Sonic, Firestarter, Magma Death-Robot, Anti-Villain. Side: Anti-Hero/Anti-Villain Species: Nobody Mobian Hedgehog (Kingdom Hearts), Cyborg Hedgehog (All Aidan Media), Robot (Aidan The Hedgehog: Rebellion and everything after that), Core (Portal: Alliance), Hedgedroid (Aidan 2: Rise of a Fallen Hero). Attire: Black Hood/Robe-thing, Those things that Chell wears that allows her to fall down high places, white gloves, small brown belt with little golden belt buckle, wrist blades, 5 pokeballs around his waist, flappy bird skull on his chest,


Aidan has many forms:

  • Hyper
  • Dark
  • Anti
  • Wisdom
  • Breaker
  • Heartless
  • Markiplaidan


  • "You are at my lack of Mercy!"
  • "Holy Farting Butt-Nuggets!"
  • "AHHH!! Spiders!! I, mean...Spiders."
  • "Ye Dingy-Heads will pay!"
  • "Robo-Hog...or...Aidanator."
  • "The Power of Christ compels you!"
  • "Sonic, the fart-hog!"
  • "Shadow, I am the ghost of Christmas Yet to Come!"
  • "This is Thriller! Thriller Night!"
  • "I kill peeps with meh sword."
  • "bodipple"
  • "were of two save Pewdiepie and his 48175632 subscribers"

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