This is a story about J, my fan-made Assassin. I'm going to start with his early life, then about when he meets Andy and his team.

Part 1Edit

Chapter 1:Edit

Part 2Edit

Chapter 1: ReminiscingEdit

20 long years. J had evolved alot. Ever since Oldbreak got liberated, he had been restless. Building up the Asssassin precense again, he had kind of become a mini-mentor. Now it was time to move on. He had made a promise to John. Andy, John's son, was a rebel. Quite similar to a young J. He had only the most necessary things with him. Hidden blades. A gun. And of course, his shard of Eden. Without it he'd been dead a long time ago. He had left a note on his table. Without looking behind, he left, out in the night.

Walking, he reminisced on his past. From his childhood, to his first killing, until the final battle. He sighed. He was lost in a forest. Not much he could do, he prepared a camp fire, resting beneath a tree. He'd have to wait until dawn. Where was he supposed to go? New York? He'd have to think about that more tomorrow.


The following morning, J had made up his mind. He was going to New York. Looking around, he saw nothing but trees. He was still lost. He'd have to get somewhere high. Observing the tree he'd been resting his head against, he decided he'd try to scale it. Kicking off, he grabbed a branch, which broke. 

"Well that was a fail." J said after he'd crawled back up again. Trying again, he had much better luck. It seemed the Apple had granted him free-running skills beyond his imagination. Reaching the top of the tree, he looked around. It was still sunrise. Rubbing his eyes, he saw the lights of a city nearby. He grinned. Hopefully that would be New York. Now to get there. J leapt out of the tree, grabbing onto the trunk of another tree. Navigating his way through the trees, he reached the end of the forest. He breathed a sigh of relief. He leapt off the final tree, grabbing onto a cliff. However, he slipped, smashing his knees into the cliff. The pain was immense.

Using his final efforts to crawl upon the cliff, he breathed heavily. 

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