Ƶ is a multiplayer zombie game, where the various zombies from numerous media sources all appear at once, though confined to the areas of the world they were mentioned existing in.

Enemy LineupEdit

Image Name Infection Type Attributes
Beach Bum Beach Bum

They Rise
Produces toxic miasma around itself in a cloud of putrescence.

Unable to detect Survivors.

Entrails trail behind it for some distance, and can trip up running Survivors.
Bombie Concept Bombie

They Rise
Boomer L4D Z Boomer

Left 4 Dead
Green Flu Vomits blinding bile that attracts other Green Flu-infected.

Explodes upon death, spreading blinding bile in an AoE.
Charger L4D Z Charger

Left 4 Dead
Green Flu Charges headlong into groups of survivors, barreling through lesser undead.

Will grapple a survivor and carry them to a wall and slam them around.

Will stumble if smashes into a wall.
Hung Juror Concept Hung Juror

They Rise

They Rise
Mistress Brainjaw Concept Mistress Brainjaw

They Rise
Mombie Concept Mombie

They Rise
Pushover Concept Pushover

They Rise
Very sluggish movement.

Easily knocked over.

Brain exposed; extremely easy to get a headshot.

Falling over is considered a headshot due to exposed brain.
Red Eye

They Rise

They Rise
Screamer L4D Z Screamer

They Rise
Green Flu Flees from Survivors.

Shrieks when hidden to summon all nearby zombies.
Secret Shopper Concept Secret Shopper

They Rise
Sloppy Bifurcate Concept Sloppy Bifurcate

They Rise
Move slightly faster than Crawlers.

Entrails drag some distance behind it, and can trip up running survivors.

Entrails will follow it like Snake, making it more difficult to avoid.
Tank L4D Z Tank

Left 4 Dead
Green Flu Incredibly resistant to most attacks.

Weak to fire.

Can hurl boulders and cars, or knock players some distance with a strike.

Will perish if it fails to kill anything in a certain time limit.

They Rise

They Rise


They Rise