• There was an Ole bloke called Noah
  • who lived up north in bury
  • not liking the look of the weather
  • he decided to build an ark
  • he got the wood for the hull
  • and cabins to
  • but he wanted birds eye maple
  • so he went to Sam leatherette
  • Sam had load of maple
  • so he said £10 a foot
  • Noah replied thou taking the Mick
  • £5 is more like
  • Sam said £10 end off don’t like it get stuffed
  • with that Noah slammed doer
  • Sam thought nowt of it
  • and it started t rain
  • it rained for fortnight
  • flooded Ole countryside
  • folk blamed global worming
  • but it did no good
  • the only dry place was Manchester airport
  • and tat was on top of control tower
  • so of to airport went Sam
  • it was a very long journey
  • because Metrolink would not run
  • as Sam sat on tower
  • who did he see but Noah
  • and he said £5 what the say
  • £10 no offer Sam said
  • Noah said you will be brown bread
  • Sam don’t bet on it
  • seen break in clouds
  • think it might brighten up yet!

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